In my small-town high school there is so much drama going around it's unreal. People talking down to each other, gossiping. Every single day. Girls will pretend to be friends with another girl, and then when she isn't in the class they talk about how fat and ugly she is. It's ridiculous

I told my friend I liked this one girl, and he couldn't keep that one secret for me. In math, we split into groups of 12 for different stations, and he told his whole group. Next thing I know everyone is pressuring me to ask her out. And I am the shy type too. Everyone is trying to push us together (literally). It is annoying and I hate it.

Oh lord where do I start, if this is going on in your high school life it just makes things much worse. Most of the time high school drama doesn't even mean anything important, its just a daily distraction.

WOW, you got Homework, Waking up Monday Mornings and Bad Teachers at the top 5? If only these people knew what's actually high school suffering... - DontTouchMyPogoStick

Its so annoying! I mean I saw it hurt one of my friends and NOBODY hurts my friends! So for all of you people causing it: GET A LIFE! 1 - llamabaconllama37

I hate Drama class sometimes.., You must stand on a stage and shout your heart out.

A waste of my time and a BLOODY STUPID distraction. - coolguy101

Feeling ignored hurts so bad! It's that painful!

It is another word for wannabe celebrity kids who judge you on your every move. They gossip and think that they are the best thing out! Piss me off much! 'mmn

All the high school drama other people have is just kinda annoying. - Elric-san

(This happened twice! ) After breaking up with my boyfriend my "friends" picked him over me and one time that this happened my "friend" started flirting with him in front of my face the day after we broke up then she started avoiding me and snuck around to date him I hate that I lost a friend like this but you two are perfect together you both stink (literal stench please shower), are narcissistic and D-U-M-B! The second time this happened was by a different friend that strung me along with by saying "if your my friend you will do..." I regret listening to her and now that you copied how I dye my hair good luck with the damage hope it falls out ♡ in the middle of the summer she claimed to be depressed which may have been true she told me to gtfo of her life and then went out of town when she returned I had broken up with my boyfriend and she didn't care even though I was going through a hard time she took his side in everything even though she had known me for two years already ...more

If someone is LGBT then everyone will make fun of them at my school. It's a shame. This girl in my class is a lesbien and she gets made fun of non stop. I stand up for her a lot.

I'm a guy.

That is a stupid reason and it should be takin out

Why can't people get a life? No because their bored with their lifes

Youg et eased for liking somebody! What's the big deal! Especially sicne half the people at the school are making out against the lockers! - HeavyDonkeyKong

In my middleschool the drama there was equivalent to a soap opera and a sitcom, so I'm actually excited for ACTUAL drama yes I know that's screwed up, but if you went to kilbourne middleschool you would know how drama there'd be

There is a thing caled on joke buling its you swear at every 5 setnench when and then we all laugh and have fun but not everybody takes the joke we in my place have a nicknames useualyy fun and my friend jhon once dident take the joke and start swering not on joke bu on real and thets wrong