Top 10 Worst Things About the Ice Age Franchise

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1 They Won't Go Away

They need to cancel this franchise.

Even worser, Ice Age isn't Western Canadian.

Sorry to tell you but... There will be a 5. - DapperPickle

Actually, if they return the humans, that could make the sixth movie come close to Ice Age

2 Ice Age: Continential Drift

Poor Peaches was turned into your average run of the mill troubled teen character cliche in this movie. I do like how she's a accurate representation of teenagers, but what I DON'T like is Manny in this movie. He's been turned from a comedy machine into a annoying, overprotective abusive father in this one. As Peaches would say, I wish he wasn't her father and Buck would be instead

To be honest, the ONLY good thing to come from this movie is Captain Gutt. He was the first (Second if we're really counting the tigers from the first film) proper villain for the series. He was charming, ruthless and sadistic. He was evil for the sake of it and really acted as a foil for the Herd, mostly Manny. Despite all the weak writing and forced pop music along the film, Captain Gutt was the only character that was straight up enjoyable to watch. Heck, he even had his own villain song! - Daviddv0601

I hate this movie so much - Gamer231

Nicki Minaj and Drake don't deserve to be in an animated film.

3 Sid

In the 1st & 2nd he was quite funny but after that he just got annoying - Gamer231

Like people said, their personalities change, and they get worse!

He even kidnapped three baby dinosaurs!

In the first three films, Sid was funny. But in the fourth and fifth film, he just got so annoying and unfunny.

4 None of The Sequels Managed To Be As Good As The Original

So far even for good movies it's difficult to make a decent sequel, and those even better than the first one (toystory2, empire strike back, pokemon gold/silver, indiana jones and the last crusade, silence of the lambs) are even rarer, what failed with ice age is basically everything after the first one, it talks about a improvised group of animals that search for finding the family of a baby, is sad but funny too, meltdown is trash, bad characters, stupid plot, that "last mammoths" thing that make twilight or the one about padme and anakin good love stories... even worst about third, forth and fifth installaments, I won't talk about, but I'll just say one thing, good animations doesn't make a movie good

I loved the original Ice Age & it's GBA version. But its sequels & their gaming versions? Lame as it can barely help but be.

The second one killed the franchise. right down from innuendos to mean spirited overtones from the characters. plus, the two main villains in the movie were pretty pointless.

Lol I love the original; hate the others

5 They Were All Successful At The Box Office

We believe Rio's a little better than this movie & worst of all boring Robots.

Hey, Robots is not boring. And Rio is not better than the first Ice Age. - PeeledBanana

I don't think the fifth was sucsessful, was it?

These movies woke up one morning married to a box office!
An ugly box office.

Yeah, and that's why they keep making sequels. For the $$$$

6 It's Not Funny Anymore

Imagine Ice Age crossovers.

It never was except to people who are easily amused.

At Least We Still Have Scrat And Buck To Make Us Laugh


7 Continental Drift Copied The 2nd Movies Plot

FINALLY! I thought I was the only one that thought that

I knew they were too similar!

8 None of The Characters Have Character Development

You're right! I hate those possums. I just want to stomp on them! They're so annoying, and stupid, and mean sometimes. they need to go away forever. that will save the franchise from freezing.

Including Manny, who's a overprotective annoying father in the 4th one

The only chacter who had good development was buck and his only in one movie

Buck was the only character in the sequels that had good character development. That is why he is my favorite in the IA series.

9 Bad Villians

I disagree with this. In fact, Ice Age has the best villains, with the exception of Collision Course, where the villains there were a major downgrade compared to the previous villains. Still, the villains from the first had a real good motive for being evil. They simply wanted to kill the boy because humans wiped out most of their pack. Then we went to the next villains such as those killer sea creatures that were mostly predators acting on instinct. Same may apply for Roody in Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Then we got Captain Gutt, who is by far the best villain in the franchise. He is charismatic, psychotic, ruthless, sadistic, etc. He was evil for the sake of being evil and perfectly served as a foil for the whole Herd. - Daviddv0601

You're right. the ice age series was never good at developing villains. In the first movie, Soto is just your typical rough leader of the pack. we never see him do anything bad and he gets killed in a pretty brutal way.

