Top Ten Worst Things About Having Aspergers Syndrome

I already made a list of Best Things About Aspergers Syndrome, so I decided to make a list of worst things.

The entries on this list are both based on facts and personal experiences.

I have Aspergers Syndrome myself, and I'm not trying to insult other people.

The Top Ten

1 You often take things very literally

I don't have Aspergers, (I'm just on the high end of the Autistic Spectrum) but almost all these really pop for me.

This is a reason why it's so easy for me to get influenced: I take a lot of things that people say, even jokes, literally.
This can lead to some unpleasant situations.

2 You have trouble expressing your emotions
3 You have trouble estimating someone elses emotions

This is frustrating for me at times.

4 You have sensory hypersensitivity

Baby talk makes my ears wanna bleed!

Loud music, little kid squeals, balloon popping, fireworks all suck. Also one time in a resturant I could smell gross cleaning chemicals and nobody else could. - Lunala

This means that you have very sensitive senses, which has positive, but also negative effects.
Like if there's a kind of food that really stinks in my opinion, I can smell it better and from a longer distance, and I can be sensitive to loud noises at times.

5 You have trouble communicating when meeting new people

I'm super shy - Lunala

In my previous list, I said that people with aspergers syndrome are very talkative.
But not when they meet new people.
I don't really like becoming acquaianted, so when a person who is unknown to me comes over at my house, it takes a long time before I eventually interact with that person.

6 You have difficulty figuring out what other people think

This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

7 You have difficulty staying in a friendship

I'm always afraid that when I do something wrong, that it can result in the ending of a friendship.

I'm misunderstood. Some people think I'm a bad friend because I prefer alone time and stuff - Lunala

8 You have trouble dealing with unexpected changes

When I was younger, and something changed in a routine, it leaded to some pretty frustrating situations.

Like when the teachers say we get to watch a movie but we end up not beif able to I meltdown. I try and control it but sometimes I Can't help it. - Lunala

9 Some individuals talk a lot against themselves
10 Some individuals act pedantic

The Contenders

11 You have trouble seeing the difference between reality and fantasy

Untrue in some individuals. I'm autistic and knowing this difference is easy.

Not a problem for me - Lunala

12 Your motor skills are less developed

This isn't that big of an issue, but it is a bit unpleasant at times.
I don't have this a lot anymore, but I still have a bad handwriting.

13 Anxiety
14 Social Issues
15 Trouble with speech

Very, I say the wrong thing and then later find out I have unsalted that person or made them feel uncomfortable for whatever reason I said what I said. This all comes down to having Aspergers Syndrome and how I talk to people,...

16 Meltdowns
17 You are more likely to have sleeping problems

Only sleeping problem is that I move around in my sleep (not sleep walk, just rolling around and stuff) and fall off the bed sometimes. Thankfully never happens in top bunks. - Lunala

Not all individuals have this, but I have this.
I often wake up too early and I have trouble returning to sleep sometimes.

18 Tics
19 Time management issues

This is a struggle of mine

20 Being pressured to conform

This can be especially tough for individuals who are not fond of mainstream music, entertainment and other Neurotypical things.

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