Top Ten Worst Things About Having Autism

I am slightly autistic(Not using it as an insult), and I hate it, look down to see why.

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1 You don't get friends

I often sat alone during lunch in school. - giddyjoker

I have friends actually. - Userguy44

First of all that's not true. I have a lot of people who really good friends at school. And I have a super close bestfriend. And none of them are autistic.

I have friends, so...

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2 You are oversensitive

I admit that I can be, especially about different opinions. I have also heard that diabetics can get very irritable (similar feeling) at times, so I am probably oversensitive for at least two reasons right there. - giddyjoker

I fully agree with this. Even I can be like this and I need to learn things. - Userguy44

I know many people with Autism who are oversensitive, but I try not to be. Words do hurt, but they don't kill on impact. - Turkeyasylum

Applies to me. - Extractinator04

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3 You act like a crybaby

Not crybaby emotional also I spelled emotional auto correct to pregnant

That's kind of true. I'm autistic and whenever my parents yell at me loudly/harshly for no reason I tend to cry.

Not me. I have the disorder and I almost never break down.

We just need to deal with emotions. - Userguy44

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4 You are shy

So, I've got this math teacher at my high school who I was really shy to talk to (and I still kinda am, but I'm trying to get that under control). Whenever I'd want to talk with him, my legs get all jittery, my palms get shaky/sweaty, and I get that butterfly feeling in my stomach, like I might throw-up or something.

Usually, after I talk to him, I feel a bit better. - Stazemar000

I'm actually shy. Someone said to me that it it's actually cute and innocent. - Userguy44

I'm not shy. I just have trouble in social situations. (which is very common in autistic people)

I never have the balls to talk to anyone. - Extractinator04

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5 You force people to be your friend

That's not true! The only autistic person who does that at my school is Charles!

Actually, I try to avoid making friends. It's too much work. Besides, I hate everyone in my school. Because they're all idiots and they're all plotting to murder me in my sleep. - RockFashionista

Well if you met me I wouldn't murder and I know how you feel. It sucks doesn't it. In your opinion don't you think that's it's worse than getting a Math test? - AlphaQ

I tend to avoid most people I don't know. Only those I can trust could be considered friends. - Lunala

I feel like my friends and family secretly talk trash about my problems behind my back - Ihateschool

6 You think differently

I often feel like I have unpopular and different opinions, but in other ways I find it honorable. - giddyjoker

I do and I wonder if it’s always in a good way. - Userguy44

My family is Asian and whenever we get group pics taken with toddlers or babies the grownups make all sorts of weird and annoying noises to get the kid to pose for the camera. I know they’re not speaking it towards me or the older kids or the older adults but I have always thought that they were making the noises to try to get EVERYONE to pose for pictures, regardless of their age

I think like a genius. Autistic thinking is way better than normal people thinking. You just wouldn't know 'cause you don't have autism. - RockFashionista

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7 You'll never fit in

Who ever said fitting in was the right thing to do? If everyone fit in, we would live a life of blandness and repetition.
There isn't a such thing as "fitting in". Nobody blends in, we all have something about us that makes us stand out. - Turkeyasylum

I will never be able to, no. I probably should shoot myself by now. - Extractinator04

Whoa, whoa. Calm down, old me. Will I ever fit in? No. Kill myself? NO. Remember, you'll probably have a better time fitting in than me, even if you're also autistic. - Extractinator04

You don't have to fit in! Be yourself, it's way better, and more fun. - Donut

I don't want to fit in because then I'll be stupid, idiotic, dumb, and ignorant like the rest of this stupid world. - RockFashionista

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8 People think you are weird

People actually thought that I'm a weirdo. - Userguy44

I am autistic and I do random and weird stuff like ride fake horses and I'm proud of it!

The only struggle I really face with Autism is the discrimination given from some people to me just because of my label. In reality, we're no different from everyone else, we're capable of the same things as non-Autistics. - Turkeyasylum

Whenever I make a joke I think is funny or something all anyone does is tell me to kill myself. - Extractinator04

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9 You can't communicate

I have autism, which can be high-functioning. When I try to express my feelings towards something, I can't say anything sometimes. I don't know what to say. - galaxyfox

Very relatable. - Userguy44

I hate this side effect. Even when I plan out everything I’m going to say and repeat it 20x in my head, I will either only get halfway through (before forgetting) or say something completely different.

You can communicate even if you are nonverbal, I promise. I heard of this method called RPM and it works my autistic friend used it. It took a while but now she can spell to me and I can finally understand her!

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10 You never do things right

I'm autistic and my parents CONSTANTLY say this about me and IT IS NOT TRUE!

