Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is BEYOND Terrible!

MegaSoulhero I went to see Coco again. This time with my family. The first time I saw it was at a special screening before the movie was released to the public. And at that screening, they didn’t show Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The short that plays before showings of Coco. This time, I got to watch the Olaf short before Coco. I kind of regret going to see Coco again because OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE WAS HORRENDOUS!!!

The entire short was garbage! Absolute trash! What was Disney thinking? Unlike most people, I like Frozen. I’m not a Frozen hater, but this short was bad, terrible, awful, annoying, dumb, and painful!! I am not exaggerating! This is was very painful to sit through! I shouldn’t even call this a short! The entire thing is 21 minutes! That is WAY too long for something to be played in front of a movie! We already have to sit through a bunch of trailers! Some of those trailers, by the way, were awful. Sherlock Gnomes especially. So if you add a 21 minute short, you’d have to wait almost an hour for the actual movie to start! Apparently, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was meant to be a TV special. Which it should’ve stayed as! It still wouldn’t have been good, but it would’ve been more acceptable. But I don’t think Disney had faith in Coco and decided to put the Frozen short before it in hopes of getting more people to see it. You can even tell by the aspect ratio that it was meant for TV! The irony of this is that a lot of people love Coco but hate the Frozen short. In fact, it’s actually causing LESS people to see Coco because of this! Congratulations, Disney! You’re making people skip out on an amazing film! When Coco was released in Mexico, people hated the short so much that they actually removed it from theaters. Which is understandable because people paid money to see Coco! Not a short that only exists to sell merchandise! A lot of people are tired of Frozen! Yes, there’s a Frozen 2 coming out, but at least that its own movie! Not another short that’s being played with an actual movie! In 2015, there was a short called Frozen Fever that played before Cinderella. I liked Frozen Fever, but I still thought it was pointless. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, however, is both pointless and terrible!

Basically, the entire short is about Olaf wanting to find a holiday tradition for Anna and Elsa. Yep! They gave Frozen the Cars 2 treatment! Olaf was funny in the Frozen movie, but he becomes very obnoxious when he’s the main focus! They gave him such stupid scenes! They gave him such stupid dialogue! I know that Olaf is supposed to be stupid, but in this short, they took his stupidity and cranked it up to about 40! He is completely idiotic here! It becomes so annoying! The humor is terrible! There was only one joke I laughed at, but the rest I was silent during! I didn’t even smile! I didn’t even hear anyone else in the theater laughing! I almost walked out of the theater! I wanted to rip my brain out! It was so bad! Elsa, as usual, is being over dramatic! She realizes that they don’t have a holiday tradition and she turns it into this whole moment that’s supposed to be emotional. But it’s really not. She even sings about it for some reason. And that leads to another problem. The songs! This felt like an experiment to see how many song they can fit into a 21 minute special. They tried to stuff too many musical numbers in this thing! There’s more singing than actual dialogue! But are the songs good? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! These are some of the most forgettable, most generic, most bland songs to come from Disney! If you think the songs from the movie are bad, these ones are on a whole new level!

Kristoff was honestly the best thing about this short. But of course he’s only in it for a very short time because we have to focus on Olaf going door to door to find a holiday tradition for Anna and Elsa! Because everyone loves Olaf! NEWS FLASH, DISNEY!! NO ONE LIKES OLAF!!! You can’t tell, but my face is literally red with anger right now! Olaf acts so annoying to the point where I don’t care what happens to him! I didn’t care when he was being chased by wolves! I didn’t care when he almost died in that sleigh crash! I actually wanted something bad to happen to him! But they’ll make him survive anything! There was this one scene when Olaf was in a sauna and he melted. Oaken put him in a bucket and when he poured him out, the water froze. Then the ice broke and that somehow made Olaf become a snowman again? That does not make any sense! That’s lazy writing! The ending was very predictable! Even before I watched short I knew how it was gonna end! Clearly, this short has a lot of problems. But I haven’t even gotten to my biggest problem yet. My biggest problem is that it ruined a Pixar tradition! It has always been a tradition for Pixar to release one of their shorts with their movies! But Olaf’s Frozen Adventure isn’t exactly a short and it’s not from Pixar! This made me angry! It’s ironic that a short about traditions ruined a real life tradition!

I hated everything about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! I think it’s the biggest mistake Disney has ever made! And the fact that it was released with an amazing film like Coco is even more infuriating! The people who wrote this short should be fired! The people who thought it would be a good idea to show it in theaters should be fired! They don’t deserve to live! Disney should be ashamed of themselves! I did not like this short at all! If you plan on seeing Coco, be sure to arrive at least 40 minutes late. Or wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is so terrible! Don’t watch it!


