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161 High schoolers that like to hop a lot V 1 Comment
162 Some kids are bullied for their size

I was called a midget when I was 30 pounds underweight. Now, I'm 13, 5'1, and 90 lbs. Jeez, I was really skinny when I was in elementary.

My best friend gets bullied by this douchebag becuse of his size. - WWEfanJayden

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163 Hipsters

They ALWAYS have their talent-less rappers on full blast. They don't understand that others are trying to learn.
They are usually the students who's main goal is to make it hard for you in school - dellagattadavid

164 Homework Copiers

Call them cunning people. They know when to copy, what to copy and how to copy. The best way to success is to learn from others.

Only dumb people who are lazy do this!

Oh I do that

165 When kids all crowd around you for gum

At our school. There's a black market for gum. They treat gum like weed and crack in my school - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That can be annoying, but I can't say no. (Kind of like SpongeBob in "The Abrasive Side." :P) - Murvine_Taylor

I never bring gum to school

I don't even like gum - Lunala

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166 Midterms/Regents V 1 Comment
167 Waiting in the gym for 30 minutes before going to class or taking a test
168 Bell Schedule

The bell at my school usually gives us a 5-minute warning before class starts. Can we have like a few more minutes please?! - Stazemar000

169 People who act nice in front in school but are really mean outside of school

These female winners at Bye Bye Birdie

I will admit this is like me in real life vs. The internet; I act nice in real life, but on the internet I can be a cyber bully. - Murvine_Taylor

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170 Kids who seem to have a whole different personality on Facebook

Yeah, there are some kids that act really cool in Facebook but not in school. - tent2

171 Some bathrooms look like they are 200 years old

My little sisters elementary school has poop stains on the walls. The kid who did it got suspended. She is known as the poo bandit.

The girl's bathroom reeks of aerosol, there is graffiti but not a lot. One of emoji poo and one of a unicorn. People doing their hair or whatever (in the morning only) which means hogging the sink for ages. - Lunala

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172 Kids who fight way too much
173 Kids who are perverts at all time

A guy in my grade says that anal sex is for all ages, and that masturbating in public is perfectly acceptable! He makes the face of a pedophile in his school pictures, and comes up with disgustingly sexual jokes. He asks authority figures perverted questions. Also, he sexually harasses hot chicks. Keep in mind, I'm in 8th grade!

I seriously HATE (times infinity) those people I was once surrounded by them

Especially those kids feeling cool because they watched porn...IT WAS NEVER COOL!

174 Textbooks That Have No Information Whatsoever
175 Lack of Authority In Some Schools
176 School Boards Tend to Care for Certain Schools More Than Others
177 Losing An Election by a Large Margin

I don't care about all theta crap

178 It's always the student's fault, not the teacher

You don't understand because you can't understand my accent? No, I'm not gonna write it down. Your fault.

The worst mistake a teacher can make is never admitting they're wrong

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179 The kid that says 'that's what she said' after everything you say

Get your head out of your butt. It's not a hat. -Aubrey, Pitch Perfect

Ciaran Fahy used to do this but then I asked him to change it to that's what he said, just to keep things fresh- Christy Cooper

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180 People in tank tops and shorts are treated like sluts

I wear long sleeves anyway! - Link2

Glad I only wear T-shirts and long sleeves - Stazemar000

Also, jeans - Stazemar000

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