Top Ten Worst Things About Having Your Birthday On Christmas


The Top Ten

1 You get combined holiday and birthday gifts

Luckily, my parents don't do that, but there probably are some people whose parents give them combo gifts. (My birthday is two days before Christmas) - SuperMarioGamer

1 of my cousins' birthdays is about 2 weeks before Christmas and he gets gifts on BOTH days...

Yeah right, thank god it's number 1 you get both things birthday and christmas gifts! - Lordvader3500

2 Everyone else gets presents, not just you

And that's a terrible injustice huh? I anything, people should consider it a special honor and privelege to be born on a date considered important and significant by many, be it Christmas or any other day when the birth or life of an extraordinary individual is noted and/or celebrated - Billyv

3 Your birthday is just an afterthought

How do you suppose Jesus feels about this, with the concentration often on Santa, retail sales, lavish luxurious indulgences with no helpful or redeeming purpose, selfish preoccupation with "what do I get?! "... The true concept of Christmas is most often an afterthought in many places, for many people - Billyv

4 Your birthday presents are wrapped in Christmas-themed wrapping paper
5 Your friends can't come over for your birthday because they're spending time with their families
6 People remind you it's not only your birthday

Which is true of everyone's birthday no matter what day it is. Do people actually have to remind you of this by the time you are in your teens? - Billyv

7 Christmas-themed birthday cakes
8 It isn't your special day
9 Your Christmas presents are wrapped in birthday wrapping paper
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