Worst Things About Homework

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1 It takes up all of your free time




2 It's too difficult


3 It has nothing to do with what you've just been taught in class
4 Waste of time

I've wasted hours doing homework mainly because I don't do it at school. I would rather talk with friends instead of do work at school so I guess this is my punishment.

I sit through school (an already HUGE waste of time) and then I get homework. By the time I finish it, time for bed. come on!

No reason that people should be doing homework when they already have a long hard day at school

If It weren't for the load pile of homework and how I also have to study for a social studies exam, I could've already eaten, bathed, and would probably be doing something more relaxing to kick all the stress from school. - MLPFan

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5 Too much homework

I do homework way to much then I get sleepy and get it wrong and get in trouble

I hate homework it is stupid and boring it makes me a slave!

I hate homework it is too much stress it wears me out.

Ain't nobody got time for dat

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6 It's boring
7 Not enough time with family/friends

Picture this: Dad came from work, he wants to spend time with his son. Son: "Dad can't, you know why? I gotta do my homework.

That kinda hurt dad feelings - theDj7121

I do literally nothing on weekdays because of stupid homework which is as boring asf

I barely have any REAL freetime anymore. Like, hardly ever - MLPFan

8 Kills trees

Teacher: we need to save trees!
And what is homework done on? Paper of course and where does paper come from? A TREE!

It just kills them homework is bad your kid it makes them sick

Entirely True Fact!

Hw wastes trees we need other things from trees - Ihateschool

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9 Teachers ask for it too early
10 It's your worst Christmas/Birthday present

Teacher: See you in 3 weeks of Christmas vacation
Class: YAY
Teacher: But you all need to do your homework during your vacation
Student: ;(

I would say it's your worst nightmare come true.

it sucks


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? Family feuds

My parents are always fighting because of homework

? It does not help you at all

Its true it does not teach you at all its not a teacher

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11 Gotta do it over summer

I can make it work over the normal school year, but after finals, the last thing I want to worry about is next year's tests...

12 Doesn't teach you anything

Homework is more stupid than daylight savings. Imagine this: You come home after a long boring day of school and all you wan't to do is relax for like an hour. Go on YouTube for like 2 hours go outside and play for an hour and a half but instead get 3 to 5 hours of this piece of garbage known as homework. Not just homework though. Mostly school in general. Kids get stressed all weekend because of worries of schoolwork and it just disgusts me how some kids have to go through this kind of stuff. Like being punished for no reason.

I don't need to know that stuff and how do I use them in real life? I would want to know real life stuff not crap! - InfernoTopTenners


13 Gotta do it during weekends

Weekends are for taking your minds off school, not for doing stressful work from school.

Why teachers

I have to always worry about my friggen grades! OVER THE WEEKEND!

Teacher: Have a good weekend
Student: 😄
Teacher: Don't forget you have weekend homework
Student: SCREW YOU!

14 Won't let you sleep

One of my classes gives so many homework assignments and pointless essays that staying up until 2am every college night is becoming the norm for me. Everyone else seems just as sleep deprived, yet the teacher wonders why half the class is failing. - Entranced98

Yes, I know that their purpose for giving us homework is to make us hardworking but they should know that lack of sleep is dangerous too.

Never really had that. My teachers don't give me so much homework that I can't sleep.

Yep I have to stay up all night doing homewoork and I'm in middle school

15 Work at school all day, come home for more

This stress me out

16 It has caused teenage suicides

I have this thing called a WAMI day where when it snows and I have no school I have to do a lot of work. I almost choked myself due to the stress and my mom thinks this is silly. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I have tried to commit suicide 15 times because of hw and another 5 for depression - Ihateschool

17 Doing it

No one wants to waste their time doing crap they already can figure out with common sense. Homework applied to everyday life is useless. If you actually needed most of the stuff taught in schools then everyone's parents would know how to do it yet none of them do. They can't help you with calculus because they've never had to use it. When will you use geometry at the grocery store? Are you ever going to need to find the angles of a cereal box at Wal Mart?

18 How people hate it

Lol everyone hate it

My kid is lazzy because of it

19 It's really stressful

I have no time for family and cousins over the weekend the teachers gave us hw

My mom and I fight over the computer and I have lots of homework to do and I really want to do it all at once but my mom keeps kicking me off of it and using it for her thing >:(

20 It causes depression because of its impact on your grades

Sadly they make it out like everything's riding on a few letters on a piece of paper. A lot of this needs to change - some of the obsession over grades could at least be replaced with teaching students other skills that will ensure them success in the workplace. - Entranced98

I cut becuzz of it

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