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121 Bathroom policies V 1 Comment
122 Graduating

All at once, dozens of people you spent a huge chunk of your life with are gone. - railfan99

123 Saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas

People who don't celebrate Christmas should not get offended by this. - scoopoo

124 Enrollment

Why are group projects so bad? High school group project ho I got a girlfriend plus it's better than doing something by yourself. lets see you write a ten page essay plus other complicated and unneccesary stuff in three days. THREE DAYS! Group projects should be replaced by projects and enrollment sucks you have tog o through the same thing you already did. - HeavyDonkeyKong

you know that you will have that hard time again - ronluna

125 People Who Accuse Others of Thinking They're Cool

Here's a little tidbit of info for you. If you think your cool, then your cool. Plain and simple. Coolness is all in your head.

Yeah one of my friends is like that when he gets mad he accuses you that your not cool but then your cool after he calmes down

126 Fat people wearing clothes way too small for them

It's nice you love your body but wearing smaller clothes doesn't make you any smaller

While it's great that a variety of people have high self-esteem, fat people wearing tight clothing is gross! Every time I see a fat girl in yoga pants, I want to puke my guts out. If you live in as fat of a country as the United States, where skin-tight clothing is popular, you may find yourself wishing you were blind.

There's this one fat girl who has harrier arms than me (I'm a guy who's never shaved ever and I am going through puberty) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The females from grammer school who are at least a foot taller them me. They are such an eyesore to me.

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127 Popular bitches who already have boyfriends eying other people's men

This is so irritating! You're lucky enough to have a boyfriend. There's no need for more than one!

They just run after good looking men or women while they already have one themselves. - ArpstaAmy333

Men? Highschool? They aren't men, but yeah it's annoying even though I'm a guy and have never been in a relationship. I see it all the time

UGH their such hoes my bes friend was used by one tog et back at her boyfriend. wors tof all he actually liked her! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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128 Your Ex

It sucks to have your ex staring at you every time you walk in the hallway during passing time. It scares me.

That moment when your ex she talks badly about you in every girl around the school, 'unable to dick me out,''I mean why is it suppose to matter we over right, my ex was my nightmare

129 SAT Prep
130 Afterschool Club

In my sophomore year, I quit this club, because this group of females, who were mean to me since elementary years, joined that year, while I joined the year before. They would just socialize, and call me an outcast.

131 Posers

I hate how there's always a group of people who think their punk or popular I mean come on BE YOURSELF

This person on my bus (who is a perv) is a poser and when I first heard mp him say that I was like does he know what it means when I looked it up it means acting as someone that you're not in other words a wannabe

There are these wannabe punk girls in my school who dye their hair and listen to simple plan, a day to remember, tøp, fob, and other non punk bands.

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132 Teachers Who Judge You Immediately

They make smart ass comments saying "How about you stop talking! "

"Talk to your friends in the office"

"hel-lo school is just as important"

"I'm sorry you don't know about the facts Amy, you're not supposed to talk! "

"This class line should be straight and faces should be to the back of the person in front of you! I have higher expectations! "

"You are in 7th grade stand in a single file"

"Tuck your shirt in... so your stomach would be shown"

"No light jackets! Wear polo tucked shirts! "

"This is school, not reality T.V."

"You should be listening to the music I present to you and the whole class! "

"Don't get comfortable with YouTube... Us teachers will block the website in a day or two! "

"OH My GOD! This child was supposed to do her homework! Everybody look at her and make her feel embarrassed! ...more

133 Some kids have a HUGE advantage because of their family

Kids n their cars while I ride a bus an hour every morning and an hour back.

That makes me feel bad for complaining about not being able to drive because my mom drives me to and from school, which I say is much better than taking the bus. - Murvine_Taylor

There's this kid who couldn't get in trouble because his mom was president of the PTO a couple years back. Ugh.

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134 Cell Phone Jammers
135 Poor Plumbing
136 Hypocrite kids who hate bullying yet they do it

So true there where this bullying thing on YouTube and the class was crying and yet they say bullying so wrong but they bully me of my Kpop artists who I pay more attention to that those hypocrites I don't even think they no what bullying is

The people who Say

To the people who like this,
U deserve to fall in corridor.

At my school, they told us to wear blue if we were against bullying. So that day, all the popular bitches wore blue and I was bullied 6 times that day.

137 Tattle telling on other kids to be cool while in a group of friends

I got tattled on just for not singing in music class (I thought this was america)

138 When the cafeteria table is really dirty

Yes! The biology class took samples in petri dishes and grew some really stinky bacteria

139 Teachers Who Are Nice to Everyone Except You

Sounds like Mrs. Puff off of SpongeBob because she HATES SpongeBob (she tried to kill him once) yet acts sweet toward everyone else. - Murvine_Taylor

My gym teacher, Mrs. Dursley, in freshman year 2012-13

140 Those douchebag guys that treat girls like crap but for some reason get all the girls.

It's like, yo girl, you got something to prove to these dudes?

It's a wonder how guys like that even get girls in the first place. Obviously more caring about the looks rather than personality.

This should be MUCH higher.

This kid sits behind me in English and he's always like "you say the dumbest s*** ". I don't even understand how he has a girlfriend. Sometimes we are friends; sometimes we hate each other.

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