Ten Worst Things About High School

Ten things you hate the most about high school in general.

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1 Homework

try this I missed 3 months of school and I was going to fail my grade so my teacher said finish all your homework and you'll pass you grade and she gave me 211 pages

I would have a perfect grade point average if I never had any homework. I have also noticed an interesting trend: I invariably have A's in classes with little or no homework, while those that give homework daily have much lower grades. - Randomwaffle23

The reason for that could also be that the class that gives more homework is just a harder class overall. Easier classes tend to give less homework, at least at my school they do. - Revrad

I am so happy my dad's against homework so I won't get in trouble if I don't do it - famguyfangirl

I don't wanna be doing ^ hours of homework a NIGHT. My worst mistake was taking all AP classes. I go to school looking like I don't love myself because I was up all night doing homework and didn't get NO sleep. One class I'm doing homework I didn't get do finish the night before then boom I'm a studying for an Exam the after schools over I'm at Disney trying to get my community service hours then I actually find time to eat them I'm doing homework till 3AM only to wake up at 5AM to get ready then be at school by 6:30. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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2 Bitchy popular girls

one day I'm going to "accidentally" spill water on them and watch the 10 pounds of makeup slide off!

I admit that I hate homework, but it's important. You do learn things from it, and it destroys your grade if you don't do it, and it actually is an important responsibility.

Bitchy popular girls, on the other hand, bring my piss to a boil. Technically, I don't get why they are so popular... because everyone seems to hate them.

Thank God I just finished High School... To choose "the worst thing about High School" wasn't really easy. I just hate it! Everything about it. But apparently "Bitchy Popular Girls"is the worst!

The school runs rampant with them. It's nearly an infestation. They must be stopped. - Haumea

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3 Bullies

I'm not kidding, there are two special needs kids at my school that since they know they have special needs, can get away with anything. The two of them are twins as well so they could beat down another kid and take their money and other valuables and then fall to the ground screaming bloody murder, and the kid they bullied gets suspended. They have actually spit, kicked, punched, etc. Other kids and no one does jack. I have a disorders called Tourette's syndrome and OCD, but I would never bully another kid.

The next group of people I have to deal with is the populars. They act like they are kings and queens before the Magna Carta was signed, doing whatever they want when want. There's even this one popular kid at my school who is such a jerk to unpopular kids especially when they are considered different, but when a popular girl is around, he sugar coats it so he can "get some". What's sad is kids like me are put under the "unpopular category because either, were intelligent, ...more

This has made several amazing people in my life so depressed they've considered suicide. I don't see the purpose of hurting people especially when self-esteem is such a fragile thing already. It takes a lot to make me hate something but making the stupid decision to bully earns you a right on that list. For those going through this remember people care about you. Even if it's just the quiet girl who sits next to you in class, someone would miss you immensely if you weren't there any more. So, from a loved ones perspective, suicide is NEVER the answer, and it can get better. Stay happy inter-webers : )

awwww, jeezz, I'm going to be going threw this problem now... ahh great, high school bullies now, like I'm in grade 8, and next year I'll be in high school,, now the high school bullies? , c'mon gimme a break, lolz... well if I pull off suicide next year... I'm srry, LMAO jkk jk jk... damn it, high school bullies... let's see what happens, lol - SmoothCriminal

You're lucky. In England, we have secondary school instead of the separate middle and high school. if you find a bunch of bullies in year 7 ( equivalent to 6th grade), you are stuck with them till year 11 (equivalent to 10th grade)! At least you can change high school easily but for me it will be very hard (p. S my school sucks).

They're weak

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4 Bad teachers

There are plenty of these at my school. They either have completely boring and unoriginal lessons, disrespect students as if they have no rights, or both.

The worst teachers are the ones that just tell you what to do and not how to do it. My whole maths class is confused because of our teacher. Then she turns around and gives us piles of homework.

I feel your pain! This is my math teacher, and I'm only in 6th Grade. She also encourages us to ask questions, but when we do she humiliates us by saying "Um, you should know this" or something. And she CAN'T TEACH! Like, she goes WAY too fast (I understand it is a GEM class, but still! We're 11 and 12)! She'll be going over slopes, 2 minutes later she's done, everyone's confused as hell, and she gives us 4 incredibly difficult worksheets. I HATE MY MATH CLASS! - Absolite

I have plenty of these in my school, teachers beat the students in a very horrible manner, I remember when a girl in my class got 56 slaps for not putting a comma (, ) in computer programming. - Ananya

Wow. I don't even think it's legal for teachers to hurt students anymore. That's harsh. - Absolite

My biology teacher is a great example. He hardly teaches anything, only gives us packets, worksheets and notes to take full of information that we have to teach ourselves because his lessons are useless. He constantly rants at the class and gets angry even if somebody gets an answer wrong when called on. Speaking of getting called on, he pretty much only selects the shy kids and the “bad” kids to speak, so me being the shyest person and having a C in his class for some reason gets me called on a lot. He is so hateful to me for whatever reason, it’s honestly kind of sad. Some teachers are just the worst.

