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21 Bad CGI animation

What's with Disney suddenly making awful CGI Animation? Don't they have Pixar for that?

I miss their hand drawn animation.

22 Anna and Elsa are terrible sisters
23 Kristoff Kristoff

I expected his character to be funny. He was so depressed. - ladylocust123

24 The dresses

I hope in Frozen 2 they get prettier dresses.

The servants and townspeople wore better clothes. - ladylocust123

25 Hans is a Gaston rip off
26 The Duke of Weselton isn't the villain

I get that the Snow Queen is the original villain of the movie though if Elsa really does deserve to be a hero then add another snow queen that's evil, make the Duke of Wesleton the villain, or both, or even having the Duke of Wesleton work for this other Snow Queen and vice versa. All in all the Duke of Wesleton is a better villain type than Hans and I am sick of Frozen, especially the songs (even though I like the people who sung them, I just can't stand the songs themselves). - Anonymousxcxc

27 People compare it to superior movies and claim that it is better than them.
28 Anna and Elsa are the worst Disney Princesses
29 The Plot of Frozen is crap
30 All the songs
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