Top 10 Worst Things About Homestuck

Who needs immature kids and racy feminist trolls who likes swearing, killing and quirking? Not me.

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1 How They Killed the Characters

Every time I see a HS character killed is like this :
Kid 1: we are the beta testers we are so happy

Kid 2 : I am going to kill You (makes Jeff face)


Kid 1 got kissed by other people and went off to Kid 2

Kid 1 : I am going to kill ya!


#this is one of the reasons I agree with Karkat - Coffeemilkshakes

2 The Fandom
3 The Characters are Stereotyped

For example :
Sollux: An asian stereotype of a nerd
Karkat: An internet troll who writes in all caps and does not hear a word others say
Nepeta: A furry who likes OTPs and ships.
Kanaya: A twitard who do things in her way. only and hates people getting in her way. Also an excuse for a war between Harry Potter (Eridan) and Twilight (Kanaya) fandom that the Twilight fandom is better.
Terezi: A stereotype of Katy the rocker penguin meme.
Gamzee: A stereotype of drunkards and creepypasta fans - Coffeemilkshakes

4 The Characters Makes Puns and Jokes During Fighting The Characters Makes Puns and Jokes During Fighting
5 The Lazy Fights
6 Andrew Hussie
7 Shipping Wars
8 The Trolls
9 Fanfictions
10 Karkat Vantas
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1. How They Killed the Characters
2. The Fandom
3. The Characters are Stereotyped



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