Annoying Classmates


I don't really care for most of my classmates anymore. I use to hate them but now it's like whatever because it turns out that they're actually decent people who have no filter. But this one girl in particular makes my blood boil. She's one of those popular wannabe girls and also a tumblr wannabe at that just to fill in some details. She gives me dirty looks, says disrespectful stuff, and just gives me a vibe. I was changing in the locker rooms for gym and I accidentally hit her on the shoulder and she turned around and gave me that one look and I said sorry and she just continued to glare at me and talk crap about me to her friend in "secret". It gets worse but I don't have the time to explain everything she's done and said to me over the past 2 years. I just want to fight her because I know how to fight but I have a reputation to hold up as the good student.

This popular kid in my grade is so stuck-up and snobby! He thinks he's so badass and cool, when really he's just an ass. For a journal in English, we had to make up a holiday, and he made one about himself and how "cool" he is. So I made one called "Imitate Me" day, where you just be yourself and give snobs the shaft.

You know how most scissors are for right-handed people? I found a pair of Left handed scissors, and said "Blessed scissors! " and he just said "Worshipping inanimate objects. That's a sin.", so I told him "Trying to make people worship you is also a sin."

It's not just athletic kids or popular girls, believe me, as a member of the nerd community, I have met some annoying little people. There is one kid who I hate to no end. He follows me around like a lackey, tattles on everyone, and acts like a stuck up #$%@& to everyone who's not his religion. I told him the concept of religious freedom within the United States, and he responded back with a bunch of butthurt criticism. He is at least 4-5 years younger in his maturity age than his actual one, and he often will act like a fifth grader, despite the fact that he's a freshman. Lately he's stopped following me around, but now acts more like a brat because he can't get what he wants. In addition, he's racist, sexist, and homophobic (and I HATE racist, sexist, homophobic people).

There's this one ratchet chick who sits behind me in math. She tries to be my friend but she pushes the limit WAY over and is super annoying. She always thought she was smarter than me but the only reason she got better grades is because she's one of those kids who have modified tests and all the teachers practically give them the answers so one time I told her to not ask for help and see if she was still smarter than me. She bombed that assignment. I got an A. Suck on that.

i hate it when they gossip your own private life, its not funny if they are everywhere, theyre like stalkers - ronluna

Especially when it's a teacher you really like and everyone else hates, so everyone teams up against this one teacher and starts making crude, disrespectful jokes and you just want them all to shut up and continue with the damn class

Yes, those pop kids and gangztuhs. They're just annoying. - sdravenson

In grade 5 I was ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS selected to be with the lowlifes of the class. And when I ask my teacher why I'm paired with them, he just says "because your so smart, spread your knowledge. But I said " They should study, I shouldn't teach those stupid kids. - coolguy101

Rachets are so annoying. whenever you are forced to sit next to them they suddenly blame everything wrong in the class directly on you even though you clearly did nothing. You suddenly want to break the rules of men hitting women and slap the rachet right across the face!

When they get in trouble, the whole class takes the blame. They made me hot-headed enough to swear like mad. While a teacher was in the other room. I'm an honor student, and that cost me so many Values Education points.

I hate it when they just snap in and say things. Or they just act like their really girlish. Or they pretend to know everything and then judge others. Really bad. People who cheat openly.

I used to hate it when they would spread rumours, but then it hit that they were just bored of their little pathetic lives.

It's hard to go to a school where no one wants to be friends with me because I'm different from them.

No lies there's 2 kids in my class who are complete smart arses and they say they wanna fight but if you say yeah they'll just run off like a chicken

They are loud, rude, and very immature. Instead of acting their age, they act like little kids.

One of my classmates stole my ever-loving girlfriend from me. I'm still crying in the night. I WANT MY REVENGE! - aeromaxx777

This completely outweighs the bad teachers (although we have a lot). - dureckl

At my school the people my school people in my classes won't shut the hell up and just gets the teacher angry - christangrant

That one kid who NEVER wants to do anything and forever argues with the teacher. -_-

I have to deal with this one particular kid whose like that in THREE classes (it used to be two, but the kid had a schedule change so now he's in my gym class in addition to my Language Arts and Science classes. I know it stinks). - Anonymousxcxc

People really need to stop being annoying - endadam

The dummy jocks, and plastic barbie dolls, and wannabe plastic barbie dolls can go eat

same thing happend to me with the girlfriend thing I HATE IT! - hockey_rox5

If they are really annoying, I usually embarrass them in front of the class, and they never bug me ever again.

They just make me piss off and try nearly beat them up

especially the ones who think they're funny - clerkatron