Worst Things About Grand Theft Auto V Online


The Top Ten

1 Hackers and Glitchers

My dick is very warm

2 Trolls and Griefers
3 Stickybomb-spamming

It's funny (if you are not the victem) - XMrGentlemanX

4 The Bad Sport-system

The Admin should just be able to kick these troublemakers. Instead, the game are punishing you for having fun with friends. - Jacklacour

5 No Animals

Would be awesome if a player can control his dog to kill another player, it'll be more fun to see it happen.

6 No Stunguns
7 Balancing Issues In Death Match

You are able to use the weapons you have access to in DM. Pay to Win for the win! - Jacklacour

8 Shoot-on-sight Attitude
9 Little Kids

If Grand Theft Auto had little kids, Rockstar would get sued. - spiderskull98

10 Passive-mode Doesn't Even Work

Doesn't work at all in a car

It does now, pal. When you're on passive mode, there's no contact on you and the players. If they're in a car trying to run you over while you're on passive, they won't because they'll phase. They also can't shoot you while you're in your own vehicle. - TechnicallyIDoComics

The Contenders

11 Bad Player Customization

Seriously, everybody are looking like the same in this game. - Jacklacour

12 Players That Keeps Saying the N Word
13 No Heists
14 Very Expensive Vehicles
15 Unable to Sprint In Your Garage
16 People With a Bounty Who Are Hiding In Their Apartments
17 Players That Are Desperately Wants to Kill You for No Reason
18 Very Stale and Boring
19 Online Exclusive Vehicles

The only new content being added to Grand Theft Auto V these days is online-only, and Rockstar should know that everyone isn't into online

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