Top Ten Worst Things About Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Amongst all the Harry Potter novels/movies, this is my least favorite, and here is why.

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1 Dolores Umbridge

There is NOTHING good about this gal. She defeats the whole purpose of the magic school, attempts the Cruciatius Curse on Harry, wants to get rid of magical creatures, and leads attacks on other teachers, all while pretending she's in there for a good cause.

She is just so shockingly evil, I wish Rowling had written her a little more complexly.

She makes the book very interesting and is my favorite character.

She's a poopy little git. Hogwarts wouldn't be in trouble if she replaced Dumbledore.

2 Sirius Black's death

The closest living family member to Harry had died close to the end of the novel. And by his own sister too.

Sirius dying and Beallitrix having the gall to gloat about it to Harry and tease him into chasing her she's emotionally hurting him Sirius was the closet thing Harry had for a father and they were going to live together but Beallitrix just had to mess everything up by killing him Snape didn't even want to kill Dumbledore he did it because he had no choice but Beallitrix killed Sirius no one told forced her to and she felt no remorse for doing so I think Sirius should have survived

This should be number one! This was the absolute worst part. And his cousin killed him! HIS PSYCHO COUSIN!


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3 The ignorance about Voldemort's return

I HATED Umbridge and Sirius' death was unnecessary and very sad, but the worst and most annoying thing was how everyone was reacting to Voldemort's return. Even Seamus was being horrible. Ugh, it was so awful. Felt so bad for Harry.

Cornelius Fudge, along with other people (especially Umbridge), flat out refuse to believe his return.

That's what makes this book really interesting.

welp, the ministry was the wizarding equivalent of china today

4 Harry getting expelled from Hogwarts

He didn't get expelled for Hogwarts. He almost did, but he didn't.

All because he tried to save Dudley from the dementors.

It wasn't even his fault the dementors came and tried to attack Harry and Dudley what was the ministry expecting Harry to do

stupid ministry messing up things like usual

5 Dumbledore is forced to leave

Due to the tip-off about Dumbledore's Army, he takes responsibility and leaves. This only leads to Umbridge being the Headmistress of Hogwarts.

6 Harry having to live with the Dursleys for one last summer

It wouldn't make sense that this magic-hating family would have Harry with them still, even if Harry had saved Dudley.

7 Harry's visions

Harry has visions of attacks on Arthur Weasley and Sirius Black. It was stated that Voldemort had influence on these visions.

Without those visions, Arthur (Mr. Weasley) would surely perish.

One of the most disturbing parts of the story

8 The Prophecy

This wasn't really explained until the end of the novel. I guess that makes it more mysterious, but the fact that what they were searching for ended up being destroyed in the battle almost made it lost.

9 Voldemort possessing Harry to attempt to get Dumbledore to kill him

LOL this part drove me crazy - GryffindorQueen

10 Hagrid being driven away from the school

Hagrid didn't have a whole lot to do in this novel. He of course helped the heroes, but again, Umbridge wanted him away from the school.

The Contenders

11 Harry losing his temper

Voldemort returning, puberty.

12 Dolores Umbridge making Harry carve "I Must Not Tell Lies" into his arm

I know that she was listed as #1 on this list, but, it was specifically this act of cruelty that was the worst thing about her.

13 Sirius wouldn't have died if Harry had used the mirror

No Harry was not stupid.
Sirius could've asked Harry why he was not using his mirror when they were talking when he had just seen Snape's Worst Memory. Sirius could've just mentioned it or even sent an owl.

YES. Harry is almost as observant as a brick wall.

Yes,Harry was quite stupid in not using the mirror,although I am not sure if he found the mirror before or after Sirius died.

14 Inquisitorial Squad

I hate this stupid group to the guts - GryffindorQueen

15 Marietta Edgecombe

Ron Weasley's father also worked in the Ministry and he hasn't got sneak written on his face and he was attacked by Voldemort's snake.
They knew very well to make sure that Umbridge didn't know about Dumbledore's Army, they could've been expelled. So Hermione didn't need to tell them about the list.

This girl has serious problems. I mean who would give your friend away (Cho) along with so many people? - GryffindorQueen

16 Snape's worst memory

Thanks a lot making the fandom dumb they demonise James, Sirius and Remus.
While Snape who was Neville's boggart is suddenly greater than the three...whatever.

17 Tonks is introduced
18 Umbridge was going to Crucio Harry

I'll eat a book if if this teacher isn't the most annoying thing in the world - GryffindorQueen

19 Too mean spirited
20 Sirius not asking Harry about the Mirror when he visited him and Remus in the Floo after Harry saw Snape's worst memory.
21 Harry's angstiness

Oh yeah a 15 year old. Also the Ministry not believing that Voldemort is back and others, Umbridge, scars with "I Must Not Tell Lies", life long ban from his favourite game.
Yelling at Ron and Hermione well he was stuck in the Dursley's all summer, the letters with little information he got from them when he was stuck at the Dursley's and he thought they were having fun at the Burrow he didn't even know what the Order of the Phoenix was and it had to be secretive and the fact that he is a teenager. Not that little 11 year old now.
Earlier books Voldemort was just on the back of Quirrells head and just a Horcrux the book after, in the third no Voldemort and the fourth back at the end.
Harry and Cho? first kiss wasn't the best he didn't really like it, the date well it was a year after he saw Cedric's death and it was just his first crush.

I think what made the book less enjoyable for me was all of Harry's angstiness. He yells at Ron and Hermione in the first couple chapters, loses his temper even more throughout, and complains about Dumbledore ignoring him. Add to that all the drama between him and Cho and him being kicked off the Quidditch team. Not fun times, guys, not fun times...

This is already on the list

22 Percy Weasley's letter

A long and annoying letter eh?

Percy's letter is rubbish - GryffindorQueen

23 Educational decrees
24 Draco and Pansy as Slytherin prefects
25 Percy Weasley disowning his family
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