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81 Some kids make little things a big deal

Over a mechanical pencil

Varsity jackets, proms, dating, EOY trips to pools, etc.


Disclaimer, I'm a guy who likes to hang out with girls...

Me: Hey Emily (One of my 4 BFFs)!
Me: R u seriously

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82 That one girl in your friend group that hates you

This is so true. There was this girl in my friend group and she would constantly pick out my flaws and act like everyone's better than me! It was so annoying.

The worst thing is, I actually have a crush on her - ethanmeinster

I have this girl in my friend's group who used to be my friend in kindergarten. Somehow, she's nice to everyone in the group but me, because I have a so called mustache. She always says cough ever heard of shaving cough. Thankfully Denisse saw what happened and tries to not hang with her!

I got a "friend" like that, the only reason I put up with her is because she is best friends with one of my real ones.

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83 Girls listen to pop and Boys listen to rap or EDM

Honestly what's wrong with liking a specific genre of music? Why do people have to like the same music as you?

Can't you guys listen to rock or metal for once!? Maybe punk, alt-rock, nu metal, thrash, hardcore something's that is hard and edgy. Stop listening what's on the pop radio and discovered real music!

The people that can't accept different opinions and try to get them to listen to what they like is even more annoying. Not everyone is going to like what you like, so all you can really do is respect that.

I'm a boy I hate rap but I prefer 1940 to 1969 music

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84 All the Credits You Are Required to Have

English shouldn't be required at all because all the English you learn after Middle school is literature and I don't need literature for science and math. Grammar, the useful part of English, is done after 8th.

Majority of the schools require Language Arts to be taken all 4 years. I don't give a damn about essays and speeches, I am not even going to major in Writing, why should I care if I need to take Language Arts all 4 years?

Physical education is a requited course at my school. WHY?!?

Whine whine whine

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85 Counselors

Who don't know how or just don't properly counsel - Billyv

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86 School Days School Days

The average American school year is 180 days, but I do wish that I went to school when my dad was a kid sometimes because apparently back then (late 1960's-1970's) you didn't have to make up any snow days and the school year started in September but got out in May. Now you do have to make up for the snow days and if you get out in May you have to start in early August. Also my school system is horrible about snow days. Like unless the temperature is in the negatives and/or the snow is really thick then the school system will not give even a two hour delay (maybe if it's like 2 degrees Fahrenheit then it could happen, but probably not). For instance one day in my home state every school system had a snow day and even the colleges said that you didn't have to come to class if you didn't want to. That is except for one and that school system was my school system. Yeah so not even a two hour delay happened that day and the superintendent actually got in trouble for doing that. - Anonymousxcxc

Why the heck do they have to make school so long? Why can't they make school like 3 days a week. You wake up Monday morning and your like no! 5 days of torture are just waiting. It screams BULLIES and major TORTURE!

I counted approximately 183 days of school from September to June. I was glad I graduated soon enough, because they added a few more days to the calendar after the 2013 year. Plus on the snow days, they even had make-up days on SATURDAY. - NuMetalManiak

Why is the school days anime on here? We mean the time we have at school, not the anime! - astroshark

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87 Everyone talking behind your back

OK I am what you would call the "odd one out" (autism) I still have quite a good set of friends but it's funny how whenever I'm around someone who I'm not particularly close with they immediately turn to look at me, then stop their conversation. Also, the "popular girls" who either treat you like dirt or walk on eggshells for you. I AM THE SAME AGE AS YOU, DO NOT TREAT ME OTHERWISE! - Mushroom99

Stupid popular girls always hate me and target me. Highschool is stupid. I actually like the classes. It's the other students I hate. In my grade everyone is either one of the prissy stuck-up snobby girls who obsess over Instagram and Snapchat and talk about you behind your back and the guys who are really really REALLY immature and obsess over Dabbing and shoving each other over. - Lunala

Everyone has the chance of having backstabbers. We all gotta live with it.

88 Report Cards / Progress Reports

Where do I behin I've been failing grammer we have 19 vocabulary words and all I made was f's dammit I hate it I had a f and I still get spankings I get stress enough at school now I'm in here studying (they didn't take my phone) my parents can be jerks sometime kill me I had a hard life and nobody cares (dammit I'm complaining again) well I'm gonna pray please god help me

My parents yell at me and give me a longass lecture if I get a 92.