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5 Waking up Monday mornings

Entering the shower with the knowledge that you will soon be subjected with 6 1/2 hours of boredom is like entering the 7th circle of hell. #2 getting dumped. - fireinside96

The first thing that comes to my mind when the
alarm goes off on Monday mornings is "this is like
hell, I just wish I were dead" - MegaToolica

ME:awesome weekend, the schools, uh oh I don't want to go into detail. - Masterofcheeseing

Bloody hell I find waking up any earlier than 10:45 to be toxic and intolerable, and on the off chance I wake up that early I can't get out of bed till at least 11:30, the fact that my school starts at 7:10 means I have to get up at 5:00 and leave at 6:10 in order to get to school by 6:50. The garbage collectors aren't even up yet.

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6 Annoying classmates

Worst with bitchy girls. Those bitchy girls team up with annoying classmates to make fun of poor students. I wanna fight these annoying creatures and give justice to those who are abused by these annoying bullies - ronluna

Die, people. When I was in school, I was getting fed up with some of my classmates. I always think about talking behind their backs so I can enjoy school more. I had fun in the 1st semester, but everything changed when the new semester began. I wasn't picked to answer questions very often, thanks to a nerd who's the female equivalent of Gary Oak. Like she thinks she's better than me. I know more than her anyway, like lemons have more sugar than strawberries, but citric acid makes them taste sour instead. And she says to me everyday:"Smell ya later! ". Plus she gets more liked than me. My mom told me it was because she doesn't want me to be successful. She was right, and I beat her in a spelling bee. Heh heh heh, take that, BITCH.

Lol, I started dying of laughter when I saw it say "Smell ya later". definitely GAry - Absolite

I am fed up with annoying classmates. I am fed up with them because those morons got my class in trouble several times. Some are stupid, some are annoying, and some, you want to show them in their underwear. My classmates in English were just stupid. I wanted donuts, but these dunces ruined this opportunity. I also have to live with stupid people in reading class, as they either made me sit at a different table, annoy me, or make me rage quit. Idiots also make me lose in P.E. activities. I also hated this motherfer who is more lucky than me. She thinks she is better than me, but she is not.

At my school it's worse. I'm in 6th grade, and some of the kids are just perverted. Some kids (actually, a lot) ask for NUDES from their girlfriends. Also, there is this one "popular" girl who likes to take advantage of the fact that she is pretty by shoving her ass in a boy's face. It's awful. - Absolite

I have this exact problem in 1st and 6th period
1st period the kids behind me they won't stop saying fortnite crap
6th period is a literal hell for me I shouldn't rly explain that one - BlueBobYT

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7 Tests/quizzes

The worst is when the teacher calls the names up to the front to recieve the exams, and you can't breathe and your heart is beating because you know you failed it...

It makes me panic that when I get started in a test or quiz I just forget everything I studied.

Yup, when I get my test back, I pass out. - SuperBacca

Just got a 34 on a big social studies test a few weeks ago - BlueBobYT

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8 Access denied websites

One thing that pisses me of about this

-They Block pages that have flash games that are family friendly
-Porn sites are not blocked websites where I am in school districts


Happy Wheels is available... but not Roblox or Minecraft... logic please? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Lord Jesus it's so annoying you go to play one game and BAM BLOCKED PAGE

This idea is so pointless... you can literally just search up " *insert game here* unblocked " and they will give you the same game. I don't get it why they even do this. - Revrad

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9 Too much responsibility and pressure to do well when all you want to do is have fun

It's true... your college career depends on those 4 years. If my higher education was based upon my performance in middle school... I'd be at freggin' M. I. T. lol - suthrnbell0105

You can only be a teenager once, highschool may enrich the experience of being a teen by surrounding you with friends and peers M. But there is an IMMENSE deal of social, academic, and in some cases sexual pressure. When all you want to do is stay home and watch T.V. your forced to go out and feel tons of pressure. When you just want to go to school and talk to other kids the whole "social ladder" stabs you in the back and dictates who you should and talk to. When you just want to go to a school dance without being pressured by the grinding "tradition" you realize unless you want to be shunned and labeled as uncool you can't say no! And when you just want to hang out with your squad you realize you are failing a class and need to study because you just bombed a quiz. GET THE POINT? HIGHSCHOOL IS TOO HIGH PRESSURE! In middle school you feel social stress, in college you feel academic, in highschool you are presented with both! Like seriously? It shouldn't be like this. Highschool ruins ...more

I seriously feel like passing out when I see my grades, because I feel like I will become a homeless person. Why does college look at how much homework I did in 4 years of high school can't they look at test scores and how many extracurriculars I'm taking or something else. Why aren't 14-17 year olds' allowed to enjoy themselves a little free time instead of studying and finishing homework all night.


