Top 10 Worst Things About Girls

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41 They Obsess Over Sports

HEY! You have a problem I love basketball!

But sports are life and are awesome! - AnimeDrawer

Gotta Problem? I love to swim - BraixenBreak

U got a problem with basketball

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42 They Only Talk About Themselves

Most of the time we talk about ourselves to get to know someone else. How else would you know what your best friends favourite colour is? He or she had to talk about themselves so you can know each other better!

I only talk about myself to share my achievements. Most of the time I talk about things like "Did you hear what happened to (name)? " "Did you hear about that (disaster) in (place)

That's wrong! We talk about lots of different things. Most of us hardly ever talk about ourselves!

43 They Always Get Embarrassed

Yeah, cause we actually care if the teacher hates us or if we are being bad. The best dogs are the ones who feel shame. That's how you learn to sit still and study.

It's called human emotions. Maybe you should go learn about them sometime.

Um, yea? It's an emotion humans feel.

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44 Girls Always Blaming the Guy

Maybe we are just right! Sometimes we are wrong but tell me that when you have a sibling and you break a lamp. You always blame it on the dog or on the cat or on you sibling! Everyone does it, not just girls!

It's the other way for me. Everyone blames me - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I know what's wrong with those girls

45 They Have Scratchy Nails

What does that mean? Girls have the cleanest most well cared for nails ever!

What on earth is that supposed to mean?

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46 They Hog the Bathroom Longer Than They Need

We care what we look like! Maybe you should try doing your hair,makeup, and shower in 10 minutes. Girls are judged on what they look like, which is not right at all, but it is the truth. Girls judge girls and boys judge girls on their apperences. It has been woven into society for centuries. It may not be right, but neither is you accusations. Get a life and do something more productive with your life you filthy sexist man!

Uh…my shower time is 3 minutes.

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