Worst Things About the Gym

The Top Ten

The machine you want to go on is never free

Exactly! I hate exercising, unless it's randomly dancing or doing tap and ballet. - funnyuser

Everyone else is already fit
Everyone staring at you
Bad music

The gym I went to before it changed location always played chart music, how on earth is that supposed to pump you up? That's why I always stuck in my earphones and listened to heavy metal - wolphert

Falling off the treadmill

Happened to my dad.. not gonna lie it was pretty funny. - wolphert

Not knowing how to use the machines
Looking dumb when you excercise
People who don't wipe their sweat off machines
No space to stretch

The Contenders

The gym teacher is a jerk
Taking a Fitness test
Naked people in the locker room
Air conditioning is switched off
The smell of sweat
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