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10 Teachers, principals, and other school authorities tell students to respect them but they are very abusive

they tell students to behave, keep quiet, but they are busy talking and shouting with each other regarding how to abuse a student. regarding the haircut, they are very strict too but when the security guards is bald and no balds allowed in the school, they should change it - ronluna

That is screwed up. Lucky for me, my school isn't like that and what you said reminds me of a video I saw on You Tube. A 9 year old had a friend with cancer, so she shaved her head to show support. Unfortunately, this got her suspended and I was all like "what? " If I was at that school and had no hair for any reason whatsoever, I would be pissed off if I got suspended for it because that would ruin my record of never getting suspended. - Murvine_Taylor

I remember back when the principal assigned seats in the cafeteria and would punish us for using our Constitutional right of protests and petition.

When my teacher tells my class to be quiet, she SCREAMS. and she tells us that we're being rude when were eavesdropping on her conversations but she eavesdrops on ours. and what I hear them saying about us behind their backs is VERY rude. I really want to print this comment section and shove it in my teachers smug face. Ugh.


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11 Wannabe gangsters

One guys trousers fell down in class

Loll, what is their life even

They're just as bad as true gangsters.

They even pull the gangsta signs like really

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12 You're not in trouble but you did something wrong

I put ketchup under the toilet seat. It was hilarious

What's wrong with that?

Also s/o to the dummies who pooped on the floor in the bathroom, for some reason the whole entirety of the school gets penalized for this

I think its really bad about this...

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13 When people get neglected just because they are different in some way

This does happen to me constantly, even though I'm in good shape, near perfect health, and very smart, but simply because I am shy, serious about school, help out friends when they need me, and don't like "cool" students who purposely make other kids feel bad, I am neglected and treated as an outsider, just because I like to play the good guy.

If those kids think that they can bully others well their wrong. And people that are getting bullied should stick up for their self.

I'm shorter than average and shy but I'm also smart. My grades are excellent. I'm sick of being an outcast just because I am so quiet! And the stupid popular girls think I'm deaf because today two were laughing at me so I turned around and gave them the "I heard that! " stare. - Lunala

It sucks. I am treated as an outsider because I like semi-different music (Green Day, blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, etc.), I’m bisexual and I’m rather shy. I hardly have any friends, apparently only due to slight differences.

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14 Drama

They spread a rumor that I was gay, almost ruined my life till I screamed out in class to a guy "F*** you bitc* step up! " and know people hate me because they think that my EX didn't cheat on me when I found out she made out with another guy and their telling my new girlfriend I'm just using her... Yup life sucks... :'(

Kids commit suicide over drama. Its pretty sad it's kind of like bullying.

I thought I could trust one of my friends with a secret. Next thing I know, half the class is loudly asking me to ask a girl out, when said girl is sitting 3 feet away from me. Needless to say, she said no.

I try to stay away from it but when it's my friend who's being caught in it all hell is released because no one even dares to touch my beautiful potato friend - LaST_LiGHT

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15 Homophobia

People treat you like a gimmick, like you're a different species. No, I won't tell you how I can do that to myself or how I can disappoint my family like that. Because people who say that need to go away and re-evaluate their own lives.

Also, telling me I need jesus in my life isn't going to change my lesbianism, just saying.

Strange that people think the only way to cure homosexuality is worshipping a 30-something almost naked man nailed to a cross and being whipped by other men...

I constantly have to hear from my "smart" classmates how they think any of the nicest guys in class are actually super gay or bisexual. They usually say "he should kill himself" or they tell a girl in the class to date him so he isn't gay anymore.

"oh you support gay rights so you must be gay"
I also support animal rights do I look like a llama to you - LaST_LiGHT

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16 Wannabe rappers

It's a nightmare at an all white school

Hey hey, hey hey haiyyo wassup everybody, stand up stand up. I'm rapping right now and this is very stupid.

It's all the kids who are "popular".

I've seen my share of preppy white boys as wannabe rappers. It's bad. Really bad. - Haumea

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17 The popularity list

The whole concept of popularity needs to be destroyed at schools, because no, you don't go to school to be popular, being prom queen does not get you to a college or impress anyone in the real world so, if you're popular, and you're reading this, at least try to befriend a normal kid with a normal life and stop being a fake

I gave up on popularity a long time ago, it would be nice to feel accepted, but the things you have to do to get their are ridiculous and are against my morals

I always wanted to rip that thing to shreds. It is the most pointless thing ever - GoldenRocket

It’s not that I like being lonely. But being popular doesn’t get you into a college nor get you a good job. - HoldenFanatic

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18 Algebra

I'm a special-ed class called Pre-Algebra. It's like a class where it helps you prepare for Algebra. - ILoveCodySML

I get distracted a lot when I'm trying to learn

Where do we use algebra in our lives we have calculators for that dumb school

ILoveCodySML-pre-algebra isn't a special ed class. It's a normal class.