Whoever put this in is either low self esteemed or out of their mind

Sometimes I felt like this and I still do, although when I can actually can do things right. - Userguy44

I'm smart, but I do make dumb choices sometimes. Plus, I'm not a know-it-all, so I don't see why most people criticize me so much - Stazemar000

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11 You feel like everything is your fault

No MY MOM thinks that everything is my fault

It can be annoying to us sometimes, but my goodness, this kid like me in my school literally thinks everything is his fault. Every mistake anyone makes he literally blames it on himself. Even when I tried to say it was mine he disagrees with me! Always thinks the negative stuff, and I literally think he is somewhat someday going to kill himself for nothing.

This is one of the biggest things of my autism. I hate it. - Userguy44

I have autism and I always think everything is my fault. - Stazemar000

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12 Getting irritated at minor problems

Geez some teens just never grow up

I have been told that I blow things out of proportion at times. - giddyjoker

True - Stazemar000

13 You wish you were never born

Fortunately I never planned to commit suicide. - Userguy44

My family would be better off if I were never born. I'm nothing but an inconvenience.

I thought this sometimes in my youth. - Userguy44

To the person who added this to the list:

How about tying a rope around your neck you failed abortion.

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14 You say and do things you wish you had never done or done differently

I can often feel like this after a rant. - giddyjoker

Yep. I never think before I act sometimes.

Yep - Lunala

True, I always think back about what I say, I do after I do them sometimes I am proud sometimes not ^^

15 You're 28 times more likely to commit suicide

Feeling super super suicidal

I'm autistic and I think suicide is awful

As for me, I am happy to live. I get to do things. And there are plenty of projects that I would love to do and accomplish. - giddyjoker

Feeling Supa supa supa suicidal

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16 You like YouTube poops

Hmm... what few I've seen, I wasn't into them. - giddyjoker

I demand you report this list item, this is plain offensive

My brother and I have watched Toy Story and Incredibles ones. - Trollsfan536

No. - Userguy44

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17 You have trouble in social situations

Definitely applies with me. I often felt uncomfortable around a lot of people, and at parties. But then again, I always preferred solitude. - giddyjoker

I’m autistic. Last year I went to a wedding in San Francisco. My relatives and cousins were all talking a lot to each other’sduring the tea ceremony. I had trouble saying hi to everyone because either I don’t know how to approach them while they were talking to others since I’m not in the right age range among them or everyone seems to not acknowledge my existence :(

18 You are forced to take special ed

Yes I hate special ed. Not only do I have to take it I also have a one on one aide. Like I hate myself because of it. It makes me feel completely different. And I'm literally the perfect child. And sometimes I feel like the expectations for me are a lot higher then the boys' because I'm a girl. There are kids who have mental breakdowns and some are super impulsive. Some never get there homework done. My grades are average but I have perfect reports and I'm literally everything I can. Like I've already brought this up and nobody cares. I don't get bullied or anything but I get so many judgemental looks. And literally half the schools knows I'm autistic because of her. Whenever she's there I just wish a black hole would swallow me and I could disappear forever.

I have since Kindergarten

I did in seventh grade. - giddyjoker

I'm autistic and I have to go to a special ed middle school inside a nationwide middle school an hour away from my house and part of being in the program is you can't even go to the bathroom alone. LAME. - Trollsfan536

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19 People make fun of you

Yup. Happened in school a lot. - giddyjoker

Yup. - Userguy44

This is why I don't like to tell people that I'm autistic, but I'm pretty sure everyone already knows. One person even told the whole class. When I was at public school, everyone liked to tease me all the time, because they all thought it was funny. Even worse was that since I was the only person out of like 140 students that had Autism, I was the only one that actually got made fun of.

I have been bullied but not for being autistic because people NEVER notice it. But I got bullied for being short once by this rude tall girl once - Lunala

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20 You have unhealthy obsessions

I have to admit that some of my obsessions can be considered weird. But I've heard of some that have even weirder obsessions. - giddyjoker

I'm obsessed with baby paraphernalia, and I'm not even an adult baby or have any weird fetish of any kind! It's hard getting images of diapers and baby bottles out of my mind...

