Top Ten Worst Things About Growing Up With Overprotective Parents

If you have overprotective parents, you will understand. Note: this is for OVERPROTECTIVE parents only, not normal parents.

The Top Ten Worst Things About Growing Up With Overprotective Parents

1 They still make you call them "Mommy" and "Daddy," and yell at you for trying to call them Mom and Dad, even when you are 13.

Well I'm lucky I don't have overprotective parents. Plus they know I won't listen anyway. - Therandom

Why do you yell at me for being the correct maturity for my age? - Kaboom

I must be very unlucky to live in a home with overprotective parents.

This is true in my family...we're Asian... but I still insist calling them "Mom" and "Dad" instead

2 Not being near people with a different gender

My sister got pregnant at the end of high school, so my parents are afraid that I will make the mistake of getting a girl pregnant. Also they won't let me hangout with my gay friends alone.

I find this weird, my mom won't let me be friends with a boy at all. And I'm not allowed to date until I am 22... But I don't care about the dating one honestly. But not being able to have friends of the opposite gender though... - cosmo

Or race, especially if you're Asian. Asian parents will FREAK if they see their daughter with a black boyfriend (or friend in general)

My dad will freak out if he see me flirting or calling a boy cute. I can't date in till I'm in college. - Arcxia

3 No friends allowed

Fortunately not every millennial had overprotective parents because nothing on this list is what my parents would do to me.

Really? My mom is overprotective and she allows me to have friends.

Yeah agreed.

2005-2009 - Sometimes Friends come over
2010-2017 - Friends come over to my house a lot
2018-now - No Friends at all! Just boring adults. 😡 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

I wasn't allowed to make friends unless if they were in my class and my mom knew their mom.

4 Even if you are allowed to have friends, no socializing outside of school

Because of this, I lost so many friends.

me too :(

5 Be at school 20 minutes early, and your mom must stay with you until you reach your classroom

I do not need this. If you drop me off, I will arrive at my classroom. Also, you are CAUSING bullying by getting me accused of being a "Momma's Boy." - Kaboom

6 No staying up at all, even 1 minute, even on weekends, even during summer

Kaboom wow that’s bull - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

My parents yelled at me for going to bed 5 seconds late 3 weeks after school ended. - Kaboom

No wonder life goes by so fast

7 You aren't allowed to watch PG-13 movies, even when you are older than 13.

People who are 26 that have their mom telling them what to do need a life.

I'm only allowed to watch certain ones. - cosmo

Dude, PG-13 is meant for these when are 13 or older. - BorisRule

Wow I feel sorry for you. - Arcxia

8 No talking to friends after school, even if your parents are reluctant to leave.

I HATE it when my mom talks for 20 minutes after school, and yells at me when I try to talk to my friends. - Kaboom

9 They clean your room constantly, even if it is already clean.

My mom constantly makes me wipe down my entire room all over again despite the fact that I already did it SEVERAL DAYS AGO!

My room was perfectly organized, and my mom reorganized into her proprietary, literally proprietary, system without explaining it to me, and I couldn't find anything. - Kaboom

10 Accusing you of being pregnant, even if you are a boy.

I'm Asian. My mom is constantly weight-shaming me. She would constantly accuse me of eating too much and call me fat and tell me that I look like a lady that's about 4 months pregnant. I'm 26, 5'1", and I weigh a bit over 100 lbs.

How can a boy get pregnant? - TwilightKitsune

Boy's can get pregnant! - BorisRule

Who put this on? - EliHbk

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11 They won't let you do chores, even if you want to, because they don't trust you with the money they know they will have to pay you.

My parents are overprotective. They actually FORCE me to do chores; they just don’t pay me for doing them because they want to save money (they’re Asian)

12 They won't let you wear certain clothes.

Yh I asked for ripped jeans, they bought me it, I wore it for a day, they yell at me for showing off so much skin( rips were only nears knees, medium sized) and told nvr to were it again in public...

My mom won’t let me wear tank tops

13 They won't let you be yourself

I don't see why this isn't number one, think about it.

Mom; [bargs into my room and hears my black metal even though she does not know it is black metal] “what the hell are you listening to Natalie? ”
Me; “metal music”
Mom; “you a devil worshipper now!? ”
Me; “get the hell out of my room please! ”

14 They overreact when you touch something dirty

If you're an Asian kid under the age of like 5 and you pick something up off the floor your parents will FREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY

15 They won't let you play violent video games

Not true! I don't copy video games in real life after playing them. After playing Roblox: Jailbreak, I never ran around robbing banks and shooting cops. After playing Halo and Call of Duty, I never shot or stabbed people. After playing Fortnite, I never ran around shooting people and dancing on them.

It's so dumb when adults think we'll become violent of playing video games with violence in it! They think we'll turn into big murderers or something if we play games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. It's stupid! They think that violent video games cause all these murders and school shootings. So by that logic, if I play Madden, will I become a professional NFL player then?

