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21 Thinking Scott's a god

A bunch of people worship Scott. I mean,yeah,he's famous. It's not like he's president of the United States.

The current president is liked by only a rough quarter of the american population. - BrokenSoulshard


22 Stupid theories V 4 Comments
23 People Hating BB for no reason

People hate him for being annoying and disabling the flashlight. But honestly, he's not even a real threat. He's even the only animatronic in the second game who doesn't even kill you. The only reason why he's a threat is because Foxy is not fooled by the mask and only the flashlight can stop him. If anything, Foxy deserves more hate.

I'm surprised that there are people on here that actually LIKE him, people treat him as if he is the hardest character to deal with in FNaF2... but really he's by far the easiest one to fend off. You put on the mask when he's there and he proceeds to leave, simple as that.

But nope, the stupid fandom treats the character the same way SuperMarioLogan treated Toad in his videos... he doesn't even deserve it. Yes, he's a fictional character but do you really need to go THAT far because he 'laughed at you"? No.

I also love the hypocrisy when it comes to hating other characters;

If you hate Balloon Boy, then no one will care... some will support your opinion.

But if you hate Mangle or Foxy (or any other character) then you will receive death threats and hate from the community who is clearly triggered by the fact that you hate the "best character(s) ever"... wonderful.

The fanart (or should I say, HATEart) is cringeworthy as hell, most of ...more - KennyRulz244444

Foxy is the one who kills you and yet he is the fan favorite - DCfnaf

BB's not so bad. BB's not my favorite, but I don't call him f**c k boy. There is even a game called five nights at f**c k boy's.

V 2 Comments
24 Pizza jokes

I agree. Garrett Williamson started that joke. But it's not his fault. Because after that,people went crazy about it.

V 1 Comment
25 Weird fan games

A lot of people are making weird fan made game. Like five nights at maggies. Or five nights at boys.

There is a lot of weird fnaf fan games. Like Five nights at Maggies. Its craazy!

26 Paper plate thief

Why is everyone crazy about it. everyone is fighting about who took it!

27 Debate over bite of 87 V 1 Comment
28 Troll Videos V 1 Comment
29 The obsession over Bonnie

Bonnie is my favorite. But I'm not obsessed. But other people are. Because I never made a song about him. Or making animations all about him.

I used to like Bonnie because he was my favorite but now I just want to Nuke the pizzeria. - IAmNotARobot

And Foxy, and Chica, the list goes on and on... - RiverClanRocks

Ad FOXY - DCfnaf

V 1 Comment
30 Toy Chica fan art

Toy Chica Fan Art

Please just Please stop making Toy Chica so Sexual people its Disgusting

If you don't like Toy Chica fan art, don't complain that Chica didn't look like a girl!

This is why we can't have nice things

AHH - DCfnaf

V 3 Comments
31 Chica fan art

What the crap. It is afull and gross. Stop making this crap and posting it all over the internet. This is just so horrific that they make Chica have big parts and putting it all over the place. Can I look up Chica and not have to go through sexy big boobs.

32 Gender arguments

Mangle is a yes. Now shut up. (Even the joke I did gets annoying)! - DCfnaf

If you don't agree with the gender just wiki it. Plus, animatronics have no actual gender.

True, true.

All the characters are literally genderless, stop arguing other their genders... they're just stupid worthless robots. - KennyRulz244444

33 The songs

Ugh, they're stuck in my head, playing over and over and over. It literally got to the point where I was about to throw up. Not even joking, I had a cold sweat and sprinted to the bathroom.

Some of the songs are good. - Powerfulgirl10

34 Song covers

I just saw the video where like, all these kids are singing with bad webcams. Urgh... I remember the days where not all things were songs and shipping...

35 New game obsessions

None of the new games are actually positive in any way, shape, or form. It should've died after the second or third game. - KennyRulz244444

Every time a new game comes out it's flipping crazy how many people make stupid assumptions of how the games are going to be like, and just. UGHH!

36 Fan made animatronics V 1 Comment
37 Chica and pizza! V 1 Comment
38 Cheating

People are just watching videos of how to beat it. Can't they just figure it out on they're own?!

V 1 Comment
39 Fan judgements

This is why you can trust my reviews - DCfnaf

V 1 Comment
40 Too many game theories V 1 Comment
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