Top Ten Worst Things About Having a Tonsilectomy


The Top Ten

1 The choking feeling

Ugh, constantly I feel like I'm going to choke on my swollen uvula. I choke on water, though. It's just as bad. - Wolftail

2 The pain

My mum says I'm not allowed to have painkillers, so I just slap myself and scream at myself to deal with it. - Wolftail

No painkillers?! Ouch. Hope things clear for you soon. - PetSounds

3 The panic attacks

Before my operation I had a panic attack. My vision filled with rainbow dots and I felt nauseous, with high blood pressure and heart rate. I vomited and had to be calmed down. The squeezing cuff on my arm gripped me so tightly to take my blood pressure. It didn't help at all! - Wolftail

4 Hard to eat

Whenever I eat I feel like my throat is clogging up and it chokes me. :( - Wolftail

5 Hard to drink

Every few hours my mum has to give me is drink that stings and burns my throat. I choke every time. - Wolftail

6 No ice cream

"What? " I hear you think. Apparently, Icecream contains lactase that is bad for the healing of the scab. So far I have had no Icecream since waking up in Recovery. - Wolftail

7 Being quarantined in your house

I have two weeks of being quarantined in my house, in case I get an infection from the outside world. No dog, only my mum for company. But at least I can still keep in touch with my best friends online! - Wolftail

8 Being injected

As a blood donor, I'm used to anesthetic and needles, but I still have paranoia from when I had a jab when my infected stomach was being treated. Already in a lot of pain, I had anesthetic placed on my left arm, and they inserted the tip into my right. Then I was in more pain. - PositronWildhawk

Thank StarClan I had numbing cream on my hands when I was injected with the anaesthetic! It didn't hurt at all! But the thought of injections still terrorises me... Just a bit. - Wolftail

9 Having part of your insides ripped out

Actually they are cut out, but I prefer the more gory description. - Wolftail

10 The recovery wasting your whole break off school

This Spring Break I was supposed to go to Atlanta to see my best friend, but now I have to waste it in my own personal quarantine of my house! Waste of two weeks. 😿 - Wolftail

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