Worst Things About Goanimate

Goanimate videos are all over the internet. Though some people are using Goanimate appropriately, most are not. Here are the worst things about this cancerous program.

The Top Ten

1 People making too many grounded videos
2 People who use it count it as real animation
3 Over-hating children's TV characters
4 Boris The Teeth Guy

I actually like those videos and I think they are funny. - Murvine_Taylor

5 Grounded videos

Basically the community's main focus.

6 Cringe Compilations

The cringe compilations are actually good

7 People use baby show characters instead of making their own characters.
8 Over-hating other users
9 Goanimate the Movie
10 Main characters always have abusive parents/Punishment  Day

Boris is a perfect example of one of these abusive parents. in my opinion, he is the worst of them all. - Murvine_Taylor

The Contenders

11 No Originality
12 The removal of Lil Peepz
13 Too much swearing
14 The plots of every video are so predictable
15 People keep shipping Caillou and Dora
16 Rant Videos
17 Isaac Andersen Animations
18 People are getting lazier and lazier on their videos
19 Some people make their characters seem like they don't know what grammar is
20 Robot voices

To be honest, I actually like the voices, especially Ivy. - Murvine_Taylor

21 Main characters are spoiled brats
22 Ruins your childhood
23 GoAnimate Logic

One can also bust out of jail so easily. All they have to do is point at the bars to knock them down and run away. There are no guards stopping them. - Murvine_Taylor

24 Too many grounded videos out of Dora and Caillou
25 The TV show characters in grounded videos are out of character
26 They ruined Fred (Scooby Doo)

(Note: I still hate this website (the one we're on), but I'm going to add this anyway)

GoAnimate Fred, like GoAnimate Boris, pulls out harsh punishments on his team. For example, he keeps gives his teams concussion times, which is a brain injury. He even sometimes does it to little children, which is child abuse.

He's also obsessed with beer and only takes his gang places if they promise to give it to him, when the original Fred doesn't even drink it. That just makes zero sense. It's a good thing that I-Is-A-Litten (one of my Scratch friends) isn't going to make his Concussion Time attack an actual attack in his upcoming game titled "The I-Is-A-Litten RPG: Wanted in 50 Fanbase".

Signed by Jamie261 (Scratch)

Note: DON'T attack me for having a negative opinion on this website. DON'T at all.

27 Punishment Day (Goanimate)
28 Removal of the best voices
29 Caillou gets grounded
30 Expelled and grounded for getting stuck in elevator
31 Goanimate for schools getting removed in 2019


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