Top 10 Worst Things About the Ice Age Franchise


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1 They Won't Go Away

They need to cancel this franchise.

Even worser, Ice Age isn't Western Canadian.

Sorry to tell you but... There will be a 5. - DapperPickle

Hate to say this but they're already planning on a sixth movie.

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2 Ice Age: Continential Drift

Poor Peaches was turned into your average run of the mill troubled teen character cliche in this movie. I do like how she's a accurate representation of teenagers, but what I DON'T like is Manny in this movie. He's been turned from a comedy machine into a annoying, overprotective abusive father in this one. As Peaches would say, I wish he wasn't her father and Buck would be instead

Nicki Minaj and Drake don't deserve to be in an animated film.

I like like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd movie but 4 and 5 suck so much. Just watch 4 and 5 for the credit

Oh, tell me about it!
They leave all us Buck-fans in suspense about whether he's alright or not. And the plot is unoriginal, the pirates are unnecessary, and what happened to Buck? =(

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3 Sid

In the 1st & 2nd he was quite funny but after that he just got annoying - Gamer231

Like people said, their personalities change, and they get worse!

He even kidnapped three baby dinosaurs!

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4 None of The Sequels Managed To Be As Good As The Original

I loved the original Ice Age & it's GBA version. But its sequels & their gaming versions? Lame as it can barely help but be.

The second one killed the franchise. right down from innuendos to mean spirited overtones from the characters. plus, the two main villains in the movie were pretty pointless.

Lol I love the original; hate the others

I really liked the first one but I hated the 2nd one and the 4th. I didn't think the 3rd one was bad but overall just not as good.

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5 They Were All Successful At The Box Office

We believe Rio's a little better than this movie & worst of all boring Robots.

These movies woke up one morning married to a box office!
An ugly box office.

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6 It's Not Funny Anymore

It never was except to people who are easily amused.

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7 Continental Drift Copied The 2nd Movies Plot

FINALLY! I thought I was the only one that thought that

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8 None of The Characters Have Character Development

You're right! I hate those possums. I just want to stomp on them! They're so annoying, and stupid, and mean sometimes. they need to go away forever. that will save the franchise from freezing.

Including Manny, who's a overprotective annoying father in the 4th one

The only chacter who had good development was buck and his only in one movie

9 Bad Villians

You're right. the ice age series was never good at developing villains. In the first movie, Soto is just your typical rough leader of the pack. we never see him do anything bad and he gets killed in a pretty brutal way.

And in the second movie, cretaceous and maelstrom are just pointless. what was the point of having those two in the second movie? What purpose did they even have?

I acttuly like the villians soto, the fish, rudy, and the best captain gutt

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10 There Will Be A 5th Coming In 2016

They need to cancel this franchise, it's so bad.

The Only Good Thing I Can Say About This Is


You have to be joking. I liked the first three as a child, but now, it's ludicrous. Enough is enough. - PositronWildhawk

Don't forget about a 6th one on 2019 ( maybe ) I hope they don't make a flippin 6th!

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11 Peaches

She does nothing to the plot of the 4th film

She's the reason I hate Manny in this one

She ruined Manny into being the usual overprotective dad!

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12 Nicki Minaj Voicing Steffie

Why would they let a unlikable rapper to voice bratty Steffie?

All those teen mammoths were annoying!

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13 Manny Being Overprotective and Grounding to Peaches V 2 Comments
14 Overabundance of Celebrity Voices

I remember when the original Disney movies didn't even use famous people as voice overs. I prefer it that way! I mean don't we get enough of famous people and then to have to hear their voices on cartoon movies! Overkill!

Ice Age Continental Drift is most guilty of this by having Drake and Nicki Minaj voicing in it.

It just hurts to hear Nicki Minaj's voice in an animated film.

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15 Mean Spirited Characters
16 Characters who Cuss

Manny says" And the wild a$$ went home! "

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17 No Ice Age Crossovers

This would make the franchise much worse...

Exactly! Ice age should crossover with Madagascar or Alvin and the Chipmunks or something.

They need to make a crossover with Madagascar

18 Scratte Doesn't Return

She's my favorite character, JUST HAVE HER CHARACTER RETURN DAMMIT!

It would of been great if she was a space nemesis to Scrat in Collision Course

19 Terrible Animation

The first Ice Age movie's animation looked like it was done by a first year-student at an art college TRYING to fail their assignment. Seriously, it was AWFUL. And I know that it was from 2002, but there were plenty of movies around that time that looked better. Heck, TOY STORY did. And Toy Story was 7 years before. The clearly weren't trying at all.

Don't all of the Ice Age movies have the same animation? I feel like the animation in Ice Age is only barely different from the animation of its easily inferior successors.

Gotta remember guys, that was 2002. But toy story is 1995 and it has better graphics.

20 Scrat is Predictable Now

Scrat NEVER gets that stupid acorn, its getting old

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