I have 1 C. 3 B's and one A Have mercy mother

Dear William Perish,


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89 Popular Kids

Some are popular for the right reasons as in they are respectful to adults and students, they think about their friends before themselves, keep their grades up without cheating, they give advice, they aren't obnoxious/seek attention, and don't start conflict. These are the kinds of students that will be accepted into college and have a good life after high school. The bad kind are the exact opposite of this and life won't look too good for them after high school.

Sorry, but it just seems super egotistical. Double if they whisper to their friends immediately after.

Sometimes nice, sometimes jackasses.

School should destroy cliques like this,but nooo,they just let feelings get hurt and other bad things happen!

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90 Snitches

Snitches annoy me so tricking much... they always ruin the fun of stuff!

Snitches get stitches. - AmtrakHan6993

In high school?

They aways tell on me in the lab

91 It's stressful

It's given me severe depression and anxiety

92 Inappropriate Lectures

why do we study other things that we don't need? - ronluna

7th grade health was notorious for graphic, close up mutilated bodies of drunk driving accidents and a rotting bleeding heart, but we're not aloud to hear the word "s***" for some reason. even more ironic is we hear "ni** f*ing" in the bathrooms occasionally but not once have we seen someone bleed more then a dog bite or a big scratch

My teacher likes to joke about pick up lines and if he, a 50 year old balding man, wore skinny jeans

Reminds me of the sex talk. You have to sit in a room (for like the 3rd year in a row) and listen to these old people talk about abstinance. Sucks.

93 They teach according to their lesson plans

they are not resourceful and everything they say is in the book - ronluna

Some teachers just read off the board. - Turkeyasylum

94 Stupid Uniforms

Well. We have to wear uniform because think of how many people would get bullied due to the lack of popular brands clothes.. But I agree. They should make the uniforms 20% cooler than they are now!

Oh my where do I get started with this one to me school uniform is just dull and rubbish and also I don't like wearing it at all when I leave school I'm just going to forget I ever wore school uniform when I was there cause really think about school uniform Black jumper, Black trousers, White shirt, tie or whatever call your school uniform is to me school uniform does not make you look smart it makes you look silly in it

Why do we even wear these in school?

I actually want to have uniforms. That prevents a lot of stupid girly drama and bullies have one less chance to bully people. Do you want girls to wear tattered shorts and boys wearing something MLG related? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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95 The KKK Clubs

The stupid red neck backwoods kids who think they're better cause they're white.

(It's pretty obvious that (some) white people think they're superior to everyone) but you can't say that some smug people are part of an serial killer-satanic sect. - Gabycollado

At my school, we have to watch out for those

On our chromebook she got recently there's already 3 hillbillies who have the Confederate flag as their profile picture and about 20 on their background - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Do these actually exist? - Nonpointed

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96 Athletic kids who think they're superior to others

Yes! There are a bunch of idiots at my school who act like they are so much better than everyone because they surf.

SOME boys are like that. They act like idiots, and somehow they think they are better than nerds? Give me a break. - Pony

That is every single ass-kissing girl in my school.

I'm kinda an athlete but I don't think I'm better than others. I'm not really trying to get attention.

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97 Kids that wear caps sideways and sweat pants low

The wangstas (wannabe gangstas)
The crackasses (crackers who think they badass)
The muggs (midget thugs or Mexican thugs midget Mexican thugs also)
All at my school
And no one likes them

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98 Random Erections During Gym

I got a random erection in geography when my friend fainted. The worst thing is I don't have a crush on him (just because I'm bisexual doesn't mean I have a crush on my closest friend)

Yeah,it sucks being a boy. - DapperPickle

It's the worst when you are doing jumping jacks.

Getting random erections during every class is worse.

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99 Abusive Security Guards

Yes I hate this I have a history of just telling them to kiss my ass

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100 Walking in to class late and everybody stops what they're doing and stares at you

That's the worst. It happens to me all the time because I live a bit far from my school.

I put a textbook in front of my face

This happened during freshman year environmental science on Monday, March 18, 2013.

This happens all the time for me. Everyone looks like a tiger stalking its prey when this happens. - astroshark

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