Worst Things About Family Guy

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1 Long Gags
2 Overuse of Sexual Content
3 It Is Just Getting Worse and Worse
4 Over the Top Violence
5 Really Boring Episodes
6 It's Offensive

Simpsons: Made fun of..gays (I think)
Family Guy: Made fun of: (oh boy this list is going to be a long one) a bunch of Celebrities,( get your facts straight about MJ Seth Mcfarlen) Gays, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, African Americans,Asians, 9/11, Christians, (takes breath) mentally handicapped, disabled people, women, Terry Schivo,(Relly Seth Mecfarlen have you no decency ) blind people, deaf people, autistic people, mocked sexual harassment, rape, Mexicans, and domestic abuse.(that's really going too far) if I'm forgetting any feel free to add onto the list. - MJfan119

7 It's Racist
8 It Tries too Hard to Be Funny
9 It's Very Mean Spirited

That is so true. There are times where I just wanna stop watching the show because of all the vicious characters on it.

10 It's Stupid

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11 Characters Have Become Really Unlikable V 1 Comment
12 It's Not Funny
13 The Meg Hating Gag

Meg isn't worth all the hate and it's just stupid watching them hate on her a person would actually kill their brother than go to the prom with her really. The sad thing about the Meg hating gag is the reason why they hate her so much is because none of the writer know how to write for a teenage girl.

14 Jokes Go On Longer Than Necessary
15 Too Violent
16 It's Extremely Annoying
17 Incest Jokes
18 The Jokes Are Disgusting
19 It Rips Off Some "The Simpsons" Episodes
20 Mean Spirited Characters
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1. It's Offensive
2. It's Racist
3. The Jokes Are Disgusting
1. Racist, not funny jokes
2. It Tries too Hard to Be Funny
3. It Ruined Star Wars
1. It is a Rip Off of The Simpsons
2. Peter Is Abusive
3. It Makes 9/11 Jokes

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