Top Ten Worst Things About Fandoms

The Top Ten

1 Shipping everyone

One word. Pokemon.

I hate it when people ship the worst matches possible - LunaFrost

I'm looking at you yaoilover113 it you don't know who she is she basically some yaoi lover that constantly making vents some of them are straight up her bawling over the fact people don't like her pedopillic art and ships anything she sees even if it's the following: incest pedopillic or beastialty she doesn't care

So true for the Hetalia fandom. - MarByz

2 Bad fan art

DeviantArt has this - ElSherlock

Don't forget tumblr.


3 Everyone goes nuts if you say something bad about it

Combine this with "Everyone must make it popular" below it and you have a fandom just trying to cause a disaster. Their militaristic attitude towards their favorite things, that they must be worshipped without criticism, will cause people to wonder what they keep hyping, eventually those that wonder get annoyed, lash at them, and then that's when everyone goes nuts. - NuMetalManiak

"take your words back,or I'll crawl you in your sleep and kill you! " -Bronies 2017

Brony YouTube comments in a nutshell

God, it's like you can't say ANY thing about fandom like Bronies,FNAF, etc. - LunaFrost

4 So many memes about it


5 Some games, movies, and t.v shows are overrated
6 Fan games

FNAF and Undertale have a lot of them. And some of them are terrible - ElSherlock

7 It's very annoying
8 Fan made charters from the game/movie/show

Too much recolors - ElSherlock

Original character, please don't steal! - PerfectImpulseX

Some are good. Unless they’re recolours. - Lunala

9 No one shuts up about it

Like the FNAF Fandom - LunaFrost

10 Everyone must make it popular

The Contenders

11 Porn Art

The reason I don't want to be married very much... - XtheXlmao

Gross - ElSherlock

People make animals, children, babies, etc into porn. Sick creeps. - Lunala

I hate Porn

12 They spread across social media like a contagion

Exhibit A :Undertale

100 related videos within a WEEK

I searched up something Harry Potter related and got a picture of Temmie, who is from Undertale -.-

Yesterday I searched up “hogwarts hybrid houses” in Google Images. When I scrolled down a bit there was an image of Temmie with MLG classes. On a HARRY POTTER RELATED SEARCH. - Lunala

13 Fans attacking other fans

Mario fans vs Sonic fans - ElSherlock

Godzilla Japanese fans vs Godzilla 1998 fans.


14 Elitists
15 Censorship hate

Whenever I find an english dubbed anime that's censored, I find what? EVERYONE HATING IT! GOSH DANG IT!?

16 Comic Dubs

Some of the voice acting is bad - ElSherlock

17 They think anything dark and edgy is automatically good
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