And in the second movie, cretaceous and maelstrom are just pointless. what was the point of having those two in the second movie? What purpose did they even have?

The villains are amazing you idiot!

I loved Soto though - RedTheGremlin

10 Peaches

She is an annoying mammoth trying to get the attention of Ethan and she is so willing to change who she is to get a boy. Seriously teens don't act the way she does. This movie just uses many teen stereotypes. Come on writers this was my favorite franchise. The fifth is worse.

I Honestly Don't Care About Her

She does nothing to the plot of the 4th film

She ruined Manny into being the usual overprotective dad!

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11 There Will Be A 5th Coming In 2016

Some things just need to die.

The Only Good Thing I Can Say About This Is


They need to cancel this franchise, it's so bad.

You have to be joking. I liked the first three as a child, but now, it's ludicrous. Enough is enough. - PositronWildhawk

12 Mean Spirited Characters
13 No Ice Age Crossovers

This would make the franchise much worse...

Why is this even an item? Crossovers are always a bad idea because they usually combine two completely different things that have nothing in common at all!

Exactly! Ice age should crossover with Madagascar or Alvin and the Chipmunks or something.

Crossovers should not happen with Ice Age! All the films are good.

14 Scratte Doesn't Return

She's my favorite character, JUST HAVE HER CHARACTER RETURN DAMMIT!

It would of been great if she was a space nemesis to Scrat in Collision Course

15 Manny Being Overprotective and Grounding to Peaches

Manny is overprotective over Peaches, but he's still a good father. I hope you know what it feels like to be a father when you're an adult. But still, Peaches is the one that kept making Manny be an overprotective father.



16 They Forgot About the Humans and the Baby

Where the heck happened to them? And may I add in the sequels the animals progressively got more human?

17 Overabundance of Celebrity Voices

I remember when the original Disney movies didn't even use famous people as voice overs. I prefer it that way! I mean don't we get enough of famous people and then to have to hear their voices on cartoon movies! Overkill!

Ice Age Continental Drift is most guilty of this by having Drake and Nicki Minaj voicing in it.

It just hurts to hear Nicki Minaj's voice in an animated film.

Ye enough is enough

18 Characters who Cuss

Manny says" And the wild a$$ went home! "

The beaver said damn.
The beetle said crap.
No complaints there

19 Nicki Minaj Voicing Steffie

Why would they let a unlikable rapper to voice bratty Steffie?

All those teen mammoths were annoying!


20 They're Not Even Trying

They're not putting any effort into their story.
Seriously? Dinosaurs? Pirates? Now aliens?

How did it go from a movie about three cool animals taking a sweet little baby human back to his tribe into the most random sequels the world has ever seen?

Exactly, plots getting worse! along with reviews.

21 Scrat is Predictable Now

Scrat NEVER gets that stupid acorn, its getting old

22 Collision Course (5th movie) killed the franchise

The third ruined it, the fourth made it unoriginal and the 5th killed it, I agree on that

23 Manny

Manny the Mammoth has big head, tiny brain!

He was a hilarious mammoth to a pointless overprotective dad.

We should start an ice age hate club.


24 Diego

Diego Is Still Fine

25 It's Inappropriate

The Third Film Does Have Hidden Adult Jokes But They Are Funny

The fifth film is disgusting with its toilet jokes. - darthvadern

Bodily functions just simply aren't funny, poop, turd, farts, "accidental" face plants into butts. All stupid low IQ and doesn't belong in a kids show. These shows are terrible, along with plenty of other modern cartoons. Happy feet insults your intelegence.

How Is It Inappropriate?

