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1 Long Gags
2 It's Offensive

So what if it's offensive? Just learn to take a joke.

The Simpsons had Lisa The Skeptic and The Monkey Suit.

Made fun of Mexicans too

No one posting is super sensitive or pc, the show is offensively stupid.

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3 It Is Just Getting Worse and Worse

Family Guy is just rubbish.

The Simpsons is a classic. In UK on Sky One and Channel 4 we have had Simpsons day which had some hours of Simpsons episodes (Channel 4 mostly shows 90s episodes in the weekend Sky One shows mostly any) I don't think ITV2 ever had Family Guy days and nope its not because its not as old as The Simpsons, they have had Simpsons days since the 90s.

They reached the point a show must stop.Most episodes look like trying to make fun of real life and not from other shows anymore.They know just too much real people and imitates them badly

4 Overuse of Sexual Content
5 It Tries too Hard to Be Funny

Seth was better at writing kids shows in the 90s... Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, I am Weasel and Cow and Chicken.

6 Over the Top Violence
7 Characters Have Become Really Unlikable

If characters in Family Guy existed in real life they would be shot.

The internal characterizations and external characterizations for the characters are not that relatable as they used to be unfortunately.

Peter was originally stupid but had a kind heart and some common sense Now he's really stupid who is mean to meg and doesn't have sense at all lois was a hardworking wife who cares for her family and friends Now she's a bossy wife who calls people dumb when she is not smart enough meg is the same teenager girl she was back then but being a punching bag is not funny at all quagmire was a prevent and friend to Brian Now he's a total jerk to everyone and a rapist stiwe was originally a evil baby who wants to kill lois and rule the world Now he's a gay lover who wants to screw the dog and love Lois Brian was originally the voice of reason and a laidback dog Now he's self- absorbed freak who wants things his own way

8 The Meg Hating Gag

I haven't watched much of Family Guy, but I think this should be number 1!

Meg isn't worth all the hate and it's just stupid watching them hate on her a person would actually kill their brother than go to the prom with her really. The sad thing about the Meg hating gag is the reason why they hate her so much is because none of the writer know how to write for a teenage girl.

9 Really Boring Episodes
10 It's Racist


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11 It's Extremely Annoying
12 The Jokes Are Disgusting
13 Too Violent
14 It's Extremely Sexist
15 It's Very Mean Spirited

That is so true. There are times where I just wanna stop watching the show because of all the vicious characters on it.

16 Peter Is Abusive

Homer is called a jerk ass. But he is nicer than Peter.
Who do you think is the real jerk ass?

Stewie finds out his real parents are Helga and Arnold from Hey Arnold and is sent to live with them not an annoying family.

I know right? Peter sucks and Homer could whoop some respect into Peter!

17 It Rips Off Some "The Simpsons" Episodes
18 It's Stupid

Greased Up Deaf Guy. Chicken Fight.

19 It's Still On the Air

It came out in 1999 cancelled in 2000. Rebooted 2002 cancelled only rebooted later because of dvd sales. Dvd sales.

Remember people, this show is TRYING to get cancelled.

20 Everyone Treats Meg Like Crap for No Reason
21 It is a Rip Off of The Simpsons

Peter is a stupider version of Homer but more violent he shot his daughter for saying "Hi". But ever heard of The Samsonadzes?

22 Racist, not funny jokes
23 Brian is Annoying

Brian thinks he's so smart but he's not

24 Too Many Pointless Stories
25 Quagmire's Hatred for Brian

Brian is more mature than he is. To tell you the truth, I actually had thoughts about Brian getting revenge on Quagmire, but it sadly never happened and Brian actually got killed off in a episode. And Quagmire obviously never gave a crap at his funeral...god I want to punch this jerk, Brian is my second favorite character on the show (my first favorite is Meg) I can't believe why Brian gets so much hate from Quagmire for no reason at all. - Gehenna

I hate quagmire because he hates Brian he never did anything wrong

26 Too Many Pop Culture References

Brain could've been replaced with Doogal, you know a very pop culture movie and flatulence.

27 Pedophilia Jokes

Chris marries his dad

Chris masturbating to his own mother? That's not funny!

And Herbert

28 The Jokes Are Cheesy
29 All the Griffins Do Is Abuse Each Other

Peter Griffin is the most abusive of them all.

They abuse Meg for no reason

30 STD Jokes

AIDS song.

31 It Ruined Star Wars
32 It's Stale
33 It Confuses Disturbing for Funny
34 It's a Vehicle for Seth MacFarlane to State His Beliefs
35 The Writing is Lazy

I've loved Family Guy for a long time, but one thing that really grinds my gears is when they recycle similar unfunny content into other episodes. One example is that whenever Meg or Brian meets a new love interest, that love is always ripped away from them for pretty much no reason. Meg or Brian does nothing wrong to deserve it oftentimes. Also I noticed that the love interest either leaves voluntarily or they die in a coincidental freak accident.

Remember the episode "The Juice is Loose" where Peter left Stewie on the roof? When Lois found out instead of discussing the incident we saw a 3 MINUTE performance of Conway McTwitty. WHAT THE BLEEP

36 Not Original

Seriously. I don't think I've seen one joke in the show that DOESN'T revolve around one pop culture reference.

37 Episodes: Seahorse Seashell Party, Screams of Silence, and Fresh Heir
38 Chicken Fights

It started in season 2? Lame comedy. Family Guy should've been cancelled in season 1 in my opinion.

All this over the top violence just because of a stupid coupon?

39 It's Worse Than Modern SpongeBob

SpongeBob is for kids and is rather silly than inappropriate

40 Lois Insults All Her Kids for No Reason
41 Peter Kills Yogi Bear Peter Kills Yogi Bear

Pop culture.

42 Hypocrisy
43 Every Character is Unlikable

All the characters have changed peter is a stupid ass and distributing lois is a bossy wife Brian is very annoying stuiwe is gay lover now Chris is always the same idiot meg is meg Quagmire is a selfish rapist Joe is a very good guy

44 The Plots Are Next To Non-Existent
45 It's Filled With Pointless Filler
46 It's All Shock, and No Substance
47 It Butchers Every Moral that It Tries to Teach
48 It's Not Funny
49 It Inserts Music Videos in the Middle of Episodes
50 Overuse of Cutaway Gags
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