Top Ten Worst Things About Fandoms


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1 Shipping everyone

I hate it when people ship the worst matches possible - LunaFrost

I can't stand how many bad matches for fandoms I seen. - LunaFrost

2 characters interact or have a close relationship and fandom immediately see it romantic or starts shipping them.

Jason Grace X a Brick. The Onceler X The Onceler. Lincoln Loud X Lisa Loud. Donald Trump X Jacob Sartorius. Eric Harris X Dylan Klebold. Adolf Hitler X Joseph Stalin. Those all happened, according to some people.

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2 Bad fan art

Porn, "sexy" fanarts, and "handsome" fanarts. Can't they draw something else besides those kind of fanarts? Like creepy fanarts or normal fanarts? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 Everyone goes nuts if you say something bad about it

"take your words back,or I'll crawl you in your sleep and kill you! " -Bronies 2017

Brony YouTube comments in a nutshell

God, it's like you can't say ANY thing about fandom like Bronies,FNAF, etc. - LunaFrost

Fnaf Furries GoAnimators Bronies I've seen it in the YouTube comments

4 So many memes about it
5 Some games, movies, and t.v shows are overrated
6 Fan games
7 It's very annoying
8 Fan made charters from the game/movie/show

Original character, please don't steal! - PerfectImpulseX

9 No one shuts up about it

Like the FNAF Fandom - LunaFrost

10 Fans attacking other fans

Godzilla Japanese fans vs Godzilla 1998 fans.


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11 Everyone must make it popular
12 Porn Art V 1 Comment
13 They spread across social media like a contagion

Exhibit A :Undertale

100 related videos within a WEEK

14 Elitists
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