Worst Things About Handy Manny

I hate Handy Manny because it's the weirdest thing ever.

The Top Ten

1 The tools grow

Twice the tools have mentioned themselves growing an inch or two. Creepy!

2 How the heck do the tools even have babies?

I mean in one episode they showed Pat's family and then there was a family of crescent wrenches. How the heck did Pat's mom give birth to Pat and his baby sister? How was Junior even born?

3 Dusty fainting due to being a fangirl

Dusty fangasms over Danny Starr. And she passed out three times. Their too young to know that's fainting.

4 Fluffy the Cat

She doesn't seem to fit in the show to begin with.

5 The tools acting over aged

I mean Dusty's supposed to be 15 and she doesn't even know a whale is mammal. What is up with her voice? Too high pitched. And Flicker acts like a baby (I mean he screams when hears loud noises and seems to have the mind of an infant). Stretch is too mature for his age. The only tools who seem to act their age is Lily, Lefty, and Junior.

Sorry I meant "under aged"

6 Abuelito's marriage with Mrs. Portillo

My aunt got married last year and she was 42 and my uncle way 45 so there's nothing wrong with that but please don't hate me

Come on! He's an old guy marrying an old woman. They should be showing kids young people getting married.

7 Manny never changes his clothes

Well... SpongeBob mostly wears his clothes all the time, so does Mickey mouse... - DapperPickle

I mean he never puts on a nice tux for a dance. And even as a kid he wears the same clothes.

8 Manny lives at his repair shop

He doesn't even have a house. It's implied he lives there.

9 The tools can catch viruses from humans

If you watched the episode where Manny gets sick. Guess who caught his cold in the end? Dusty. She's a saw anyways it's physically impossible for a species to catch a virus from a different species.

10 Dusty has no eyelashes

I mean she's a female tool with tool with no eyelashes. The only time she had eyelashes is if she dresses as a ballerina or wore bow on her handle that's all. Weird!

The Contenders

11 Kelly gets no pay from Manny

She never gets paid like how is she still in business. What since manny is her boyfriend doesn't mean everyone else has to pay exept manny. Dude kelly could lose business like that doesn't she know that she could lose business if she doesn't get paid. She will have no job and then where is manny getting his tools now that Kelly is out of business.

T R U E, I've mentioned this many times to many people and they didn't even care, but this is s e r I o u s

12 It Ripped off Bob The Builder
13 Mr. Lopart never needs help
14 Pat is an annoying version of Spongebob
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