They think that you will copy them in real life

Wow have you tried to tell them that they're treating you like a baby. - Arcxia

16 They won't let you watch certain videos on YouTube

My parents think that Youtube can cause computer viruses

I started watching YouTube videos when I was like 8 or 9, then my parents banned me from watching it until I was like 12 or 13. I am so glad now I don't have to deal with strict parenting rules since I'm 18. - reed99

Also whenever I watch YT videos my parents think I will turn into a psychopath and do crazy things.

When videos of babies and children come up on YouTube, my parents think that I’m either watching child pornography or that due to the videos popping up, people will think that they are child molesters/abusing children. what!

17 They won't let you watch "violent" or "weird" shows/animes

I love horror movies, but my mom doesn't allow me to watch anything that features murdering or killing because she thinks that I will copy them. SERIOUSLY?

Funny thing is that the Annabelle movies feature murdering/killing and I'm allowed to watch those.

18 They won't explain properly

This=my dad.

(My dad calls me)
Dad: Come over here?
Me: why?
Dad: just come over here

Why I hat my parents is because they never actually helped when I asked them to, they just tell me what to do and when I ask y they say because I said so,which is trashy parenting! - EliHbk

Me:What's cooking?
Me:No what are you actually cooking?
Dad:Food that you eat

Me:What is it?
Mom:Niamh come here!

19 They won't let you spend the night at friend's houses

Never mind sleepovers, my mom was so overprotective of me when I was little that I WASN'T EVEN ALLOWED TO HAVE PLAYDATES IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

I'm not even aloud to stay at friends houses after 9.. I also get made fun of at school because of this...

20 They make you feel a lot younger than your classmates

I'm about 16 years old, but feel like I'm about 12 or 13.

In my case, it’s a sibling. My mom is overprotective of me, but not my younger sister. I’m 26, and she’s 19. My mom allows her to cook on the stove unsupervised, hang out with friends, and go places unsupervised. Would she allow me to do any of that? NO WAY! >:(

21 They treat everything wrong you do like it’s the end of the world

So true

22 They won’t let you carpool with relatives

My mom FINALLY now allows me to carpool with relatives to parties. Yesterday my relatives had a BBQ and my parents originally both had work, but since this was before my mom would say yes to me carpooling, either my dad had to take a day off to drive me or I would have to stay home and miss out on the fun. My dad took off from work to take me.

I found out that the true reason my mom said "no carpooling" was because she's afraid that our house would get broken into and that the stove would burn down the house, even if it was off and my sister would be at home doing homework.

I am now learning more responsibility so my mom can finally earn my trust and allow me to carpool with relatives to parties anytime.

For example last winter my mom wouldn’t let me go to a party due to the snow. The party was canceled.

Well what if the party DID NOT get canceled? If I asked my mom if my relatives can pick me up in their car and then drive me home afterwards, she probably would’ve said no :(

23 They think that you can be the victim of anything

For example if at school any of my classmates brings food to share with the class my mom won't let me eat any of it (even if the teacher says it's OK) because she is afraid that the food may be laced with drugs and if I eat it then I will fall victim of drug poisoning and then end up in hospital or die from it.

24 They think that being outdoors for 1 second will lead to a bad sunburn

This was my mom in 2016...

During the summer months whenever we go out in public my mom forces me to hold a napkin up to my face and cover my mouth and nose with it. This started in 2016 when my skin got so bad. I don’t like that at all. Not only will people might give me weird stares and I get embarrassed from it, they also probably will think that I have a disease or something.

25 They think that every toy can be dangerous
26 They think that every amusement park ride is dangerous

For example: these parents hate amusement parks because they think that all thrill rides will make you either throw up or distort your face and that all roller coasters can kill you

My mom is MEGA overprotective of me when it comes to thrill rides. She thinks that every single thrill ride at Six Flags parks could potentially kill me. She wouldn’t let me ride Nitro or Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure when I was 18!

27 They enforce curfews even if you’re an adult or on vacation

Then move out of their house once it's time to leave to college! BIG BRAIN!

Whenever we visit NYC we have to be home before sundown and I can’t leave the house after 8-9 PM (except for whenever we have parties)

28 They are superstitious

Oh yeah, also about "ghost month": my mom BANNED me from watching horror movies during that time, even during the daytime hours.

My parents are Asian and they believe in and enforce many Asian superstitions and they force me to go along with them. For example the 7th month on the lunar calendar (Late July-early August depending on the year) it’s considered as “ghost month” where Asians strongly believe that no one should be out in public after sundown or else ghosts will haunt you, so if we go anywhere for vacation during ghost month we MUST be home by sundown, NO EXCEPTIONS.