At first, I was a bit lenient on Olaf's Frozen Adventure since I thought it at least made a decent Christmas short to watch, but now that I've read your rant on this short, I'm reconsidering my thoughts on this. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that the way they made Olaf the main character was in the same vein as they way they made Mater the main character in Cars 2. And when you bring up that it ruined a Pixar tradition, that only makes me feel more salty towards Olaf's Frozen Adventure. I probably don't hate it as much as you do, but I can understand why you and so many other people hated the short. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What trailers did you see? - Trollsfan536

Duck Duck Goose (bad), Sherlock Gnomes (atrocious), Peter Rabbit (terrible), A Wrinkle in Time (interesting), and Incredibles 2 (amazing). - MegaSoulhero

MOO: Duck Duck Goose (No Opinion Yet), Sherlock Gnomes ( Bad), Peter Rabbit (Cute), A Wrinkle In Time (Cool), Incredlbles 2 (Awesome! ) Coco (Spectacular! ) - Trollsfan536

Hmm, interesting. Some of those trailers I did see, some of those trailers I didn't see, and there were some trailers that I saw at my theater that you didn't see at yours, MegaSoulhero. Here's what I saw at my theater.

Early Man: Good. Nothing can go wrong with Aardman Animations.
Sherlock Gnomes: Bad. It would have been better if they hadn't included all those fart jokes and lame puns.
Peter Rabbit: Bad. This does seem to have live-action Smurfs and live-action Alvin and the Chipmunks vibes... And that's a bad thing as well.
Ferdinand: Good. I think I'll give it a chance.
Incredibles 2: Good. Without a doubt the best movie trailer of them all. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh yeah. Ferdinand was another trailer that was shown in my theater. I forgot about that one. It was fine. Didn’t look too great in my opinion. I’m just glad it’s not another Ice Age sequel. - MegaSoulhero

Was Ferdinand the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th trailer? To MSH - Trollsfan536

4th trailer, I believe. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The only problem I had with the Ferdinand trailer was when Ferdinand was trying to sneak into a kitchen and the gloves he wore kept making stupid farting noises. Other than that, the trailer was fine. Not great, but I'd take it over Sherlock Gnomes, Duck Duck Goose, and Peter Rabbit any day. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Peter Rabbit looks so terrible it reminds me of live action Alvin and the Chipmunks and that is NOT a good thing. Sherlock Gnomes looked so stupid too, I saw the trailer on YouTube for upcoming movies and it is just baffling they would make a Gnomeo and Juliet spin-off! - Phillip873

Here's what I saw
Sherlock Gnomes: Shtt it feels rushed with too many fart and poop jokes
Peter Rabbit: Horrid probably the worst because of the Alvin and Chipmunk vibes - AlphaQ

What theater did you go to? - Trollsfan536

Otay Ranch AMC in Chula Vista - MegaSoulhero

What do you rate the short? - Trollsfan536

Probably a 2/10 - MegaSoulhero

Jesus, I'm going to see Coco tommorow with my mom and brother and I knew this was gonna be there, but now I'm sort of wondering how bad it will be! I will probably write a review for Coco and a mini review of this short to give my thoughts after. - Phillip873

Apparently Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be removed from theaters on December 8th - MegaSoulhero

Well I'm going tommorow so looks like I'm going to see it, unless the theater I'm going to doesn't show it but I don't know because there is 2 theaters in my city - Phillip873

Some Disney Producer: You know what this movie needs more of?
Some Disney Executive: What?
Some Disney Producer: More Frozen marketing.
Some Disney Executive: Why?
Some Disney Producer: It's almost Christmas time! The kids will want all the new Frozen toys! So we'll shove the Frozen short into this movie just to be sure they see it! We've got to have money!
Some Disney Executive: Genius!
Some Disney Producer: I'm tired. Let's call it a day. - RoseRedFlower

Next year they'll make another shorr probably more horrendous than the last - TwilightKitsune

Short* - TwilightKitsune

R Rated Frozen Is The Last Thing I Fcking Want - AlphaQ

Saw Coco (fantastic film) and Olaf's frozen adventure. I didn't think it was terrible but it was still a 4/10 from me because the songs mostly sucked and the ones that didn't were forgettable. And it was very annoying. But harmless - Phillip873

Take out the l from Olaf's name.
Read it.
That's what Olaf is. - TwilightKitsune

Would you rather watch the star wars holiday special? - Trollsfan536

No. That’s much worse. - MegaSoulhero

Personally I didn't like Olaf in the original but at least it felt like he tried but in this one it felt like Olaf decided to say,"Fck it" and just screwed everything up on purpose. - AlphaQ