Worst Things About Floyd Mayweather Jr.

These are all facts. I expect some people to get mad ;) enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 He Ducks Fights

He is ducking manny Pacquiao along with any threat to him to break his undefeated record. - Sabbath

2 His Fights Are Often Fixed

Floyd buys his wins by paying the judges and paying fighters millions to take a dive. - Sabbath

3 He Uses Steroids

He is in his 30s and he is fast as a bullet and his body has grown and his voice became deep. He also accuses fighters of being on juice to cover himself up. - Sabbath

4 He Has No Offense

He fights for points. He's not a knock out fighter. He dances backwards and scores points. - Sabbath

5 He's a Racist

He has made racist comments towards the NBA. His fanboys are racist as well for sure. - Sabbath

He makes racist comments towards the nba. And you can tell by attitude that he's racist so are his fans. - Sabbath

6 He Cares More About Money Then Boxing

Floyd has no respect for boxing. He's paying off fighters to lose which is killing real boxing and he is turning it into WWE - Sabbath

7 He Beats Women

He beat his ex girlfriend In front of her kid. - Sabbath

He is a real coward, because he beat women

8 He Chills With Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne

Two if the biggest jokes in music haha. Pathetic. - Sabbath

9 He Is Very Ignorant
10 He Is Threatened by the UFC

The Contenders

11 He has the most ignorant fans in sports history
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