Top Ten Worst Things About Fast Food

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1 It's unhealthy


2 It makes you fat

Yuck! After my science teacher had us watch "Supersize Me! ". I was scared to death. That guy gained 25 pounds.

Its okay if your skinny

3 You don't see what they put in the food

You never know what is in it, like McDonalds, there cheese is like plastic!

NEVER look at viedeos of how they prepare food.#shiver

Once I had a bandaid in my burger at McD's. I didn't go back for 3 years. - Joansb

Chicken nuggets are made from asss. parts from the chicken we throw away.

4 The restaurants are dirty
5 The staff forgets your order

"I'll have a regular salad and sweet tea."
Sweet tea appears on order menu.
Salad also appears.
"Will that be all? "
I pull up for gross McDonalds food.
"Thank you." I say.
I take a sip of "sweet tea" not sweetened. I open the lid. There I a French FRY.

See what I mean? True story.

You say no sslad and they still give U. Sszlad

I'll have a quarter pounder with no cheese and chocolate milk please. *gives you a third pounder with 2% milk and extra cheese*

6 It is expensive

Mcdonalds goes downhill and raises the price

7 Usually cold
8 It could kill you

It most likely wouldn't kill you. You could possibly get food poisoning from it, but it wouldn't kill you. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 Food poisoning risk
10 People lie about what they put in their food so you don't know what to believe

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11 Bugs In Food
12 Cancer Risk
13 People do gross stuff to the food

Eg. Burger King foot lettuce, wiping the buns on the floor, etc...

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