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19 Bad words

Once you get in middle school everyone starts saying bad things to one another and it is wrong.

I hate when the students curse. They think that cursing makes them cool. The students will never say a sentence without cursing. It aggravates me very much.

This should be high on this list.

The N-word is literally a nick name in my school! and "F--- you" is now a complement! These kids are so dumb! - Slipperyjack40

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20 Being a virgin

everybody's bitchy in this matter. hey, I'm still a virgin! and what's the matter with that? and in the future we will be get laid like aman28 said - ronluna

What's wrong with not getting some?!? I don't wanna get someone pregnant! I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE A DAD! - HeavyDonkeyKong

what makes it worse is the people who lie about getting some because that makes you feel like your the only one not getting laid - aman28

Oh please. There's nothing to be ashamed of being a virgin when you're in high school. I was and the last thing I wanted to be was a father in my teens. NO THANKS!

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21 Hallways

At My school they are overcrowded - christangrant

It gets very crowded during passing periods.

My school doesn't have hallways, lol - Revrad

One-systems in schools suck - Ziffe

22 School hours

My school hours are from 7:20-1:50, so I have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. Ugh! - Stazemar000

8-20 to 3-15. Not to mention jazz band before school, after school activities, and band and choir concerts.

Mine isn't that bad 09:15 to 15:20

I had to wake at 6 AM. bus comes at 6:30 AM. School hours were 7:30-2:41

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23 Tardies

Late for EVEN 1 MILLISECOND counts as a tardy at my high school

I was Tardy because a stupid teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom even though I had to go THIS BAD.
I Peed for 2 minutes, then I got late because next class was far away. - BlueBobYT

24 Pep rallies

i used to literally get sick at these things i would get dizzy from all the screaming, stinking teenagers. i eventually started skipping them. i would actually rather go sit in dirty school bathroom than go tto them!!!! - luvtoread

I absolutely hate pep rallies with a passion! They are do loud and pointless. I hate when everyone is screaming and dancing. It makes me mad. The cheerleaders are not even hot ( There is even one GUY in it). So me, my friend and only about fifty other kids in the whole school go to the cafe during the Pep rally. We are the smart kids in our school!

I don't think I have pep rallies but if I go to one I would be traumatized. I hate crowds AND loud noises. It doesn't help that people would scream for no reason. - MusicalPony

What disgusting things. It's more like a brainwashing ceremony than anything else. Cheerleaders are sex symbols, the music is so loud it gives you a headache and the whole thing is boring and pointless. I hated these things so much-thank god I graduated, no more of this crap! :D

Everyone screaming “OUR CLASS IS THE BEST! ” With plenty of war cries. YEAH I DON’T CARE!

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25 Unnecessary amount of homework

I get that homework is essential in student learning-by doing it at home, we review and sometimes preview the materials. However, I just had so many classes where I had gratuitous amount of homework. And to make it worse, other kids just BSed it and got full credit. I am somewhat against standardized testing, but I really don't think unnecessary homework assignments should hinder students' lives outside school. Just please give us enough but not too much homework. Please!

It's like each teacher thinks that the only class in school that you take is theirs, so they bombard you with piles of homework. It sucks!

Too much English and Math homework EVERY WEEK

I just don't do it... The teachers are not smart enough to actually check to see if u did it

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26 Racism

Based on my experiences at secondary school, there were always cliques who picked on (mostly Asian) other ethnicities. One of my best friends constantly got called a 'dirty paki' by this cesspool of racists who undoubtedly adopted half of these opinions from their parents, Despite the fact that numerous friends of this guy had told teachers of these insults, and more often than not they would go off with no more than a measly warning, likely to do it again in future. Racist supremacists suck.

Yeah people should stop insulting Pakistan simply because they are with china - MChkflaguard_Yt

This one girl who was Asian had a dog. She told the class it died. Then this idiot said, "It's for the best, you probably would've eaten it."

Our school bully called this black kid a 'black guy' and then I just wanted to punch the bully in the face because of that. I hope this doesn't happen to you if you are a black person, but when the bully did call the black kid that, he got into trouble. Now this is making me disappointed to be a white kid.

One of my friends was Nigerian and he getting bullied a lot because he was "different". but being the over protective friend, I always socked them in the jaw because no one is allowed to touch my friends. - LaST_LiGHT

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27 The teachers

No comment

My special ed teacher RUINED MY LIFE >:(

Snitchy ones, bitchy ones, dickbags, and emotionals. They can either be cool, or just terrible.


