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101 Homeroom

WRONG! Best class of the year! You get free time to be on a phone/computer. (If your lucky and your in a computer class)

It sucks if you're not in a computer class... I was lucky last year.

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102 Principals, Teachers, Security guards abusing the student handbook

they create that handbook and they violate it - ronluna

I agree, kids wear coats in the building anyway.

103 Discrimination of Other Schools

like you study in a normal schools and they study in great hypocrite schools - ronluna

They always make fun of the sports teams of the neighboring school een though the school heir making fun of has yet to be defeated. Logic please? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Our school is yet to be defeated does that mean I can discriminate other schools

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104 Cheerleaders

They are so annoying! When they're not screaming stupid cheers, their drooling over jocks, applying makeup, or gossiping about people who be themselves. DIE CHEERLEADERS DIE!

No one needs dumb uneducated girls to yell in their retarded girls voices and wear the shortest dresses, like go work on some homework and get good grades first!

Gimme a D gimme a I gimme an E what's that? DIE


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105 Weirdos

The people that still pick boogers and are just a bunch of spazzes that just need to know where your infection is

The scary thing is all of the "popular" boys are always picking their nose and it bothers me so much.

I had to deal with loads of them since grammar school

Andrew Claypool I'm so cool that I'm nothing. Me die

106 Having to take tests all the time

I'm my school the teachers don't give tests until the last 2 weeks of the quarter, and my average in every class plummets from a 97 to an 80

Especially in algerbra, that's why I have a failing grade in that class

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107 People are judged by how nice their clothes are

It seems very unfair how this happens in my school. About 80% of my school all have lots of money, iPhones, and the most expensive clothes! The other 20% are left in the dust by the other 80% because they "aren't as rich" as them. And about every kid who has no name brand clothes is discriminated. This has to be #1!

In my school it's all Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul and Thrift shops everywhere. Yeah, I live in the hood.

Glittery shirts doesn't make the girls special

My school has uniforms. Saves a lot of drama. - Lunala

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108 People who laugh too much

In school there are people who laugh at things that are not funny and when you are trying to do your work they never shut there mouth up and let you work which is really annoying and you tell them to stop they just keep going and will not stop

I'm presenting a project that I worked hard on but wasn't that great. These two girls start laughing and saying: nice poster, I like the amount of space. It's obvious you worked hard. WELL SHUT UP JESUS CHRIST I'M TRYING TO PRESENT AND YOU KEEP DELAYING IT SO OTHERS CAN'T HEAR

I really hate them. I think they just want to get people's attention.

Hey. some have a mental problem that makes me laugh or cry at random times, they can't help it.

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109 Fat and ugly popular girls

I don't get how they get boyfriends. They must pay them a real fourtune

Sexist but hey, can't argue with that logic. - AmtrakHan6993

Ughh! Hate them. Especially when they say that they're beautiful. Ew! In what part of you're body makes you beautiful? Your neck? That aren't same as the color of your white body? Tss

Rgh! I hate the ones with a big butt, that wear thongs with yoga pants! They look so sl*t ty! One of my classmates is one lol - Mordimort

110 Being singled out for no reason

This happened to me, unfortunately. - MusicalPony

I'm On Summer Vaca Going To 6th And in 5th I Was Always Singled Out For No Reason

111 Being the Last One Picked

Always happens to me, not that I suck though

Always happens and I'm not the worst

I get picked last, then either one kid showboats the whole game so I don't do anything, or I blow everyone out of the water

For me it is always because I'm quiet even though I run quickly!

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112 Group Projects

The teachers always put the smart kids with the dumb lowlife kids! All they want to do is goof off and chat while all the people who actually care about their grade are stuck doing the work! The worst part is that everyone gets the same grade! If you try to make a stupid idiot find information for the project the information is from wikipedia and they do a crappy job at it.

I do an amazing job on my own, but in group projects I feel constrained and like my creative voice gets constrained and is never heard. The worst part is when no one ever lets me do anything and the school has us work in groups all the time. - Anonymousxcxc

I am always suck with mean bossy jerks in my group and they never let me do anything.

I always do all the work, or do a half-assed job

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113 Emos

You must mean the stupid ones that don't understand music genre, nor the concept of keeping to oneself...

Those weird kids who think that the world is a depressing place. All they do is beg for sympathy and dress like it's Halloween.

Not all emos are bad! My best friend is one!

I guess they are creative...

114 Metalhead Elitist

As a metalhead, I probably am that elitist, but I keep my mouth shut.

115 Getting bullied in the bathroom

Already on the list.

Lol the population girls once chased me into the bathroomI just starter hiding in the stalls

Swirlies are bad enough but bitches watching you dump is worse.

116 Dumb Rules

So my school has a list of stupid rules like for example you can't wear a sweater unless its raining or your sick, but the thing is I love wearing sweaters and when my anxiety acts up I get a fever, when I tried to tell my teachers and principal this they either laughed and took me to the nurse to make sure I was "sick" or they confiscated my sweater and threatened to give me a detention. When I go to school the next day I see other people wearing sweaters when its sunny out and no one says anything to them.

Another dumb rule is that we can't carry or use earphones at school. One day I was listening to music with my earphones in after school and walking ( at the time I didn't know that the rule even existed) and a random teacher stopped me and asked me why I had my earphones in and then grabbed them from me and walked away, the school said that they would give it back but I haven't gotten them back and its been a month and a half.

School really sucks :'(

I hate these. Honestly, they are so silly. At my school, we have to have our electronics off, no tank tops, no colored hair, saying 'Oh my God's can get us threatened to get dentention, and talking about homosexuality even if you are homosexual and it's postitive. Yeah, I temporarily dyed a couple streaks of blue, and they yelled at me. Tank tops are banned, oh and you know jeans with holes? They banned those too. Why?! Tell me, teachers, why with the pointless rules?

Many school rules are debatable. The only good school rules are the ones that get neglected because "nobody would do that."

Why isn't this number one? I go to private school, and trust me, it's WAY tougher than public school!

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118 Graduating

All at once, dozens of people you spent a huge chunk of your life with are gone. - railfan99

119 Enrollment

Why are group projects so bad? High school group project ho I got a girlfriend plus it's better than doing something by yourself. lets see you write a ten page essay plus other complicated and unneccesary stuff in three days. THREE DAYS! Group projects should be replaced by projects and enrollment sucks you have tog o through the same thing you already did. - HeavyDonkeyKong

you know that you will have that hard time again - ronluna

120 People Who Accuse Others of Thinking They're Cool

Here's a little tidbit of info for you. If you think your cool, then your cool. Plain and simple. Coolness is all in your head.

Yeah one of my friends is like that when he gets mad he accuses you that your not cool but then your cool after he calmes down

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