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141 Detention

I hardly ever get in trouble, but if I do, it's very mild, so detention is the least of my concerns. - Murvine_Taylor

Mrs. Dot, school is TERRIBLE for you and school lunch is absolutely horrible no matter what, it's completely unhealthy and they even put processed meats in it.

You shouldn't even have detention in the first place. Learn to not screw up trying to act "cool".

Get a life Mrs. Dot. You must be account #2 of Mrs. Green. Here is a correction if you are an ELA Teacher: You all should be hating school, it's bad for you.
You all should not be into the school spirit and not enjoy school lunch
There are many kids who do have school and would like to not take a walk through their school. You even got the word its wrong. - AmtrakHan6993

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142 How my school doesn't have a McDonald's like some schools do

WHAT?! SOME SCHOOLS HAVE MCDONALDS?! THIS IS New Zealand, REAL MEN DON'T EAT FROM CLOWN RESTAURANTS! Sorry about that, just had to get my point across that I would rather eat proper food and not grease-filled sheep's dungaroo.

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143 Bronies

YES! Bronies as far as the eye can see! It makes me want to go ballistic! I am an anti-brony, so this one has my vote!

144 When people brag about driving

In my biology class, it seems that everyone has a permit and they have to brag about it. If you're going to brag, go somewhere else in the class - Zero116

I agree. I hate it when people talk about driving in front of me. It just makes me feel bad because I'm 17 and still not driving. Don't worry I feel your pain and it's satisfying to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. Man, I just love the internet. - Murvine_Taylor

More like when people brag about how cool their cars are. Just because your car is much cooler than some old piece of junk I ended up driving doesn't give you the right to have that kind of attitude. In fact, it gives the car a bad rap if the typical car owner is a douchebag. - NuMetalManiak

145 Mean People
146 People Who Take High School Relationships Way Too Seriously V 1 Comment
147 Seniors hating on freshmen

Dear seniors, leave them freshmen alone. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Make freshmen feel welcome to be in high school.

Seniors need to remember that they were freshmen once too. - NuMetalManiak

Let the balls drop first

148 Guys get blamed for farting V 1 Comment
149 Dirty Toilets

LOL. One time when I was taking a piss in the boys toilets at one of those things that you stand up at, I forget the name of it, the kids next me we're all peeing on each other and it was absolutely disgusting. There was pee going all over the walls and the floor and the kids had pee al over them.( if your a girl I'm just telling you they only have the things u stand up at in boys toilets). It was so disgusting but when someone started to pee on my leg I had to fire back.

At my school, the boys toilets are horrible. There are doors that don't shut (sometimes I've had to tape them shut), missing doors, missing toilet rolls, missing soap, broken hand dryers, and graffiti and poop (sometimes) on the walls. - drdevil

Mostly in public schools

I hate dirty toilets I am very upset because the door dodnt close it or someone lock it and leave then the doors are broken and missing, No toilet rolls someone using wasting, broken toilet or someone smash the toilets and Graffiti everywhere and Stinky poop like horse poop! Or maybe walls are damaged like someone writing says YOU WEIRDO or haha little kid is stupid or someone writing say f you dora or wanna call me please call or Wanna be friends or wanna show my address or someone will write a notes! and student didn't learn how to flush the toilets getting dirty dirty dirty more dirty in high school more than middle school but little bit elementary school

OVER 99% GERMS! IN THE RESTROOMS! So I'm not going to go restrooms! Too much poops everywhere. - SpencerJC

150 Dirty locker smells like rotten fish
151 Not Allowed to Play Games On the Computers at Break or Lunch
152 If you're a representative of your school, people will hate you once you lose

whats with the reputation, fame and awards? you can't win always - ronluna

153 Gay People

Number 13, anyone? Homophobia? To whoever put this on here, that's WHAT YOU ARE! A homophobic idiot that hates gays!

So racists get put on the 2nd page, this gets put last. Makes sense.

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154 Whory biology teachers with hot daughters V 3 Comments
155 Girls getting all the attention because they are rich

This happened during French class every year

156 The biggest jocks get the most attention

That's balls! Everybody needs attention no matter if you're a kid who's a reject, punk, I don't care

157 High schoolers that like to hop a lot V 1 Comment
158 Some kids are bullied for their size

I was called a midget when I was 30 pounds underweight. Now, I'm 13, 5'1, and 90 lbs. Jeez, I was really skinny when I was in elementary.

My best friend gets bullied by this douchebag becuse of his size. - WWEfanJayden

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159 Hipsters

They ALWAYS have their talent-less rappers on full blast. They don't understand that others are trying to learn.
They are usually the students who's main goal is to make it hard for you in school - dellagattadavid

160 Homework Copiers

Call them cunning people. They know when to copy, what to copy and how to copy. The best way to success is to learn from others.

Only dumb people who are lazy do this!

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