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21 It Ruined Yamimash's Youtube Channel V 1 Comment
22 Shippers

Sorry but I don't really any of girls like there's Chica and toy Chica (I don't count mangle) so really I'm sorry if you don't like this but I'd rather ship the guys there's like millions of guys and 2 girl (like I said I don't count mangle) sorry if you don't like guys and guy :( ):

I REALLY hate shippers. ", Chica and Foxy belong together! " They're kids stuffed into a robot suit. It's like shipping little kids!

I only somewhat ship Foxy and Chica. Nobody else. And yes, shipping children together is disturbing. - Powerfulgirl10

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23 It Ruins Lives

It wont ruin lives its just a game

It ruined my life bonnie and chica they just get me and it olvas gives me nightmares rellly scarry ALOMOST GAVE ME A FRECIIN HAERTATTCK noo

I can't sleep at night cause of them
Go away Freddy
Eat your cupcake and fly Chica
Walk the plank Foxy
Finish your tune Bonnie
Be a real puppet Marionette
Blow Balloons Balloon Boy
Get fixed Mangle andSpringtrap

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24 Seeing Things In Shadows

Anyone else see Shadow Bonnie in the shadows? Or Springtrap whenever you close your eyes? After you do it for a long time, yeah sure the jumpscares are not scary, but it still prints those images in your mind that are impossible to get rid of.

The first time I watched a five nights at freddy video,
I had hallucinations

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25 The Plot Is Filled With Plot Holes V 1 Comment
26 The Annoying Balloon Boy

All he dose is laugh at you and it sets up foxy to kill you and the game would be so much easier without balloon boy or jj because jj just stares at you one creepy balloon boy is enough I would rather have ronled McDonald with a butcher nice than balloon boy and Jj

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27 The Third Game Is a Complete Copy and Paste
28 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie
29 Balloon Boy (Character) Balloon Boy (Character)

He has no jumpscares. He just laughs, saying "hello" or "hi" which is so awfully annoying.

30 Foxy Foxy V 1 Comment
31 The Game Itself Is About Waiting
32 Is Based Off a Disney Film

How is it based off of a Disney film, and what is it based off of? - Powerfulgirl10

Can someone explain to me how this is based of a Disney film, I've seen TONS of Disney movies and none of them come to mind when someone says: "Five Nights At Freddys"

Based off of I think The Muppets

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33 Rip-off of Chuck-E-Cheese
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