Worst Things About Fanboy and Chum Chum

Fanboy and Chum Chum is said to be the worst ever and here are the reasons why.

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1 The humor is weak

They also make pop culture references. Especially to star wars and harry potter. But besides that, they also make references to heavy adult movies like A Clockwork Orange, Silence of The Lambs, The Exorcist, The Shinning, and The Terminator. Little kids can't watch those movies! They'll scar them for life (especially a clockwork orange and the exorcist).

Yeah, I'm glad this is a list. This show is just plain stupid. I recall being in the fourth grade talking about how unbelievebly dumb this show was, to which a girl replied, "That show is awesome! " It's not even funny. For God's sake people, fart jokes just aren't that funny. Little kids could find it funny, but I couldn't and still can't believe the show lasted as long as did.

Horrible show my little brother watches it all the time and it is just horrible.

Just two retarded chimps staring at you.

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2 It's a complete waste of time to watch


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3 It's crazy

It never takes time to breathe. Kids need slow moments and pauses.

4 It makes no sense

They're dressed up as superheroes all the time. What is the point? You never see normal average day people dress up like this when they go out in public. You would only see this kind of thing at comic con.

They wear ther underwear outside of ther pants weird

5 The characters are weird

To me, Chum Chum looks like the mutated version of someone I recognize!

6 It's worse than Dora

People hate dora only because it's for babies while fanboy and chum-chum is for kids.

FB&CC is far worse than Dora in my opinion. At least Dora doesn't wear her underwear outside her pants and irritate the crud out of people.

7 It's an immature show

That's why people are acting so immature these days, immature shows like this can make them dumb and stupid.

8 It includes farts

I think Fanboy and Chum Chum is more inappropriate than Sanjay and Craig, because the hideous animation

Attantion creators of Fanboy and Chum Chum, bathroom humour is not funny!

Kids tend to like/love bathroom humor. I remind you, it's a kids show.

9 It killed Nickelodeon

Nothing killed Nickelodeon.

True! It wasn't Icarly that killed Nickelodeon,it was Fanboy and Chum Chum. Plus, Nickelodeon rejected Adventure time for this garbage show,which was Nickelodeon's biggest mistake. Anyway this is a good list. Why not make a list on worst things about Pig Goat Banana Cricket? Anyway keep up the good work!

10 The only thing funny about the show is that people actually bother to watch it.

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11 It's still airing

Stupid opinion

That Is No Longer True. They Already Cancelled That Show.

12 It has References to Adult Movies that Kids wouldn't get

They don't even try to have kids not notice the references. The title card to A Bopwork Orange looks exactly like the poster to A Clockwork Orange (one of the most inappropriate movies for kids ever).

Movies like A Clockwork Orange, Silence of the Lambs, The Exorcist, and Total Recall all do count.

Lots of kids shows have references to adult movies.

13 Bad CGI animation
14 The theme song

I read the lyrics and it's the stupidest theme song ever.


15 They are irritating
16 It has a lower IMDb rating than Jersey Shore and Barney and Friends

It's IMBd rating is also lower than Breadwinner's. - Turkeyasylum

Barney and Friends got a 3.5 while FB&CC got a 3.2.

17 It's disgusting
18 Stupid characters names
19 Nickelodeon cancelled it

That was actually one of the best things that Nickelodeon did, it was a horrible show.

20 Has toilet humor
21 The character design is so ugly

It's so cheap and bad

22 It rips off Captain Underpants

Yes, because this show involves underwear.

23 It's for babies
24 The Animation Looks Like Terkel in Trouble
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