28 Cliques

Oh. God. I hate cliques SO BAD!

So here's how they are divided at my school...

The Jock Guys: All of the guys who are athletic. That's literally the only a way a guy can become popular. By their athletic abilities. All of the girls (both popular and unpopular, with the exception of me and a few others) like them. It's insane. Most of them are mean, and it's EXTREMELY rare to find a NICE popular guy.

The Jock Girls: The girls who are athletic. They don't exactly care about looks as much as some of the popular girls do, but some of them do. They usually are found talking to the popular guys and the other popular girls. If an unpopular girl is actually ATHLETIC, (like me), they will get criticized just because they aren't popular. They won't even be considered athletic, even when they actually are.

The Girly Girls
All they care about is their hair, their clothes, their nails, their purses, and boys. Literally. That's IT. I am actually a tomboy here, so ...more - Minecraftcrazy530

That stinks. My school isn't as bad about this but I do sense some sort of drama/clique thing going on at the school (which I never pay attention to). Yeah at least your school doesn't sound as bad as my school in terms of school spirit, running (during gym class), sports, and "greatness". Literally my middle school shoves the concept of greatness down your throat every single day, so much that it makes my brain want to implode. Also for the announcements why do the sports teams get a special announcement time every day while the other clubs rarely get mentioned. Then there's gym class where every class in an outdoor unit you have to run a lap around the quarter mile long track, walk a lap, then run another lap. Also in like the first month of school I'm pretty sure we ran like 4 miles if adding up all of the times running on the school track and also running a couple of courses just a little over a mile long and today when we had to run like half a mile. Yeah that's my school. - Anonymousxcxc

I was friends with a girl since Pre-K. We were such good friends. We would always talk to each other and sit next to each other at lunch. She would always laugh at my jokes and I'd laugh at hers. Then, in 3rd grade, two new kids came: a boy and a girl. Their names started with an A and a B. My friend's name started with a C. In 4th grade, they realized that and became best friends. My best friend called me a jerk and obnoxious for no reason, I was being super nice. She always hung out with them and I was left behind. They are all nice now but they don't really consider me as a good friend. I cannot wait until I'm in middle school (I'm in 5th). I watched Mean Girls and I like the people there (except the Plastic "leader") and I think the teacher is nice. I can't wait! :) I will get to leave those old friends and get new people.

There is another group in my school that I call "The Group." It's all the people who are really rude and act like they're not and ...more - maddyparrot22

Honey enjoy middle school while you can because next year I'll be going to the level of schooling that I will call The Supreme Fire Nation Terror. - Anonymousxcxc

My clique is so unique it deserves a category of itself! So here's the cliques at my school.

Athletic boys: Most popular guys in the school. Most are nice, well to me. I'm close to being as popular as them but I'm not athletic so I'm not one of them. Some, if them are mean, especially the ones in High School.

Athletic Girls: Some are popular and some are not. Some are girly girls, others just don't even care at all.

Prissy Popular Girls: If your unpopular and you so much as say one world to them, they'll accuse you of hitting on them and get their boyfriend of 1 week to beat you up. They whine about every single little thing! They also have super good hearing too since they tell everyone, especially me to turn their music down. Even when I'm at the lowest volume but still able to hear the music, they tell me to "turn that satanic mess down! " But they put their stupid pop songs all the way up. They never get in trouble!

Nerds: People don't mess ...more - SirSkeletorThe3rd

You do realize you just said you beat up a retarded and suicidal kid, right? - Donut

Talk about the game Bully, lol. - AmtrakHan6993

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29 Popular kids

Some are popular for the right reasons as in they are respectful to adults and students, they think about their friends before themselves, keep their grades up without cheating, they give advice, they aren't obnoxious/seek attention, and don't start conflict. These are the kinds of students that will be accepted into college and have a good life after high school. The bad kind are the exact opposite of this and life won't look too good for them after high school.

Sorry, but it just seems super egotistical. Double if they whisper to their friends immediately after.

Sometimes nice, sometimes jackasses.

I think outcast kids are the best kind, but I'm a middle schooler, so why am I here? - 445956

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30 Oral presentations

Everyone stares and snickers if you made a mistake, and make dumb comments thinking they're funny and cool - Bec

My worst fear is laughing incontrollably in front of everyone /: - PinkflASHES

Worst thing ever. I'd rather die

Yeah these stink. I'd rather be burnt to a crisp by Shego from Kim Possible or beaten up by Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls than ever have to do one of these. - Anonymousxcxc

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31 Animal abuse in some schools

There Is nothing worse than animal abuse in any situation, whoever does this and enjoys this deserves to become homeless bums, and burn in hell for the rest of eternity. I'm passionate about wildlife.

