Worst Things About Gummy Bottle Videos

I`m quite sure everyone has seen this rubbish trend of gummy bottle videos on YT, here's the worst things about them.

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1 They do not even look like gummy bottles

I didn't even know this was a trend. - wrests

You mean the gelatin that disguised as a soft-drinks? I don't know it's a trend now I just think they are not that popular (I don't even know what it's called) I guess I'm living inder the rocl - RoseCandyMusic

I think gelatin bottle is more accurcate afterall it is what is used to make it. But even they it don't even look like something that has gum on it.

2 All of the videos are the same

You can't distinquish one video from the rest because their all nearly identical.

3 The voices are annoying

Dear god their annoying even more annoying than Surprise Egg videos.

4 They're too predictable

You can tell what they're going to say and do without even watching the full video.

5 It gets views from misleading people

Which annoys the ever living hell out of me!

6 It's not original at all

There's nothing original about these kinds of videos.

7 All of the gummy bottles are made with the same thing

Their always made with gelatin and water along with any bottle they want, no originality at all.

8 The titles are misleading

Honestly their more misleading than Surprise Egg videos.

9 They all sound the same

Typical Gummy Bottle video introduction: "Hi, it's *insert kidusername* here and today, we're going to do something crazy we're going to make a cancer gummy bottle! " Even Idubbz parodied this trash.

10 The thumbnails are just absurd

Not as absurb as those bad superhero elsa videos but pretty absurb.

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