Sometimes, I eat the entire bag of parmesan Goldfish. - Trollsfan536

I can't mention them all. I have to many of them. - Userguy44

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21 There's a high unemployment/underemployment rate for people with autism

I think that this is true. I have never had much of a steady job for years, and never had a full-time job in my life. And I don't care to go through interviews, either. - giddyjoker


Please tell me this is false. - SpectralOwl

Turning 15 soon I want a job and I am nearly legally old enough I try to tell my mum I might want a job and she says "Oh you hve autism so you'll have to wait because you're different". -.- I just wanna make some money so I can buy my own chocolate and snacks and cool stuff - Lunala

22 You never stop talking

I am like this when I am in a giddy and very happy mood. I find myself to be more silent when I am more low key. - giddyjoker

so true

Ironic because I am always considered the "shy smart girl". But some autistics do talk a lot. Others don't - Lunala

I used to never stop talking. Now I never talk at all. - Extractinator04

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23 People with autism don't realize how amazing they are

I'm a 16-year old girl with autism. It's pretty mild, so most people in my family don't say anything about it. I've had suicidal thoughts a few times before, much to my mom and dad's shock. I've had a habit of lying for no reason, and I say things that I wished I would've said differently. I tend to get irritated at small things as well. I forget things all the time, so one of my parents end up getting mad at me, even though most of the time, I don't do it on-purpose. Life is still not fair, especially for kids with autism. My mood still gets ruined - Stazemar000

Bill Gates, Dan Akyrod, and Albert Enstien have autism. - Trollsfan536

Autistic people aren't amazing just because of Autism itself (but Autism does make people awesome), but they as a whole are cool because they already know how to stand out. They shouldn't suppress themselves because society tells them, instead, they should be free to be themselves. If they decide to be themselves, then this world would be a better place.

24 It's not easy to get comforted
25 You are more likely to get sleeping problems

I have trouble falling asleep after getting a lecture

26 No one seems to understand

Yes I'm autistic and no one understands becuase it's so mild they treat me like I'm normal

27 Therapy sessions

I had to go to therapy for years. - Trollsfan536

So much time wasted because of those

28 If you have a meltdown as a child, people will tell your parents you're spoiled

Yes that happened to me a lot and people are so ignorant

29 Your motor skills are delayed
30 Your parents have to explain your autism to everyone

I do. - Trollsfan536

And they get embarrassed by it

31 People call you a spastic/retard

Wow. Pretty harsh - Stazemar000

People call you horrible names as in the title ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

32 You still get disciplined by your parents, even though you have a developmental disability and it takes a while to learn how to control your actions

I get Brain farts whenever I learn math

That is so true - Stazemar000

33 You feel like you don’t belong

I can often feel like this. Maybe that's why I always preferred solitude. - giddyjoker

You know how Hercules feels like an outcast since he's different in the Disney movie? So do I. (I'm the only autistic person in the family). I'm still trying to find my sense of belonging in not only the family, but society as well.

34 You always get picked last on a team in gym

I'm sure a lot of autistic people can identify with this. Funny it wasn't on the list before. - giddyjoker

I'm autistic and I get picked last at EVERYTHING, not just gym...

35 People compare you to Chris-Chan

Who is Chris-Chan? Wait a minute! I know! Chris-Chan! There! I answered my own question! X-p - giddyjoker

I do not want to be compared to that abomination. It's even worse when people who hate autism think that you (if you're a female with autism) and Chris-Chan should be a couple which is not right at all.

That hellspawn is pure awful. That evil gremlin is a disgrace to autistic people. - Lunala

36 Other kids hate you

They are neutral with the other autistic kids but not me. - Extractinator04

37 Meltdowns might make you come across as spoiled
38 Tics
39 You are immature
40 You can't take criticism
41 You are violent

I tend to get aggressive for no real reason. - Extractinator04

42 Your parents get embarrassed whenever you get mad

Everyone has anger. It’s normal. Parents just don’t understand that autistic kids have trouble controlling it.

43 You become a victim of bullying

That's kind of true - Stazemar000

44 People tie you up

My childhood dentist did this to me. I have a mild dental phobia because of my experiences :(

45 Taking ADHD medication

Autism is different from ADHD. - Extractinator04

They sometimes don’t work and they give you side effects and make you act weird.

Autism is different then this. As autistic you are smart and have trouble in certain stuff, while adhd you get mad over dumb reasons and think it’s the end of the world.

46 You like things little kids like
47 Special ed teachers treat you like an idiot

I'm mature enough to go to the bathroom alone, but you're forced to go with a teacher. To make matters stupider, I'm MIDDLE school, not preschool, kindergarten, or elementary. - Trollsfan536

My high school special ed teacher thinks that we are dumber than 1st graders and forced us to do kindergarten worksheets.

48 It's not easy to have fun when you're in a bad mood
49 You only get to hang out and date people who’re a lot like you.

I actually never dated anyone in my life. One handwriting analysis says I go more for platonic love. - giddyjoker

50 Father saying rat poison is the cause for your condition

The worst thing that my father did was ignore or somewhat reject me. I have always been closer to my mother. She seems more understandable about my condition. - giddyjoker

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