Ten Worst Things About High School

Ten things you hate the most about high school in general.

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61 Dumb Rules

So my school has a list of stupid rules like for example you can't wear a sweater unless its raining or your sick, but the thing is I love wearing sweaters and when my anxiety acts up I get a fever, when I tried to tell my teachers and principal this they either laughed and took me to the nurse to make sure I was "sick" or they confiscated my sweater and threatened to give me a detention. When I go to school the next day I see other people wearing sweaters when its sunny out and no one says anything to them.

Another dumb rule is that we can't carry or use earphones at school. One day I was listening to music with my earphones in after school and walking ( at the time I didn't know that the rule even existed) and a random teacher stopped me and asked me why I had my earphones in and then grabbed them from me and walked away, the school said that they would give it back but I haven't gotten them back and its been a month and a half.

School really sucks :'(

I hate these. Honestly, they are so silly. At my school, we have to have our electronics off, no tank tops, no colored hair, saying 'Oh my God's can get us threatened to get dentention, and talking about homosexuality even if you are homosexual and it's postitive. Yeah, I temporarily dyed a couple streaks of blue, and they yelled at me. Tank tops are banned, oh and you know jeans with holes? They banned those too. Why?! Tell me, teachers, why with the pointless rules?

Many school rules are debatable. The only good school rules are the ones that get neglected because "nobody would do that."

Why isn't this number one? I go to private school, and trust me, it's WAY tougher than public school!

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62 First Love; First Heartache

Your mind is still developing, and getting into an actual relationship for the first time simultaneously makes you feel like you're walking on air, and then the next it feels like being in a dark, deep, hole when the heartache happens.

My mom forced me to break up with my girlfriend because it is not my moms best friends daughter

my mom hasnt accepted my first love :( - idolangelx13

My dad threatened to break us up. We're both holding on for dear life.

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63 Bathrooms

Every bathroom, no matter where it is on campus gross out of your mind.

People never flush and they leave their piss or crap bobbing in the toilet, and they drop toilet paper on the floor. Filled with vandalism (Mostly on people shipping themselves with other kids)

So there's this one bathroom in my school, it always has the toilets covered by plastic bags because it's so disgusting. most of them have permanent stains in them or too hardened to get rid of, the worst toilet in the school is the one in the cafeteria. it is so bad, they opted to remove the damned thing. it had diarrhea and toilet paper everywhere on the floor walls and everything.

There was graffiti in my school bathroom, mostly emojis but the janitors got rid of it over the holidays. - Lunala

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64 The PA System

Secretary: We're sorry for the interruption. The internet is experiencing problems right now. Tech is working on it.

(5 minutes later)

Secretary: The internet is up and running again thank you for your patience.

(5 minutes later)

Secretary: We're sorry for the inter-


It goes off a hundred times I day, I swear. On top of that, it always seems to be handled by someone who can't handle public speaking at all. - Darrell

It seems whenever a secretary uses it, they say what they need to and get off.
But the principal milks it for all she can get out of it. Leaves three seconds in between sentences and acts like we, the students, have the privilege of listening to her.

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65 Nice people are seen as "nerds"

Oh my god... And people are all "don't be friends with them, they're losers, hang out with us" when they're actually very nice people.

Ever since 6th grade, this has happened. The popular kids talk about sex and aren't good role models. They even PEER PRESSURE you. One time, a new kid came to my school and she was very nice and sounded intelligent. My friend told me that she is ugly. Seriously! Why aren't popular people getting insulted? Besides, smart and nice people are successful in the future.

I'm a nice person and a nerd. Apparently though people talk to me but when they talk about Sex jokes or drug jokes that makes me very uncomfortable. Don't ask why, , because I don't even know why I get uncomfortable. - MusicalPony

Tips from the "anti-nerds" how to become a cool person.
1. Get bad grades such as them.
2. Abuse everyone.
3. Got in argument with your parents.
4. If they're poor, yell at them why can't they buy the same IPhone.
5. You fail at the tips.
6. You ruin your life thanks to those idiots.

K I'm a nerd living in Montreal, Canada and I'm going to 7th, this has NEVER been a problem, I'm actually very liked at school, because people come to me when they need an answer to something or when they want to talk about good stuff, for instance, this ohe time 2 students were betting on wether New York or Los Angeles was the more populous city, so they asked me, I said what I knew: it was New York, they thanked me, and we started talking about cities, now they know a lot more... I love the nerd life

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66 It's stressful

It's given me severe depression and anxiety

67 When you actually did your homework and you are the only kid who didn't go to the big party

Nah parties are a waste of time. I play video games. - AmtrakHan6993

ugh - coolguy101

In long run you win.
You get dream job and success
Snobby kids at party are unemployed and living with their parents - Lunala

68 High School Credits

They make us believe that our who life is based on it.

69 Everything

Everything is wrong with School! Hate it All!

