Ten Worst Things About High School

Ten things you hate the most about high school in general.

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81 Homecoming

A huge waste of time. All it is is an opportunity for people to wear clothing that would get them shot if they wore in public, and preps to crow about school spirit. - Darrell

Mine literally stank. The guys (as in boys) did not wear deodorant and started sweating profusely. Then they had to lift their arms up while dancing. Did I tell you I am a short female?

I saw a bunch of couples grinding on each other at my school's homecoming dance. I'm actually serious.

Homecoming and prom: An excuse to get a boy/girlfriend, and to wear Serena-esque clothing. - RiverClanRocks

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82 Student Council

As if school needs another popularity contest. - Darrell

teacher's, professor's, principal's secret soldiers and they can't resist an angry adult and can't protect fellow students for their rights - ronluna

I'm a school council member and 1 we never really have meetings because the teachers don't really care about our opinions but when they want help from us they are telling us to vote for preppy spotty teenagers who are rude and push you about on the road

It's so fake! None of the students get to control anything important!

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83 Justin Bieber wannabes

Thankfully at Troy we don't have those. BUT THE PEP RALLIES ARE OFF THE HOOK CRAZY! - AmtrakHan6993

Are you mad! "

84 Jocks

Better to be stoner than jocks - ronluna

I know a bunch of ones at my school. I'm friends with them. Not all of them are bad. - 906389

These people...
Oh these people... - MoldySock

There's a difference between a regular athlete and a jock.
A jock is an athlete who is arrogant, full of themself, prey on non athletic students, and are incredibly obnoxious.
A regular athlete however, plays their heart out, cares about his/her teammates and other students, doesn't seek attention/ look to be popular, and are more likely to succeed in life post high school.

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85 Prom

This was the worst day of my life. - aeromaxx777

When you have a group of girls chasing after you. Thankfully, I am single and nowhere near prom dates and stuff, lol. - AmtrakHan6993

I agree, proms are scarier than monsters.

I'm a single lady.

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86 Slow Computers
87 Gossips

even artists and popular people need some privacy and peace of mind - ronluna

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88 It's always the student's fault, not the teacher

You don't understand because you can't understand my accent? No, I'm not gonna write it down. Your fault.

The worst mistake a teacher can make is never admitting they're wrong

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89 Not having any classes with your friends

That's why I feel lonely even though I do have acquaintances. Most, if not all, of my friends don't even go to my school. I don't feel too sorry for myself, though, but there will be times when I do. - Murvine_Taylor

This happens loads of times! - Harry Potter

90 "Shoe Game"

Alright. so the dude I went to homecoming with was kinda weird. I asked my friend if I should say yes when he asked me or not. and get this, she said "you should go with him! He totally has the best shoe game in the school." literally what we go to a catholic school and everyone is dressed the same. is shoe game even a thing?

Kids bragging about the fact that they own 919182991321177894104 pairs of adidas/nike - Lunala

I get it having a fancy pair of Huaraches is a big thing but seriously dude..your feet.. what if you have some crusty athletes foot or that persons face is ugly asf.Now I know why people always say don't keep your head down and always look up.

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91 Strict Teachers

The Bloody sperm of Satan


92 Favoritism Among Teachers

Are you serious right now? Why isn't this on here?! - railfan99

93 School Spirit

Constantly are you forced to be happy for your school when really the place to the GROUND!

My school sucks... Why would I want to act like it's so amazing when it definitely is not

Maybe I WOULD have school spirit if you fixed the other 198 AND COUNTING problems with the school that are on this list.

Something my school overemphasizes on. - Anonymousxcxc

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94 Fire Drills

Even though they do get us outta class, they give me an instant headache, plus they always seem to happen when its half a degree or 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

Close your ears, follow people you know. Wear perfect clothing. Instant class-skip.

They also happen when it is hot, and I get a headache and sunburn because of it.

My school has the most annoying fire alarm in the world.

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95 Some kids make little things a big deal

Over a mechanical pencil

Varsity jackets, proms, dating, EOY trips to pools, etc.


Most times it’s the opposite: Teachers make little things a big deal. - railfan99

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96 Kids who use the "N" word all the time

The African Americans always say it. They realize they're insulting their ancestors right? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Yeah, I hate that. I can't stand it when my fellow African Americans call each other that. Call ME that and they'll be in the hospital,

Every sentinces they say have the n word in it is so annoying!

The problem is not the "N" word, the problem is that it is held up to this high pedestal of being a swear word, but then we have all these other racist and offensive terms that we can get away with using. Can anyone tell me about the "Z" word? Granted most of these slurs are not used as often, but it's just the point that either all of them are okay, or none of them are okay.

It's the black kids who say it

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97 People talking about how "black" they are

There was this idiot 6th grader on my bus last year that tried to act cool by singing along to thrift shop, and emphasizing the f-bombs. News flash: you're an upper middle class white kid who goes to an advanced school. You're about as far from gangsta as you can get!

One idiot at my lunch table yells at my best friend for being "too white". That kid, is a rich, white, smart kid who is really far from black. This is the kind I deal with because "black people are cooler". News flash, IT'S JUST A COLOR

One of the more annoying things about high school


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98 That one girl in your friend group that hates you

This is so true. There was this girl in my friend group and she would constantly pick out my flaws and act like everyone's better than me! It was so annoying.

The worst thing is, I actually have a crush on her - ethanmeinster

I have this girl in my friend's group who used to be my friend in kindergarten. Somehow, she's nice to everyone in the group but me, because I have a so called mustache. She always says cough ever heard of shaving cough. Thankfully Denisse saw what happened and tries to not hang with her!

I got a "friend" like that, the only reason I put up with her is because she is best friends with one of my real ones.

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99 Girls listen to pop and Boys listen to rap or EDM

Honestly what's wrong with liking a specific genre of music? Why do people have to like the same music as you?

Can't you guys listen to rock or metal for once!? Maybe punk, alt-rock, nu metal, thrash, hardcore something's that is hard and edgy. Stop listening what's on the pop radio and discovered real music!

The people that can't accept different opinions and try to get them to listen to what they like is even more annoying. Not everyone is going to like what you like, so all you can really do is respect that.

I'm a boy I hate rap but I prefer 1940 to 1969 music

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100 Athletic kids who think they're superior to others

Yes! There are a bunch of idiots at my school who act like they are so much better than everyone because they surf.

SOME boys are like that. They act like idiots, and somehow they think they are better than nerds? Give me a break. - Pony

That is every single ass-kissing girl in my school.

Lifeless jerks who seriously need to get a life. Stop insulting other people who are not sporty, you are just obnoxious yourself. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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