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Anna wants to marry someone after one day with them

Marrying a person you barely know isn't going to give you a good ending. Poor Anna almost died because of her thinking that love at first sight is real.

Why are these frozen fans commenting on my list. Why are they even on the list if they like frozen? I think they're just frozen haters being trolls.

And they make Elsa seem like the bad guy after she refuses to marry them, like any reasonable person would. Great lesson for kids.

Elsa was right, you cannot marry someone you just met.

The annoying songs

Girl Scouts sing it so much! I went to a special night in December to make ortaments for people who can't afford them, and at the end a girl wanted to sing Let It Go and the whole town of girl scouts sang it! Even more girl scouts sang it at a Christmas Caroling to elderies at a nursing home event and those elderies did not even know the song! The selfish girls wanted to sing it because they like it, not the 78 year olds! They want just Christmas songs and for the last time, Frozen music is not Christmas music! On the Kids Bop Christmas album Do You Want To Build A Snowman is on it! What? People, that might be about snow but it doesn't say "Christmas" or something about Frosty in it!

I honestly don't care if you guys think the songs are annoying. I like Frozen, so respect people's opinions!

The film in mo opinion was average, but oh my, the singing was awful and annoying

I hate the songs and I can't believe the soundtrack is still so popular!

Elsa should have told everyone she had ice powers

I think it’s supposed to be a private conversation in between her, her family and her friends. Like I have my period. Doesn’t that work the same for her ice powers?

If Elsa told everyone that she had ice powers then they most likely would find a solution to it. She didn't tell which made her explode since she couldn't control the powers. Then she ends up freezing the whole town due to her keeping it inside. Elsa really should have had told everyone about her ice powers.

Actually no. I have two reasons why she wouldn't hurt anybody with her ice powers. 1st: The gloves she wore actually did a very good job stopping the ice powers. And before you say "but her room was covered in ice" or whatever, let me say that its probably because she stayed in there for like 10 years. 2nd reason: The reason she hurt Anna is because anna wouldn't listen and kept jumping higher. She also could have just created a pillow of snow for anna to fall on. She didn’t listen to her sister after she told her to stop jumping so fast: How would she listen to her sister at 5 years old? SHE IS 5, NOT 6! She does not understand how the world works, nor can she follow rules very much. She cannot think about how other people feel very much. Do research!


She could have told at least to her own sister Anna in a lovingly way so that Anna could have helped her cautiously. Also there relationship could have been warmed and Anna and Elsa could have developed loving emotions for each other.

Annoying fans

The girls in my school sing "Let It Go" at the top of their lungs in the school cafeteria just for attention and it's become old after a while.

The fans are as annoying as hell. They're all like FROZEN IS THE BEST! FROZEN that blah blah blah, LET IT GO, and they scream at the top of their lungs whenever frozen is mentioned. They're just too obsessed with Frozen and go crazy. This is just from what I've experienced though.

Whoever said typed in caps really need to shut up. No everyone has to like Frozen! You say 'try and tolerate us'.Really, you spam almost every comment with comments like elsa blah blah blah... Really, I used to like frozen, but it got ruined by you people.

Not really. The fans show us that they are snivelling sissy babies who need to finish kindergarten.

The Let it Go song is annoying

This song got annoying hearing it after awhile got stuck in my head every time

Did you know that the let it go song is actually about farts.

It's truly very annoying and idiotic song.

Let it Go is never ever even annoying.

It is annoying to me! Maybe not to you, but to most people it is annoying!

Elsa is a terrible sister

Anna isn't any better of a sister. Anna is:

1. Annoying. I would freeze her and keep her as an ice sculpture myself if I had Ice Powers.

2. Childish/Immature. Grow up Anna. You are a 18 year old, not an 8 year old. I know you didn't have much attention from your sister, but that should not stop you from making new friends.

3. Disgusting. No wonder why Elsa ran away.

4. Rude.

5. Stupid.

She almost kills Anna and she doesn't care about her until she almost dies!

You got the story all wrong her parents told her to stay away from anna and she didn't want to hurt anybody like she did to her sister when they were little. Elsa does not hurt anyone on purpose.

Undeserved Sisterhood

Yeah, their sisterhood always bore me to death to no end at all.

Their (Elsa and Anna's) sisterhood's too boring.

Their sisterhood's too toxic.

Elsa runs away from problems

Whenever Else runs/escapes from problems, I just want to tell her to fix them. She seriously left the whole entire town freezing while she went to sing her song and bulid an ice castle for no reason. If you're reading this and try to escape from problems then don't escape from them! They'll catch up to you one way or another. The earlier you fix them, the better. If you never fix them, then you'll keep going around in a cycle.
BREAK that cycle! Ok, that was totally off topic but anyhow this is why this is one of the worst things about Frozen.

