Top 10 Worst Things About Going to the Movies

So your gonna see a movie you have been dying to see, and then it’s ruined by something. I always hate it when I have a terrible movie theater experience. Here are the most annoying things about going to the movies.

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1 People talking during the movie

I was in 6th grade and I went to the cinema with my friend and no parents. We kept talking before and during the movie. People kept sushing us and I said to my friend "it surely can't be that annoying! " the very next time I was in the cinema these two people wouldn't shut up and it was really annoying! I'm never talking in a cinema again!

If you have to talk, do it in the lobby. Also you don't have to talk and share your opinion on every little thing. Shut up or leave.

Not too bothered by this one, as long as they keep it to a whisper

Usually kids do it. Last time this scenario appeared with me, there was a bunch of little girls just talking about their iPhones and talentless modern pop stars.

2 The people on their phones

People's phones ring and everyone is upset that they're trying to watch the movie. It would actually be practical and if callers using their phones to turn off their phones and just watch the movie. That's all. Just turn it off.

You can detach from that specific screen for a while believe it or not. Even if it is to look at an even larger, louder one.

I get a call happens on accident or something pops up but seriously put the phone down and watch the movie you paid to see

You just paid $15 to see the movie. Put the GD phone away. Unless you're a doctor or on the President's speed dial for national emergencies, you're not THAT IMPORTANT.

3 Kids misbehaving

Once there was a birthday party at the movies sitting behind me and one of the kids almost poured his soda on me :/

This can be a problem when going out to the movies. Probably because their parents forced their kids to go so that may be one reason why.

I kinda feel lucky I've never experienced this apart from #2

Here comes the belt...

4 Someone kicking your seat

We need to install spikes to the back of our seats.

This is really annoying

You say, no I paid for aticket, I got here first, to bad. I'm supposed to give you my seat cause your family couldn't get here early enoough to get a good seat, really?

I know their mostly kids but still it’s quite irritating

5 Overpriced merchandise

It took $40 for my friends and I to get 1 large popcorn, medium drinks, and two candies. How much did it cost to produce? Nowhere near that much. Plus the actual movie stuff is even more expensive

Should be much higher, especially since they discourage you from bringing in food, but it is fun sneaking snacks into the theater

6 Someone snoring during the movie

My grandma took my sister and I to a movie once and she fell asleep right at the beginning and snored really loud

Someone snores during the movie signifies that the individual is sleeping. He or she could be tired, plus the snoring will disrupt the movie going experience.

*cough* *cough* My mom

7 Someone blocking the view

This one is very annoying

8 People who "narrate" the movie
9 The projector blowing out
10 Someone hogging seats

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11 Someone spoiling the ending
12 Babies crying

Parents who bring their babies to theatres are idiots they're obviously gonna cry and scream and its just plain rude to the audience who payed for the movie. If you can't hire a sitter you should've used a condom.

They're always really loud. And they don't even understand the movie

What do babies and watermelon have in common? They are both fun to hit with a giant hammer.

They need a spanking

13 People laughing during an emotional or intense scene

Audience bathos

That's me

14 Tantrum throwing brats

I KNEW there was a reason for the invention of condoms : )

15 Shushers
16 A drunk person walking in during the movie

This scenario happened with me before. The drunk person kept cussing loudly and being racist.

17 People farting

Trap 'em in an air-tight jar with nothing but Taco Bell to eat, then hope that they don't escape until they learn their lesson : )

18 Paying for overpriced food
19 Trying to find an empty seat

Well that’s why some movie theaters assign people seats.

20 It costs money

If it was free then it would mean we would have to add the movie going experience to our taxes


I don't see why this is a problem, but I get the joke.

21 Sticky floors

Demon brats cause this by throwing their drinks, stomping their melted candy bars into a sticky mess on the ground.

22 Birthday parties

Especially if the kid thinks they own the entire theater just because it's their birthday.

23 People with poor hygeine

(Read with while panting and exhaling heavily) "Hi! Mhind hif hi hsit nhext tho yhou hand heat mhy gharlic bheef bheen bhurrito?"

24 Arrogant teenagers

Unless they're complaining about the little demons that run amok.

What are you saying about me?

25 People throwing popcorn

Only trashy brats do this.

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