Worst Things About Gravity Falls


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1 The show ended too early

I wish it had season 3. - TheFourthWorld


2 Mabel is annoying and selfish

She is. I can't stand her.

She is not! - Fandomstuck

3 Most of the questions about the show were not answered

If you read the official journal 3 it answers all of them pretty much

4 No season 3 or 4
5 The breaks between episodes are to long
6 Dipper gets mad over everything

That means overreacting. - Fandomstuck

7 Filler episodes
8 The episode roadside attraction is pointless
9 Nothing big went on in season 1
10 1 week break between episodes are too rare

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11 It's a rip off of Rick and Morty


12 It's racist

What? How in god's name is this show even remotely racist? Stop connecting your personal problems to petty insults towards a great cartoon.

Yes because there is a bunch of whites and some blacks and the black in the show is one of Pacifica's friends. Cancel this sorry excuse for a show!

13 Soos and Wendy are the only good characters

Whoever wrote this is literally an idiot. Because Soos and Wendy spent 30 years of their lives dedicated to saving their twin.

14 Season 1 had bad episodes
15 No crossover special

Two words: Who cares? Teen Titans Go and PPG reboot are having a crossover; does that magically make them good shows?

16 Didn't get to see what's inside the portal
17 Some episodes are pointless
18 Selfishness
19 The summer is 60 to 90 days long yet there is only 40 episodes
20 Porn jokes

...what the actual hell

21 4 years long and only 2 seasons
22 They make the promos look epic for the new episode but the episode is not
23 Shorts
24 Someone was suppose to die after the stanchurian candidate but no one did

The mayor died

25 Grenda is annoying

She's not! - Fandomstuck

She's not! - Fandomstuck

26 Candy and her annoying voice

She doesn't have an annoying voice! - Fandomstuck

27 Ugly voices
28 Annoying voices
29 Characters are not perfect
30 It would had been a better show if it had 3 to 5 seasons
31 They say a third season would make the show bad but it wouldn't
32 Silly episodes
33 Bad characters
34 How the characters talk
35 No Christmas or Thanksgiving episode
36 The show is over and Disney XD is showing the show too much
37 One of the shortest shows
38 Mabel's and Dipper's mom and dad
39 You can't see the pilot

It's also on YouTube: http ://m. youtu be.c om /wat ch? v =-5wFMYRBHC4 - Fandomstuck

40 2 to 5 weeks breaks between episodes are too common
41 No more Bill Cipher
42 Sexual episodes

What the...?

43 The summer was too short
44 No more Dipper and Mabel fighting episodes
45 Characters that don't look like their age
46 Stanley is overprotecting Mabel and Dipper
47 Stanley calls Mabel and Dipper "kid" yet they are 12-13 years old

Honey, until you're eighteen in America, you are considered a "kid."

48 Dipper's animation was terrible at the end of Not What he Seem
49 Mabel wears a sweater in almost every episode, yet it's summer

They're in Oregon. Look on a map and use your inference skills as to why it's cold there.

50 No episodes where Dipper and Mabel are in school
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