I don't think she's a coward... good on you for posting this article! I think Elsa had no choice but to run from the city in order to protect her people and sister. I very much doubt that she wanted to... and I think her running away in order to protect the Kingdom was a very selfless act. - Elsa and Anna's parents (If they were alive) :... Great... Wonderful plan... You know the worst ennemy of your daughter is fear... and you do everything to scare her to death, emprisoning her, not encouraging her to accept her powers, etc... Surely the worst parents of all.

How is deserting your kingdom a selfless act? Look what happened because she ran away. She created an eternal winter and almost froze everyone to death. She's a selfish turd

Hiro had problems far worse then Elsa (Like Death). Elsa's only problem was her powers which is not a problem at all but you don't Hiro running away from his problems. Am I right?

Yeah they leaves the whole town to freeze because the cold doesn't bother HER!

Elsa has bad parents

I'm going back in time to save Disney's parents from death IF the two had bad parents.

Terrible Parents. What kind of parents lock there own child from society?

They told her to stay in her room and hide her powers!

Parents die cliche in almost every Disney film

The Plot of Frozen is crap

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Bad CGI animation

What's with Disney suddenly making awful CGI Animation? Don't they have Pixar for that?

I miss their hand drawn animation.

Hans is a villain

Hans is a lame-o soap opera guy! That's probably what I would say when I was a teenager. But, you know what? My 7 year old brother used to like Frozen, but now he said, "Hate it! " in a voice that sounded like he was going to defeat me.

The thing is, he wanted to kill Elsa! What a terrible guy! What was he thinking?! I loved Elsa, so why? Why?! WHY?!

What do you think about the "Hate it! " comment? Kinda stupid, right?

It's still popular

I just don't understand why its popularity is not fading away. It's been out for over a year, and people still care about it

It's been more than two years and its STILL everywhere.

It's almost a year and a half old. Just die already

It's a good movie and all, but it's kinda overrated

The Trolls

They tried to marry Kristoff and Anna just randomly for no reason. And they even marry at the end despite the fact Anna knows almost nothing about Kristof. Great lesson to teach to kids.

They seem very random in this movie...

Not funny

I only liked the Frozen short film better than the actual film. I laughed so hard!

I laughed 0 times in this movie. I'm not kidding!

Same bro. And I'm a girl.

Anna and Elsa are the worst Disney Princesses
Anna is disgusting


The dresses

The servants and townspeople wore better clothes.

I hope in Frozen 2 they get prettier dresses.

Why did Elsa run away?

Because she needs a place where she can't hurt anyone from her uncontrollable powers. Did you not get the movie? It's called "self-control" that Elsa lacks. And if she told everyone that, they would consider her as a monster

Why couldn't she just tell everyone that she had ice powers? I once told my mother and brother, Kenny that I turned into a shiny Mudkip after getting two shots. True story. And I'm STILL a Mudkip!

Elsa tries to kill Weselton's guards

Hello, the Duke of Weselton was the one who tried to kill Elsa, stupid.

But elsa could have just build an ice wall or something to protect herself, but she tries to KILL, not injure, not hurt, KILL the guards!

Olaf is stupid

His supposed "jokes" didn't make me laugh at all. Are they even supposed to be funny. Also his stupid summer song was idiotic.

Well, Elsa created Olaf so maybe she gave her retarded personality to Olaf. Am I right or what?

Very right. The minions would beat BOTH of them every day. I applaud you.

Yep. You got it right. Olaf us as retarded as Elsa. Whoever said that, I applaud you.

Olaf stupid should have never been mentioned in the story.

It is overrated
The Duke of Weselton isn't the villain

I get that the Snow Queen is the original villain of the movie though if Elsa really does deserve to be a hero then add another snow queen that's evil, make the Duke of Wesleton the villain, or both, or even having the Duke of Wesleton work for this other Snow Queen and vice versa. All in all the Duke of Wesleton is a better villain type than Hans and I am sick of Frozen, especially the songs (even though I like the people who sung them, I just can't stand the songs themselves).

The characters are not just at the Disney theme parks

I saw Anna and Olaf in VEGAS! I'm dead serious! I didn't see them in Times Square, but I am convinced that they might be hanging out there as well.

Also Olaf has his own balloon in the Macy's parade!

Did I say Anna? I meant Elsa. I saw Elsa in Vegas, not Anna.

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