29 They think that anything minor can result in fatality

My parents are Asian and they think that if I eat ONE TINY BITE of dessert I will get instant diabetes and then die from it...even though I exercise and enjoy in moderation except with the occasional buffet...what! >:(

30 They confine you in the house all the time

During the summer of 2016 I got sunburnt WAY too easily to the point that my mom was so paranoid about me getting burnt that she downright refused to let me step out of the house for even one second.

It was miserable. I felt like I was in prison.

31 They think that every single healthy food item is "unhealthy" and can lead to health problems

Americans: bread, fruit, eggs, orange juice, bacon, chocolate, and yogurt is healthy

fruit, orange juice, chocolate, and yogurt has sugar which can lead to diabetes

eggs and bacon has cholesterol which makes you fat and give you high cholesterol

bread is made of flour which has sugar which can lead to diabetes

No matter how we eat it, Asians strongly believe that even healthy food can lead to health problems

32 That make bad stereotypes about behavior in certain people and animals and avoid them at all costs because of those stereotypes

For example my relatives are Asian and they always assume that all young black males are gangs and they will beat up people, all pet dogs will bite and bark at everyone, and that all black people steal and rape and whenever we see them walking towards us whenever we are out in public she forces us to walk around them even if they weren’t bothering us, even if were only like 40-50 ft apart.

33 They constantly remind us to be careful even if we already know what we’re doing

My relatives are Asian and they do this all the time. Sure accidents happen, but we are totally aware of our surroundings at all time.

34 They double and triple check to see if anything’s locked, off, or may have been forgotten before leaving the house

Unlike OCD sufferers, they don’t constantly worry about it whenever they are out.

35 They think that eating more healthy food can cause health problems

For example my relatives are Asian and they always assume that eating more fruits is bad for your health and that you can get diabetes from the sugar in it

36 They constantly clean the house

My parents clean the house nearly every day and they ALWAYS do it right before my cousins or any kids come over

37 They always want to know about your friends

For example if you’re Asian and you tell your parents that you have a friend they’ll ask you if they’re Asian or not

38 They always ask about your school life

After the first few days of school my parents will ask me stuff about my classes, like if the teacher is male or female, young or old, how many students are in the class, number of kids of each race/gender, if there are any Asians in the class, etc...

39 They say too much of something is bad for you

My parents say that too much phone and computer and iPad makes you blind, too mich earbud/headphone usage makes you deaf, too much snacks makes you fat, too much sound makes you go insane, too much sugar gives you diabetes, too much fried food (even air fried) gives you high cholesterol, etc...

40 They don’t let you have a social life

Once in college 1 of my classmates invited the whole class to hang out over the weekend with her. I told my mom and asked for permission to go. My mom said no :(

41 They confine you at home all summer long because they are afraid that you'll get sunburned

My mom did this in 2016. It was torture!

42 They think that you are too stupid to know basic safety rules and constantly remind you about them

For example my aunt, mom, sister and I were crossing Las Vegas Blvd and my aunt insisted that I hold hands with her even though I'm capable of crossing safely WITHOUT holding hands.

Also another time I was stopping before crossing a tiny street and my great-aunt still told me to look both ways before crossing EVEN THOUGH SHE SAW ME LOOKING BEFORE CROSSING.


43 They don't let you do things that are 100% safe

For example at Universal Hollywood we took the studio tour and the tram goes on a track whenever we were in water. The guide that was on the tram said that it was OK to touch the water, so I stuck my hand out and touched the water and my mom and aunt were like "don't touch the water"

44 They ask how smart people are and if they are not in honors math or PI I shouldn't hang out with them.
45 They check to see if they are in an honors class and if they're not they're considered dumb and they'll be a bad influence.
46 They set limits even though you are an adult

At the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz CA they have a house with a ladder on the wall for visitors to climb. I first visited it as a 5 yr old and I was too young to be allowed to climb up the ladder. I returned last year as a 25 yr old and my mom now allows me to climb the ladder now that I’m older. She will only allow me to climb about halfway up, though.

47 They don't allow you to go on school trips

Especially overnight trips.

In high school my chorus class was planning a trip to NYC and I asked my parents if I could go. It was an all day trip and we would leave at like 6 AM and return home by like 8 PM. We live only 2 hrs from NYC. My parents wouldn't let me go because they think that it's not safe despite the fact that students will all be carefully supervised the entire trip.

48 They force you to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week

My parents are Asian and they insist that I read and review school books during summer vacation, school breaks and weekends and that anything that’s not academic related is considered “a waste of time”

49 They force you to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

My parents are Asian and they insist that I read and review school books during summer vacation, school breaks and weekends and that anything that’s not academic related is considered “a waste of time”

50 You can't go on rides alone

Every time we go to an amusement park and I want to ride thrill rides such as drop towers, roller coasters, etc my mom won't let me go to the single riders line. I have to be accompanied by someone else at all times.

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