The Worst Things About Having a Twin

I'm a twin, and although there are many benefits of having a trin, there are also many things that I don't like about it. These are some things from my personal experiences that I've become irritated about throughout my life so far

The Top Ten

1 You have to share everything

You have to share food, toys, clothes, attension, and basically everything else - SirSheep

2 Everyone asks you if you're identical

Use your eyes for once. Please - SirSheep

Can you even PICTURE SirSheep and I being alike in any way? - Cyri

3 Being told to dress the same every day

Fun fact - Professionals advice against this, as it basically makes individuality mute. - Swellow

I would never do this. - THC13

I always wear shorts for comfort, but it and my crazy hair assist in telling me and SirSheep apart. - Cyri

4 You have to do everything together
5 Getting your names mixed up

Even my friends call my by my brother's name occasionally - SirSheep

But we are nothing alike... - Cyri

6 Everyone thinks that you always get along

I can definitely say that this is not true. It's also why they make you do everything together - SirSheep

7 People think that you can communicate through telekinesis

I'm sorry to say that this has happened to my on multiple occasions. And some weren't even joking - SirSheep

You mean telepathy. Yes, this is true. I can see it in your mind. - Cyri

8 People get you the same exact things

While this can sometimes be convenient, sometimes, especially as we get older, someone may have realize that we are two different people - SirSheep

9 You are expected to spend all of you childhood together

If you are without eachother, even for a second, people ask you what happened, and some people even get mad. Sometimes I need personal space - SirSheep

10 You never get your own birthday party...ever.

This doesn't bother me now, but when I was little, I wanted my own birthday party that celebrated me, just like everyone else. - SirSheep

The Contenders

11 People always associate you with your twin
12 People unable to tell you apart from your twin
13 You aren't treated as an individual
14 Dealing with each other
15 School With Each Other

This would suck

16 Going separate ways later in life
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