Worst Things About Fidget Spinners


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1 They are overrated

Obviously I'm not helping considering I'm making a list about these... things. - JakePlaid

2 They are boring
3 All they do is spin

One thing I don't get is why spinning toys are so popular. First Beyblades, now these. - TwilightKitsune

4 They're pointless
5 People use them even when they don't have something wrong with them
6 There's YouTube channels dedicated to fidget spinners
7 It distracts people
8 They cost too much and people pay for them
9 People swallow parts of them

True story. There was a girl, about twelve, who swallowed the circular inside parts of a fidget spinner to "clean it." The stupidest thing is that that part of the fidget spinner she put in her mouth was biodegradable, so she wouldn't be able to use it after. I wouldn't expect any random twelve-year-old girl to know about that, but whatever. Long story short, she got it stuck at the opening of her throat and it appeared on about every nightly news program and every online news source. Just search up "girl gets fidget spinner stuck in throat" or something like that. There's even a picture of her x-ray lol

How is this the toy's fault? - MegaSoulhero

10 They are being used to look cool

The Contenders

11 People sell them at school
12 People make stupid YouTube videos about them
13 People get hurt
14 The tricks are really stupid
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