Top 10 Worst Things About Girls

This list contains the top 10 worst thing about girls ages 3-18, not about girls any older or younger than that. I just want to clear that out. You will understand this list especially if you have a sister. Enjoy!

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41 They Are With Other Girls

I'm a girl and when I was at school, I hung around the boys. Everyone teased me and thought I had a crush, but I'm asexual! I wish I was born a boy... Because I was gullible at the time, the nasty popular girls offered for me to become a part of their group, and I felt happy at school for once in my life, because I was the least popular in the class. However, I regret it. If I could change my past decisions, it'd all be different. - RaccoonCartoon

I'm a guy by the wayI'm just thinking maybe this is here because a boy would wanna hook up with a girl but they always with their girl friends. It's a huge pain an totally relate to. happens all the time. so I'm not generalizing, just saying in my experiences its happened a lot

Not true... Am a boy who is always with 2 or three girls and they don't stop me from doing so. - Greatness_Forever

What, I can't hang with my sister without being criticised for it!

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42 Little Girls' Stuff

Eww I rather Pokemon And Regular show - BraixenBreak

We like what we like and you shouldn't judge us. We can like anything we like, just like boys can like princesses,pink,dolls,and even dresses if they so choose!

43 They Figure Skate

Figure skating is a beautiful sport that takes years of practice and grace. This list is offensive people people who do this for a living.

Heck, I have never even put on skates. I haven't even roller skated yet! Not all girls can figure skate! I probably would fall over before I even touched the ice!

What's wrong with figure skating?

I tried doing that once or twice but turned it down. I only prefer ice hockey. - playstationfan66

44 They Demand Equal Rights

Yeah, yo got a problem with that? Girls get payed 78 cents to the dollar for the same work that guys do! Girls just have a soul, and clearly you do not. Where were you raised, a house full of men who didn't have any respect for women? This is not normal! And do not pretend for one minute that you are just saying what guys all think! All guys do not think like this! The fact that you don't know when to shut your mouth and look deeper into the life of a girl is just a disgrace to humanity!

As we should. 78 cents to the dollar? What fool thinks that is fair? Obviously there are 4 types of people in this war: People who are fools and think everything is fair, people who honestly don't want women to have equal rights, people who don't care, and people who fight for a right that they deserve! Be proud of being a women, don't put yourself down girls!

Equal rights is a good thing, what are you going on about? At first, I thought this was just a little pet peeve list, but now I realise it's made by a very cruel, sexist mind. - RaccoonCartoon


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45 They Are Best Friends/Rivals with Other Girls

No. I Am Best Friends And Rivals With Boys (Like who is faster at running).

Again, I can't have an enemy that's a girl but also be her friend? That's called a frenemy. Every girl at my school knows what that is, even my father of all people knows what it means. MY FATHER!

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46 Sisters

I have a sister and she is wonderful! I love her to bits and would do anything to protect her. I can't believe you would be heartless enough to put this on the Internet! If my sister came home from school and said that a boy had written this down and had other boys write their ideas about each topic too, I would tell my parents and insist they talk to this kids parents A.S.A.P!

Why do you hate your sisters just because they're female!? Pathetic.. - RaccoonCartoon

OK. Maybe your sister thinks you're annoying.

47 They Get Scared Easily

I've been teased by bullies, hit by some of my own friends, and have been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, and stepped on by my own brothers, and I'm still standing. (This Message is True)

... So... A guy wouldn't have the crap scared out of them if they had Megalodon swim up behind them? In that case, let me arrange that. And, for the record, it takes a lot to scare me. - LostDream258

I'm not really scared of anything honestly. Cause I know that god is watching out for me.

Not true - BraixenBreak

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48 They Obsess Over Sports

HEY! You have a problem I love basketball!

But sports are life and are awesome! - AnimeDrawer

Gotta Problem? I love to swim - BraixenBreak

U got a problem with basketball

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49 They Only Talk About Themselves

Most of the time we talk about ourselves to get to know someone else. How else would you know what your best friends favourite colour is? He or she had to talk about themselves so you can know each other better!

I only talk about myself to share my achievements. Most of the time I talk about things like "Did you hear what happened to (name)? " "Did you hear about that (disaster) in (place)

That's wrong! We talk about lots of different things. Most of us hardly ever talk about ourselves!

50 They Always Get Embarrassed

Yeah, cause we actually care if the teacher hates us or if we are being bad. The best dogs are the ones who feel shame. That's how you learn to sit still and study.

I don't, I'm a girl. I stand proud, and if some jerk is gonna insult me in public or stare at me, they should've been raised better. - RaccoonCartoon

It's called human emotions. Maybe you should go learn about them sometime.

Um, yea? It's an emotion humans feel.

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51 Girls Always Blaming the Guy

Maybe we are just right! Sometimes we are wrong but tell me that when you have a sibling and you break a lamp. You always blame it on the dog or on the cat or on you sibling! Everyone does it, not just girls!

It's the other way for me. Everyone blames me - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I know what's wrong with those girls

52 They Have Scratchy Nails

What does that mean? Girls have the cleanest most well cared for nails ever!

What on earth is that supposed to mean?

I don't, I bite my nails.

53 They Hog the Bathroom Longer Than They Need

No, I go in, go out. My sister, on the other hand.. She's either staring at her phone or staring in the mirror, complaining. - RaccoonCartoon

We care what we look like! Maybe you should try doing your hair,makeup, and shower in 10 minutes. Girls are judged on what they look like, which is not right at all, but it is the truth. Girls judge girls and boys judge girls on their apperences. It has been woven into society for centuries. It may not be right, but neither is you accusations. Get a life and do something more productive with your life you filthy sexist man!

Uh…my shower time is 3 minutes.

54 They're Hypersensitive

Both male and females can be hypersensitive, come on... - RaccoonCartoon

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