Top Ten Worst Things About Graal Online Classic

It's a multiplayer game. Really fun. But here are the bad things about it.

The Top Ten

1 Everyone calls you a noob

Play the game for one day and you will see a lot of random user being like "noob" "psh noob" "I hate you noob"

2 People are obsessed with killing other players

You can barely walk 2 steps without being attacked.

3 The game is crowded

Millions when 3K people play

It's no wonder you may never get chosen to be in the admin's mini game, they have to give everybody a chance, wich means they will be going through millions of users who want to join.

4 "how do you get this?"

No one can find anything for themselves.

5 You have to spend lots of your gralats

Rent is 100 each month, clothes, morphs, and furniture will take days of saving up, and vip subscription is 7000 a month.

6 You need a VIP subscription to change skin color

A bit racist, when you think about it.

7 Lots of things are closed

The revolution building could've added much plot but it's closed. Capture the flag could've been a very fun mini game but it's closed. Many buildings can be used for quests but they are closed.

8 You need to do 26398436739373 practice spars before you can do the real thing

I just wanna spar, it's not that difficult, you hit the sword button. I don't need to do the same thing in Balabamb island!

9 All the spamming

When you farm many people will day they will make the gralats you are growing worth more but really they want you to unlock them so they could steal them.

Annoying. People work hard for their gralats and you steal them.

10 You have to be identified to do the prat bay quest.

They need your email address so you can kill pyrats and take their eye patches?

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11 Lag
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