26 It's Gotten Worse

I have to agree. The first three were pretty decent. The fourth and the fifth one are going to kill this franchise, though. My favorite Ice Age movies in order are:1: Meltdown: In my opinion it was the best movie though many people view this as a horrible sequel. I also think it was a great sequel to the original.2: Ice Age: The original is only a bit worse than the sequel in my opinion. It was still a thrilling movie that I love. This and its sequel rank in my top ten favorite movies.3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: This was also a pretty good movie with many characters such as Rudy, Buck, and Scratte.4: Continental Drift: This movie killed the franchise with its horrible dialogue and plot. Though there were a couple laughs here and there, I despised this movie and I think the fifth one will be way worse.

I don't think Fox is giving themselves enough time to write good storylines for the Ice Age Franchise. The first 2 were good, but the third and fourth were just awful, and had very simple plots.

Oh yes, for some reason I didn't like the 3rd one, I liked the characters but I guess the plot was boring. also how can manny identify mommy dino as a dinosaur, but not the children dinos? lol

I enjoyed the first one, the second one was good, the third, was okay, but it had such a dumb plot, the fourth, was like a worse version of the second, and 5... I got to see this with my family, and it made no sense

first, they replace louis the hedgehog with a stupid annoying teenage mammoth. second diego and shira were barely in it. now they want kids, which leads to more annoying teenage mammals now! third, some main characters completely changed personalitys,ex. buck sounds stupider. lastly, they ditch granny for some strange female sloth, may lead to kids by the way... when I was young, I loved ice age, now its back to loving madagascar, if their 4th doesn't ruin it..

27 Terrible Animation

The first Ice Age movie's animation looked like it was done by a first year-student at an art college TRYING to fail their assignment. Seriously, it was AWFUL. And I know that it was from 2002, but there were plenty of movies around that time that looked better. Heck, TOY STORY did. And Toy Story was 7 years before. The clearly weren't trying at all.

Don't all of the Ice Age movies have the same animation? I feel like the animation in Ice Age is only barely different from the animation of its easily inferior successors.

Gotta remember guys, that was 2002. But toy story is 1995 and it has better graphics.

28 There Will Be More Sequels

Please, no more Ice Age movies!

29 Bathroom Humor

You bet! And that's an example of why this franchise shouldn't have been made in the first place.

30 Soto's Death in the First Movie

I understand he was a villain but he literally did nothing seriously bad yet he ends up dying in a pretty painful way. Did he really deserve that harsh of a punishment?

31 Weak Animation

The animation has improved throughout the stupid films!

32 Rudy’s appearance is VERY scientifically inaccurate...and irritating...
33 The franchise went downhill after the third movie

I don't even know what to think about the 4th movie. That movie was like someone took a horrible adult movie and made it into a more horrible kids movie. I hate peaches, manny, Sid and any other sloth, (cept’ you granny! ) and every single pirate. Scratt wasn't funny either. And the scene with the shapeshifting or whatever fish was like straight out of a horror movie, but kid-a-fied. Definitely my least favorite IA.

34 Crash and Eddie are annoying
35 Now It's A Cash Cow


36 Buck Isn't In The 4th Film

He made a tiny apperance while scrat was falling down earth, ( how predictable, once again )

37 It Was Never A Good Franchise, But They Still Made Sequels

Seriously, none of them were good.

38 It's Way Too Well-Known
39 Ugly, Laughable Character Design
40 They Forget the Fact that It's the Ice Age

Throughout the sequels the directors slowly forget the material the actual Stone Age has to offer, like cave bears, maybe some wolves tempt Diego into attacking manny so they get a quick meal. Maybe they meet that baby as a adolescent. I like the jokes made about the ice age in the first one and I think they should try again.

41 The Ice Age 5 Soundtrack

It ain't cool! No more Ice Age soundtracks! I hope you do a film were Manny, Eillie, Sid, Diego, Shangri Llama, Brooke, Granny, Gertie, Buck and Scrat die!

42 Ellie is very irritating

Oh, come on, she's not that irritating.

43 The Baby
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