High school is horrid, there is not one thing I like about that place

Wow, straight to the point. right on you feminist lol

70 Sexism

I've found that female teachers look down upon guys. Once, a girl wrote "send nudes" as a joke (the teacher didn't know that she did it) and our teacher gave a lecture to the boys, specifically.

71 Hypocrites
72 Dumbass Students

There are so many ignorant idiots wasting class time and doing annoying dumb things.

I know right some at my school asked my humanities teacher how do we know the earths not flat and someone else ask my maths teacher is it true that every thing can divid and go into 2. I mean come on

There was someone in my class that got a pen stuck in his butt in the middle of class

Kids in my class waste time calling out annoying jokes such as "9+10" or "Deez nuts" while passing notes and throwing scrunched up papers at each other. - Lunala

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73 Couples Making Out, Left and Right

Yeah, one time I was getting to another class between periods and this guy was making out with my ex right in the middle of the hallway, and it slowed down so many people.

Take it outside the school, please. Nobody cares about your relationship. - NuMetalManiak

Keep it away from me or I'll kick you into a locker - Zero116

Dear couples:
Stop making out in front of everybody. Nobody cares if you are in a relationship. Keep in mind that also your relationship will not last, and you will not marry him/her.

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74 Betrayals
75 Athletics

Actually, many schools have compulsory athletics. My school makes me do sports every single day and, I have to say, it might be the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

I really dislike my P. E teacher during high school, he always pushed us the boys to play soccer, while I and a few friends who can't do it well get mocked!

Maybe I should be glad PE is not required every year in my high school... - Turkeyasylum

Or, the girls who just stand there and talk during PE

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76 Preps

Hated preps so much. They are usually just as bad if not worse than the other students but because of either there mom being a teacher, them being suck ups, or rich kids they get everything givin to them. They always wear bright hollister and abercrombie and I hate it. - Chris-1

To be honest I sometimes feal preppy so this is mean

They should die in my opinion - RoseCandyMusic

I hate them with a purpose, Abercrombie wearing swaggots

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77 School Lunch

What I'm horrible at cooking but I can still cook better than the cooks.

Same and I can cook a simple meatball and it taste lot better than the lunch ladies! - InfernoTopTenners

The school lunches are small, over priced, and to make it even worse, our school is a closed campus, meaning that you can't leave for lunch without written permission. - Turkeyasylum

They have these tables that are long and people who sit there get uncomfortable the teachers eat like kings and queens with proper tables

Every time I eat at my Elementary school, it tastes good but some time later my stomache starts aching like crazy! Sometime's I even force myself to eat the food because it's so damn gross.

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78 School Days School Days

The average American school year is 180 days, but I do wish that I went to school when my dad was a kid sometimes because apparently back then (late 1960's-1970's) you didn't have to make up any snow days and the school year started in September but got out in May. Now you do have to make up for the snow days and if you get out in May you have to start in early August. Also my school system is horrible about snow days. Like unless the temperature is in the negatives and/or the snow is really thick then the school system will not give even a two hour delay (maybe if it's like 2 degrees Fahrenheit then it could happen, but probably not). For instance one day in my home state every school system had a snow day and even the colleges said that you didn't have to come to class if you didn't want to. That is except for one and that school system was my school system. Yeah so not even a two hour delay happened that day and the superintendent actually got in trouble for doing that. - Anonymousxcxc

Why the heck do they have to make school so long? Why can't they make school like 3 days a week. You wake up Monday morning and your like no! 5 days of torture are just waiting. It screams BULLIES and major TORTURE!

I counted approximately 183 days of school from September to June. I was glad I graduated soon enough, because they added a few more days to the calendar after the 2013 year. Plus on the snow days, they even had make-up days on SATURDAY. - NuMetalManiak

Why is the school days anime on here? We mean the time we have at school, not the anime! - astroshark

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79 Everyone talking behind your back

OK I am what you would call the "odd one out" (autism) I still have quite a good set of friends but it's funny how whenever I'm around someone who I'm not particularly close with they immediately turn to look at me, then stop their conversation. Also, the "popular girls" who either treat you like dirt or walk on eggshells for you. I AM THE SAME AGE AS YOU, DO NOT TREAT ME OTHERWISE! - Mushroom99

Stupid popular girls always hate me and target me. Highschool is stupid. I actually like the classes. It's the other students I hate. In my grade everyone is either one of the prissy stuck-up snobby girls who obsess over Instagram and Snapchat and talk about you behind your back and the guys who are really really REALLY immature and obsess over Dabbing and shoving each other over. - Lunala

Everyone has the chance of having backstabbers. We all gotta live with it.

80 Feeling Left Out

When everyone has their own groups of friends when you first get there...

The nerds at school stick to me like a magnet, and I can't get them to go away. This pulled me down to a whole new social level, so low that I got left out of everything

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