"Nothing is worse than animal abuse" Holocaust is better?
I know you love animals, but you gone too far. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Last year I did an after school club where we raised turtles and released them in their natural habitats when they got bigger and it was so nice. I even got to take one home over spring break (there were two named Squirt and Crab Cakes)

I can't stand animal cruelty/abuse. It really shocks me and breaks my heart. I know I'm an animal lover but that is disgusting

I HATE animal abuse. - 906389

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32 Bratty kids getting special attention from the teachers

I am one of the smartest kids in the school, with an IQ of 162. Note, I'm not bragging, because smart kids don't get JACK at my school. No, really, to 95% of the teachers I am practically invisible to the naked eye. Whereas the kids who make all the noise and give all of the other students crap about doing well, existing, etc. get ALL of the perks, and ALL OF THE GOOD GRADES THAT MANY INTROVERTS STRUGGLE FOR! I have a 3.99 GPA and I still get good grades regardless, but the teachers are constantly screaming at me whenever I get tired of the morons in my class not finding an answer, and after that, I am called selfish! I'm not trying to be selfish, all I would like are a few good grades, that's all. If you can relate to this, please like.

P.S. I am also bullied too. Don't feel bad though.

Yes. Teachers give them the time of day and often don't give them punishment. They're just getting attention and annoying the hell out of the other kids!

It remembers me a boy of my class, His name actually means attention & He is the best attention seeker I ever see, He just shows his charm & easily escapes from Punishment. I hate him and excepting me Every girl found him cool - Righteous

In 6th grade all of the cool kids would get the most attention for all the "good things" they do. On Wednesdays we would have a assembly where two students would get deans list (or awards) most of the kids who got in trouble would get the deans list. But when I haven't done anything bad I get about no shoutouts or deans list for the things I did. I even got a 97 or 99% on my science test once and I got no deans list or shoutouts ;~;. I hate this generation. - SapphireStar

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33 Teachers that complain about wasting time but give long lectures that waste time

Yeah, so true. My English teacher always goes on about how we are spoiling ourselves and how we should study instead of having fun and how stupid and ignorant we are... Jesus! Have you realised how much time you are wasting? Just get on with the damned lesson! I hate such teachers so much. They are actually doing what they tell us not to do! It makes me so angry, I wanna bash their head in a ' wall!

My French teacher does that a lot for 3 years.

So true. They complain about wasting time, but they do it themselves with doing lectures. How hypocritical - MangoFruitJuice

I actually like that.By the time my teacher finishes,her entire period is over.

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34 Getting that one substitute teacher everybody hates

Me for science. For like the past 3-4 weeks because the normal teacher is recovering from surgery, we got the sub who no one likes for well until mid-October. I mean I don't really like this sub either, but she isn't entirely terrible. She's nice to me. - Anonymousxcxc

I had a sub for half the school year, and was SO HAPPY they were gone. Showed up to English the next day, and they announced they were getting an actual job at the school, and I got stuck with them for two years straight. RIP - Haumea

YES this happens every time, by end of term even atheists prayed he would lewve

Reminds me of Viola Swamp

35 Counselors

Who don't know how or just don't properly counsel - Billyv

Never had them in school.

Why are they bad? - Pony

36 Annoying catchphrases

Yes like YOLO and laugh out loud - JollyRancher

Anyone who says swag and yolo repeatedly should be knocked upside the head with a shovel

Wait a minute! Are you saying there are still people that use that?! - 3DG20

I used to have a lot of catch phrases...

My friend's catchphrase was "highlight poppin', bodies droppin" and it wasn't annoying at all - LaST_LiGHT

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37 Backstabbers

I've dealt with loads of those since elementary school, I hope they don't follow me to Bergen Community in 2016.
They also showed up at a production I attended.

Eh, they were present for a very long time *cough* Brutus *cough* - styLIShT

I had this one girl in school who my friends and I let her sit with us and all she did was complain. the worst thing was that she backstabed us and called me and my friends stupid things. She told people I was loopy in the head. luckily I don't have to see her ever again

Someone who I thought was my closest friend got so sick of me, that after talking about be behind my back he then started talking to my face

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38 Religious extremists

This girl at my school was trying to force a student to believe in God... In case you have not noticed, America has the freedom of religion. Due to that, I do not care if you worship a potato chip, just do not try to change someone just because they do not believe in the same things as you do. - LostDream258

Ugh this one girl who my sister met (a narcissist that no one liked) was completely insulting my sister's religion just because it was different than her's while getting everything about it completely wrong by saying things like how in this particular brat's view it's apparently similar to Islam (when it's not) during this Girl Scout camping trip (from when my sister was in like 8th grade) or whatever so my sister was crying so she and the other girls in the troop moved tables so the bratty girl told the troop leader that everyone was being rude to HER so the girl actually made my sister apologize for something she didn't do. Yeah basically I hate over religious people who can't seem to accept that other people don't believe in everything that you do believe in. Dear god hopefully that doesn't happen to me this year. - Anonymousxcxc

I am a Jesus freak but I don't enforce but only preach. If you don't believe me fine, Actually the Catholics are the ones being mean to me (not all just those in my school) the Christians and atheists are cool. I read the Bible but a teacher of mine had me sent outside. I was praying and someone said "stand up and pray with us" I said "Don't disturb me I won't pray with you and your catholicism" but then again I was in trouble.

