Top Ten Worst Things About Having Autism

I am slightly autistic(Not using it as an insult), and I hate it, look down to see why.

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1 You don't get friends

I am usually able to get a few acquaintances, but it usually never goes well enough. I was actually invited to a high school party twice last September. However, after several incidents took place, I was forced to leave the group I'd been hanging out with for a year. Now, I feel as if I'm restricted from talking to random people, or I'd think that I'm too immature for them. - ethanmeinster

During free time, while everyone else is talking to their friends, I just have to sit there bored to death. I tried making friends one time but got made fun of for being short.

Are you serious? One of my best friends since school is autistic. Everyone loves her! She has many, genuine friends. - Britgirl

I have a very few real life friends. - Unharmless

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2 You are oversensitive

I know many people with Autism who are oversensitive, but I try not to be. Words do hurt, but they don't kill on impact. - Turkeyasylum

Honestly, I had ASD throughout most of my life, it was not good to feel oversensitive, but unfortunately I may have to live through this even though I'm on medication.

I'm always made fun of for this guess what I say to rhat middle finger up - Ihateschool

3 You are shy

I'm the type of person who's shy when I feel like it, talkitive when I feel like it, serious when I feel like it, et cetera. It makes for some interesting stories. - Turkeyasylum

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4 You act like a crybaby

We, as autistic people are much more sensitive, both emotionally and physically. Something that may be a slight annoyance or inconvenience for an NT can make an autistic person break down.

I got beat up at a psychiatry ward for this reason once - Ihateschool

Not all of us. This needs to be taken off immediately.

Apparently whoever made this list is neurotypical, because us autistic people do NOT act like crybabies. - RockFashionista

5 You force people to be your friend

Actually, I try to avoid making friends. It's too much work. Besides, I hate everyone in my school. Because they're all idiots and they're all plotting to murder me in my sleep. - RockFashionista

Well if you met me I wouldn't murder and I know how you feel. It sucks doesn't it. In your opinion don't you think that's it's worse than getting a Math test? - AlphaQ

I feel like my friends and family secretly talk trash about my problems behind my back - Ihateschool

6 You think differently

I think like a genius. Autistic thinking is way better than normal people thinking. You just wouldn't know 'cause you don't have autism. - RockFashionista

7 You'll never fit in

Who ever said fitting in was the right thing to do? If everyone fit in, we would live a life of blandness and repetition.
There isn't a such thing as "fitting in". Nobody blends in, we all have something about us that makes us stand out. - Turkeyasylum

You don't have to fit in! Be yourself, it's way better, and more fun. - Donut

I don't want to fit in because then I'll be stupid, idiotic, dumb, and ignorant like the rest of this stupid world. - RockFashionista

Shut up, negative pessimists ou there that say you'll never fit in. You'll always find a way. Believe me, even if you have autism. I know from personal experiences. Pleas don't give up hope

8 People think you are weird

The only struggle I really face with Autism is the discrimination given from some people to me just because of my label. In reality, we're no different from everyone else, we're capable of the same things as non-Autistics. - Turkeyasylum

I believe (not tryin to be mean) that everyone is weird in their own special way

Just because you were laughing at something that wasn't funny.

9 You can't communicate

You can communicate even if you are nonverbal, I promise. I heard of this method called RPM and it works my autistic friend used it. It took a while but now she can spell to me and I can finally understand her!

The last time I talked in school was in 6th grade, I'm in 9th now and I'm still not talking. - PrincessKiana

10 You never do things right

I do things right all the time, like, ahem, being awesome. - RockFashionista

Most autistic people are dumb. - Unharmless

Me: Great job on the test older brother!
Older Brother: Shut up you didn't even take it dummy!

From what I've learned, never say anything to anyone.

Not all autistic people do things right. Some have higher iq than low fuctioning autistic people - Unharmless

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11 You say and do things you wish you had never done or done differently
12 You feel like everything is your fault
13 You have unhealthy obsessions V 1 Comment
14 You wish you were never born

That's true. I wish I could just rob a gun and shoot myself in the head and get reborn without having autism - Unharmless

I feel that sometimes :'( - Getovait

15 You never stop talking

I have autism and I never ever stop talking its come to the point that ill black out. no one ever see me black out though I am always alone in the corner.

16 There's a high unemployment/underemployment rate for people with autism
17 People make fun of you

This is why I don't like to tell people that I'm autistic, but I'm pretty sure everyone already knows. One person even told the whole class. When I was at public school, everyone liked to tease me all the time, because they all thought it was funny. Even worse was that since I was the only person out of like 140 students that had Autism, I was the only one that actually got made fun of.

18 People compare you to Chris-Chan

I do not want to be compared to that abomination. It's even worse when people who hate autism think that you (if you're a female with autism) and Chris-Chan should be a couple which is not right at all.

19 You're 28 times more likely to commit suicide

so true - Unharmless

20 Other kids hate you
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