Top 10 Worst Things About Generation Z

I'm part of this generation (the way to know if you're part of it is if you were born after 1995), but it's honestly garbage. And I have 10 reasons as to why it is.

Also give credit to RogerWatersfan1999 for helping me make this list. Check him out of you haven't.

The Top Ten

1 They Do Stupid Internet Challenges

Bleach drinking, tide pods, cinnamon, water buckets, fire challenge, do I need to explain more?

Can this gen be any more stupid? - Randomator

I am a part of Gen Z and these Internet Challenges are JUST STUPID!

Very much true they're a lot of generation z students and have stereotypical lives that I'm quite displeased and sick of it! I'm glad that I'm an 13 year old aspie and intellectual- Kevinsidis

2 They're Too Addicted to Technology
3 They're Too Addicted to Video Games

*cough* fortnite *cough*

*cough cough* Fortnite, Minecraft FNAF, Undertale. Do I need to go on? - Randomator

4 Middle Schoolers Act Way Too Old for Their Age
5 They're the Most Conservative Generation Since World War II

I refuse to involve myself in political views. - CloudInvasion

This is the only good thing in my opinion. - 2storm

6 Girls/Women Wear Too Much Makeup
7 They're Too Addicted to the Internet

Currently my internet use is mostly for SAT preps. Hopefully other kids in my grade will be going that road sometime. - CloudInvasion

You also get people getting addicted to the internet by doing stupid things on it e.g.cyber bullying, porn, dangerous internet challenges and more.

8 No Sophistication
9 No Manners
10 No Respect

This list is absolutely true, great job DarkMatter1997

I’m a part of this generation and I am very respectful. Please don’t generalize.

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11 Little Kids Under 13 Use the Internet
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