The kids at my school who are jesus freaks and what not seem like they have sticks up their butts and they never have any fun because they are always praying or begging for forgiveness like damn loosen up and go have some fun get your nose out of the bible and go interact with humans who gives a damn if you "sin" you're only a kid once.

I like jesus but still don't talk about relegen - GatorBoy

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39 People with disabilities get picked on

I have adhd and several learning disabillities and people always talk about me being stupid :-(

Tell those people to look at themselves. (Cause they're the ones who are stupid) - 906389

I have autism, moderate depression/anxiety, and ADHD. I'm in 7th grade. back when I was in 4th grade, people rarely picked on me. I guess that's because they felt sorry for me. I never really liked my friends being al baby voice nice to me, and wanted honest opinions. but back then, those were happy times. but it 6th grade, it turned into a living hell, which is why I have my depression. people, have made fun of me and called me "a retarted little *ussy who needs to grow some balls", "whiney". I was kicked, pushed really hard into a locker, given the finger. my 15 year-old brother years ago was tied to a tree with one of his friends and left to rot for for 2 hours till they finally escaped, I was chased into a stall and had my foot pounded to a pulp. the list goes on and on. that's why I have depression. I sometime lie down and think, "why haven't I committed suicide yet? " and then I realize: "it would break my mom's heart, to relive that moment ...more

I have minor learning disabilities and problems with memory due to my epilepsy. In middle school & high school, most of the teachers refused to accommodate me, acted like I was an inconvenience and didn't deserve to have their attention at all. Some of the teachers actively ridiculed me, gave me assignments that were too difficult for me to complete, talked down to me, and basically just made my life hell. I was ecstatic to graduate high school in 2011.

I've got autism. People picked on me in 6th grade like crazy! I'm in high school now, but people still talk trash about autism. They say stuff to each other like "stop being autistic". I'm surprised that I survived middle school without committing suicide. Things have gotten a lot better for me. My only problem is fitting in. People don't exclude me, but I don't like how anyone acts anymore. I don't like what makes people cool in high school. I just have a problem with the way the world rotates. - Slipperyjack40

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40 Druggies

They're a waste of space. Send them to rehab, not school.

I got in trouble one time because they were smoking next to me when I was walking to class and I got suspended when they tried to give me some, keep in mind I'm an honors student so the five day suspension that made my gpa drop from a 4.5 to a 3.67 from missing class gives me some bias to this question.

I've seen some students smoking weed or vaping at the marketplace just outside of my school, or at parties. First of all, I'm ashamed that many people are fine about this, and secondly, it's sad that these people are basically ruining their future. - ethanmeinster

When I go to the bathrooms I always smell weed - GatorBoy

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41 Being the last one picked

Always happens to me, not that I suck though

Always happens and I'm not the worst

I get picked last, then either one kid showboats the whole game so I don't do anything, or I blow everyone out of the water

That happened to me all of the time in gym class when the students who led the groups would pick. I am so happy I don’t have to do gym anymore. - 3DG20

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42 Anime fans

Almost everyone that I know of loves anime, I don't have anything against it but they talk nonstop about it, it gets really annoying after a while

I'm going to say it once, and again. Anime High is not like real High.

I read the DBZ books from the library. the people who read the Naruto books picked on me.

I don't like anime but hating someone purely JUST because they like anime is a bit harsh.
If they are a psycho fan or a rude person however I understand - Lunala

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43 Crappy WiFi

Many people are too busy walking around for a single bar, which is why this is pretty low.

There are like 5 school wifi net works at my school and they are all good except for the guest wifi... which is the one the students have to use - Revrad

My friend once got signal on a hike up a mountain over the summer and yet he couldn't get wifi here. what.

I think it’s because there are so many people using it. - 3DG20

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44 Having horrible teachers ruin subjects you love

When learning devolves into annotating pages upon pages and packets of homework in your favorite subject, your interest can be ruined. There is so rarely teachers who care more about their students then their pay, but when they come buy, it's good to let them know.

