Top Ten Worst Things About Having a Beard

Wow, this list is random. I feel a little funny making a list of this type but, being an adult male, I recognize the ups and downs of having facial hair. Believe me, there are more downs than ups. May this list be my testimony of how uncomfortable it is to have a beard.

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1 Itchiness

Oh yeah. Gotta' hate that itchy phase. - BKAllmighty

2 Uneven Growth

For younger adult males, sometimes it takes longer for certain patches to grow out evenly. - BKAllmighty

3 Skin Irritation

For people like me, with sensitive skin, this can be a frequent occurrence. - BKAllmighty

4 High Maintenance

The longer the beard, the more it becomes a second head of hair. - BKAllmighty


5 Ugliness

Some people simply don't look good with facial hair. It's the truth. - BKAllmighty

6 Uneven Color

If you're blonde, you know what I'm taking about. - BKAllmighty

7 Food Gets Caught In It

Don't eat sloppy joes with a big beard and expect to not have this happen. - BKAllmighty

The main thing putting me off it. I'm keeping the moustache, though. - PositronWildhawk

I like it. Nothing like pulling out a beard snack late at night.

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8 It Turns Grey First

Too often do men with still-youthful hair color start to get grey in their beard. Happens to the best of us. - BKAllmighty

9 Knotted Hair

Ever get a comb stuck in your beard? Not fun. Ever. - BKAllmighty

10 It Would Tickle People When You Kiss Them

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11 Zippers

Do I even need to explain this one? - BKAllmighty

12 It Would Get Hot
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1. It Would Tickle People When You Kiss Them
2. Itchiness
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1. Itchiness
2. Uneven Growth
3. Skin Irritation



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