Worst Things About Football (Soccer)


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1 It's Not Soccer It's Football

It is, only in US is under this name - MatrixGuy

Play acting and diving is one of the worst thing about football other than calling it soccer. Top players like Ronaldo, Drogba, Suarez, Bales, Busquets, Ashley Young bring shame and hatred to football and it's fans. I hate every player who dives! - zemsblue01432727

2 Corruption

Corruption is horrible, it goes against the way the game was meant to be played entirely and ruins the spirit of sports in general.

3 Crappy Referees

Why do referees suck crap so much because there crap ha ha ha they suck so much man th

4 Horrific Tackles
5 Offside Rule
6 Lame Haircuts
7 Losing a Game In the Last Minute
8 Hooligans & Streakers
9 Diving

Tristiano Penaldo and NeyVAR Jr. are the undisputed kings of acting, even a fly harm them, the wind burns their skin, that's why here in America we don't like these kind of "professionals" they should better learn from players like Ronaldo (R9), Ronaldinho, Messi, Zidane, Pirlo, Maldini, Iniesta etc

Even the players like cristiano Ronaldo does it time and again. It's bad for football.

10 Relegation

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11 Money

How is this last its destroying the game

12 Its Proper Name Sucks (Association Football)
13 Players Complaining

It really annoys me to see players crowding the referee when he has clearly made his decision. No matter how stupid the cause the players are fighting for, they are committed to lashing out at the ref to try and overturn the decision. I mean seriously, just accept what has been given and move on. They are supposed to be professional players yet they make it seem like an ok thing to do, not exactly the best message to send out to the younger audience.

14 Away Goal Rule
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