Sometime teachers make the subjects you love ' hard. - tent2

This has happened to me with art a lot. - 3DG20

I had 2 gym teachers and the female I hated so much. In the middle of the gym activity session like volley ball she would stop the game and would demonstrate THE SECOND TIME how to play and I just wanted to take a huge ass garbage can knock her out with and I hated her so much that I hated gym and the transferred to health as a result which I don't regret doing she even got two teachers at her previous school fired. Her old school was connected to my school and I hate my school as much as I hate her🖕🏻

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45 Dirty toilets

LOL. One time when I was taking a piss in the boys toilets at one of those things that you stand up at, I forget the name of it, the kids next me we're all peeing on each other and it was absolutely disgusting. There was pee going all over the walls and the floor and the kids had pee al over them.( if your a girl I'm just telling you they only have the things u stand up at in boys toilets). It was so disgusting but when someone started to pee on my leg I had to fire back.

At my school, the boys toilets are horrible. There are doors that don't shut (sometimes I've had to tape them shut), missing doors, missing toilet rolls, missing soap, broken hand dryers, and graffiti and poop (sometimes) on the walls.

Someone shat in the soap dispenser, then in the sink, then on the floor. Those restrooms have been closed ever since. If it happens again this year, it has to be a staff member - Haumea

Someone drew an emoji poop on the wall of one of the toilet stalls back at my old school

Also half the people don't flush and always clog the toilet, and some DISGUSTING PIGS don't put their pads/tampons in the hygiene bin thingies which is gross and disgusting - Lunala

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46 Call of Duty / Halo fanboys

These idiots are dominating my year and I get judged just because I play different games. They automatically assume that Mario or Pokémon is the worst game ever, just because it's not a shooter! They think they are the ultimate gaming masters, but they would die in three seconds flat if they played Mega Man.

This was the reason why I hated Call of Duty at some point ( I no longer care about Call of Duty at ALL). - MusicalPony

I don't know what a quad feed is. "Oh, get out of here."
I don't like shooters. "What the heck, those are like, the only good game genre ever."
I like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, "RPGs are for wimps."

This kid said that Undertale was trash because it lacked blood and violence. What is wrong with this generation?


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47 Not getting a hint on how to use new math concepts in actual situations

Okay, that concept seems logical, now how the hell will I figure out when and where I'm supposed to use it?! - PinkflASHES

Why does everyone hate math? Truth hear: more likely than not, your job will involve math/science.

I know right. I actually love math; sometimes I feel lonely because of it. - Anonymousxcxc

They say useful stuff about it WHICH WAS GOOD IN THE PAST but now with calculators and all that sort, what is the point of learning stuff? - AmtrakHan6993

Maths is necessary, but questions like "Bob brought 72 watermelons" make no sense - Lunala

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48 There's always either a really fat person or a really slow group of people in front of you

One time I was going to my locker for 2nd period and the guy in front of me stopped for NO REASON. Like what the hell are you waiting for! I'm trying to go to my locker! Son of a b*tch made me late too. I also hate pep rallys my school ALWAYS has them in the SCORCHING hot heat.

LMFAO THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Oh, and it's the worst when there's a really, really short fat midget in front of you walking extremely slow. I just wanna walk over them! Slow people make me late to class! - asdfalexia

I was late twice to a class because of these people. If I was late once more I would have gotten a detention. What I decided is to just shove past them and if they give me a dirty look I don't care because I'm more concerned with not being late.

I almost don’t even wanna be patient with them anymore, especially if I have 5 minutes to get to my class on a different floor and you’re sitting there hogging up the entire hall with your friends. - 3DG20

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49 Teachers that have nothing to do but to talk, talk and talk with a surprise quiz every meeting

Oh my god! There's this one teacher... I swear I learned how to fall asleep with my eyes open in his class. Then... BAMM! Here's a pop quiz on all the crap I've been talking about for the past 20 minutes! Not to mention this stuff isn't going to help you in your life...

very strict, and very lazy teacher - ronluna

Surprise quizzes should be banned. They destroy a student's schedule.

Basically my 7th grade math teacher in a nutshell. At least my math teacher this year actually has us do stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

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50 The friend zone

more friends the better. I'm a proud asexual man, while I can be romantically attracted to someone, its not very common.

Aye. I'm ace as well and don't really get the friend zone. You made a new friend. That's a good thing - Haumea

every guy knows about this - InsertNameHere

Yeah I ask out the monst prettiest girl in school and now were friends and she acting strange with the president of are school so I still need to find a girl friend - Awesomedogg

At my school, you have to be a 'specific kind of guy' to hang out with girls. I'm in Elemntary School. A lot of the guys in my school are kinda annoying (Not being sexist. just at my school), with the exception of me and a couple others. I hang out with girls... and have crushes on 5 of my BFFS. It's considered "not creepy". Also, it's the guys who aren't jocks are somethin like that that girls hang out with.

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