Worst Things About Fortnite Haters

I'm pretty sure you know I like Fortnite but I can respect your opinion if you don't like it.But most of the haters I have seen are just annoying. Of course not all Fortnite haters are like this but most of the ones that I have seen are so yeah just wanted to point out that this isn't towards all of them but rather the ones that have these qualities.

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1 Most of them hate Fortnite just because it's overrated

Also them, mEinCraFT is dA beST gAmE Of alL tEIm! 1! 1 - MrCoolC

I don't care for the game. It look okay, but I'm not much of a gamer, so who am I to judge?

If PUBG was popular instead everyone would hate PUBG instead. - B1ueNew

The reason being would be that many people are tired of shooters being the most popular genre of all video games; even the Sonic Mania Plus infomercial is tired as well.

Not really it's just a boring, repetitive game, in my opinion at least - idontevenknow

2 Some of them think Fortnite should be banned just because they don't like it

Or compare it to things like a certain type of disease, mental disorders, and violence in real life. - MrCoolC

Why should it be banned? If it should be banned for being popular than smart phones and technology should be banned too - B1ueNew

Do you remember that quote from "Worst Things That Happened in 2018"? The one that said it influences teenagers and kids badly and encourages them to be violent and idiotic? That's why they want it banned, not because it's overrated. - Bammer73

Sorry but just because you hate something doesn't mean it should be banned so how about you snowflakes grow up. - DarkBoi-X

Really? Just because you don't like something that's popular, doesn't mean it should be banned. - allamassal

3 The only thing they do is bash Fortnite

Nah, it is not the only thing I do. I bash movies in my list on video games boi - iliekpiez

There are plenty of worse game out there. No doubt about that.

There's worse games like Infinite Warfare and Sonic 06 - B1ueNew

I HATE Fortnite but it's not the only video game I hate.

4 They think that if you like the game you're either a noob or a cheater

I like fortnite and I'm not either of them. - DarkBoi-X

I don’t dislike Fortnite just because it’s overrated but you do have some good points. - Not_A_Weeaboo

5 They disrespect the opinions of Fortnite fans

Fortnite fans disrespect opinions of Fortnite haters, too

This happens. You gonna like/love it or dislike it - iliekpiez

Some certain user I don't want to say the name of disrespected my friend PeeledBanana's opinion on the game on the list of Best games of 2018 - B1ueNew

Kinda goes with the first,third and fourth items.And yes I know some fortnite fans disrespect the opinions of fortnite haters but from what I've seen 80% the haters disrespect the opinions. - DarkBoi-X

6 They think if you like Fortnite you worship it

I hate it mainly because of the lack of grit and the " I FIND A GOLD SCAR! 1" kids. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I like fortnite but I don't worship it. - DarkBoi-X

Since when did someone say that - RawIsgore

Yeah - B1ueNew

7 They think that if you play Fortnite you don't play any other games

My favorite games are: Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, Super Smash Bros, Mario, Gran Turismo, Team fortress 2, Etc now tell me that I don't "play" any other games - B1ueNew

No, I think that some play other games. - iliekpiez

I play tons of other games.And also my favourite game is Destiny 2 but Fortnite is my 2nd favourite. - DarkBoi-X

8 Most of them haven't played the game

I agree with this. I'm not a massive fan and I have played the game. Not all Fortnite fans are bad, but 10% - 15% of them are. I was watching a guy once, in real life, who kept saying if you don't like Fortnite then you should go back to your sad life. I also had my friends brother screaming at me to jump off the edge because it's a 'cheat' to get first place just so he could have a turn again. I didn't jump off the edge, and I got further than he did despite never playing the game before that. I'm not just a huge fan of the game, that's all. - EpicWingman

True - B1ueNew

Don't be like me, just don't hate on things you haven't seen about, you have to try it to like. - MrCoolC

9 They hate it for being overrated but like other overrated things

They hate Fortnite for being overrated, and their favorite movie is Avengers Infinity War, which is overrated. - MrCoolC

Not too mention. They hate fortnite for being everywhere but they can't shut up Super smash bros ultimate which is also overhyped. - B1ueNew

They hate it for being too popular but love Minecraft. - B1ueNew

10 They have weak arguments

I swear the strongest arguments that these guys have is "Fortnite is overrated" and "It causes drama" or "It's a ripoff of PUBG" - DarkBoi-X

Most of them haven't even played the game, Let alone seen gameplay of it - B1ueNew

I have good arguments - iliekpiez

"it causes drug addictions" seriously! What is this £*@?.

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11 Some of them are nostalgiatards

Possibly because back in the day...kids weren't allowed to play games like Fortnite.


Some of them are nostalgiatards who will bash anything that became popular after 2007. - DarkBoi-X

Not really. Most are Nintendo and PUBG fans - B1ueNew

Yeah no - iliekpiez

12 They think Fortnite is ripoff of PUBG

Yes epic clearly mentions that they like PUBG when announcing FBR but that doesn't mean it is a ripoff. If anything PUBG ripped off Fortnite with implementing the event pass an obvious ripoff of the battle pass. - Tyoshi

Said me and my brother back in November of 2017. - MrCoolC

Kind of is in a way - iliekpiez

In a sense, they're quite similar.

13 They overreact to everything
14 They think if you play Fortnite that makes you a 7-year-old
15 They ruin everything in the game

So do Fortnite fantards! They think they're so cool for playing Fortnite and only play Fortnite! And most of them are huge sweaties and tryhards! And they attack people for hating the game!

16 They hate it just because it's a shooter

The ones that don't like PUBG hate Fortnite just because of the fact that it's a shooter, which they tend to associate with casual gamers. - Extractinator04

Aka Nintendrones - B1ueNew

17 They like pizza

I like pizza and like fortnite. - B1ueNew

I like both of them. - MrCoolC

How is that bad.Pizza is good.And this coming from someone who likes Fortnite.In fact I created this list. - DarkBoi-X

18 They just suck

At what? - MrCoolC

19 They like music

This is just hilariously bad. EVERYONE likes music! haha

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1. Most of them hate Fortnite just because it's overrated
2. Most of them haven't played the game
3. The only thing they do is bash Fortnite
1. They think that if you like the game you're either a noob or a cheater
2. Most of them hate Fortnite just because it's overrated
3. They think if you like Fortnite you worship it
1. Most of them hate Fortnite just because it's overrated
2. They overreact to everything
3. They disrespect the opinions of Fortnite fans

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