Worst Things About Going Back to School

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1 Summer vacation is over

A lot of Americans in my area visit the Jersey shore during the Labor Day weekend even though school has started for them already. However, my family (who's Asian) DOES NOT go anywhere for Labor Day weekend after school starts. They want us to study instead of enjoying summer before it ends.

"Wake me up when September ends" but you'll still need to go to school on October. dumbass

Wake me up when September ends

To me going back to means on the first day, I have to do my exams... which I wish never happened AT ALL - Libropio22

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2 It's still summer

I think he means summer school, it's basically school but on summers BLAH!

Your going back to school when its still SUMMER! Why not back to school on the first day of fall?

I agree We should have the whole summer off with 2 bonus days - Jake09

At least it's not too hot to focus. - PositronWildhawk

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3 Homework

RARELY YOU GET HOMEWORK ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Well that's it and I hope you show this list and the other worst list for schools to all schools. And don't forget to vote so bye.

I really hate home work on the first day of school because everyone hates homework wye can't the teachers realize that.

Well homework doesn't bother me too much because my teacher only gives us two things because she is too lazy too even correct it and I'm in sixth grade

The teachers basically think that we don't have a life and that all we care about is answering stupid math and reading questions AFTER school hours when we can be doing something useful and fun.

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4 You're surrounded by idiots

Those dumb kids.. always looking over at your paper and all... LIke, pay attention. What do you do when your here for 7hrs a day?

I can't tell you how many idiots there are in my school. - Minecraftcrazy530

When you look around and you are forced to look at the faces of idiots.

So many facepalms, so little time...

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5 You know you'll see people you hate again
6 Can't sleep

You will have to go back to school and you will never sleep.

I know right I bearly wake up at the morning

7 Your teachers

My teacher uses internet explorer

Is the teacher mean or nice or fat? WHJAT IS HE OR SHE?

I had a mean and strict teacher THREE YEARS IN A ROW in high school. WHY? :(

8 The realisation you have to do mathematics again

NOO I hate math! :(

9 Seeing the back to school commercials

In the middle of JULY! 😠 - Officialpen

10 You feel dumb

After coming back you lose everything you learn

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11 It's too crowded

On the first day your crowded with a bunch of students that are trying to go to there class. Its a pain.

12 Your friends


13 Waking up to the fact that school is back in session.

It's the worst part of m mornning. - Spirtfall

14 You don't work and can't learn anything yet


15 Everyone remembers what you did last year

They remember what I did 3 years ago

16 It still feels like school is out

Not only that summer is still around when school starts, to some kids, it's going to feel like school is still out. So some people will act stupid before autumn. Or they'll act stupid for the rest of the year if summer gets to their brains.

17 You realize you have 10 months of excruciating pain ahead of you

I start school in 5 days, and with 2 weeks left I realized this. Man, Grade 8 will be tough :(

Scratch the word "excruciating" and put "crucifying". - Animefan12

18 Supply and clothes shopping

I like buying school supplies

I love supply and clothes shopping before school starts. Except I don't like the going to school part. - Catacorn

19 Vine addicts

Really? - TheMinecraftGamer

Whats 9+10?
Guess what came in the mail today? Deez Nuts!
Lebron James
Bish Where?

20 Getting in trouble
21 You're the only one who hasn't grown
22 It's very boring

I really wish we can sleep.

23 Unfulfilled expectations

You think it's gonna be great, and fun. And you're gonna wear perfect outfits everyday and get up early and make a nice healthy breakfast and do your hair and makeup and get straight A''s and always study and never procrastinate and that this will be YOUR year. Plot twist, like always, it's not.

24 Everything reminds you of summer

Open windows, sun shining through, birds chirping, lush green grass, warm weather, ahhh... Isn't that pleasant? NO! You are stuck in a building with a bunch of idiots wishing you were not chained to your desk.

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1. Homework
2. Summer vacation is over
3. It's still summer
1. You know you'll see people you hate again
2. You're surrounded by idiots
3. Summer vacation is over


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