Worst Things About India

I'm an Indian, so no one knows India better than me.

There are things which I hate about my country. So here's a list of things I hate about my country.

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1 Unhygienic and Dirty Environment

I think people like living in unhealthy environment, they will rather buy expensive phones, bikes than constructing a toilet in their home, they poop and take bath in the same river... They don't throw their garbage in garbage dumps but rather just throw it on streets
... - cybercyborg

Everything is very dirty

Yes at most of the places u can see garbage dumped I just hate this

Yeah but the world only sees the glamour side of India which is Bollywood in its entirety. There are other regional cinemas too but you know everyone likes to watch half naked women dancing to baby doll or chammak challo.

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2 Lack of Respect for Women

India is the only country where wearing western clothes seems vulgar and wearing saree with open 7 inch back and showing off skin of belly is traditional and so dharmic

Not only in India my friend every where in the world its still happening.

Women are just not safe in India, most disgusting place for women.


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3 Poverty

You are right India is the poorest

The world bank report says that only 11% of all Indians fall under the poverty line but the truth is something else.. 50% of people in India do not have a roof upon their head (homeless)
53% Indian houses do not have toilets.. People poop on fields and railway tracks...
At every traffic signal you'll find childrens begging...
Moreover the govt is also not doing much to overcome this problem - cybercyborg

4 Sexual Assault

Bad quete

That is where this country is best at...

5 Caste System
6 Corruption

This is a very big problem...
When the govt is corrupt, no hope remains for the people... Corruption is done on very big scale here... And moreover they are stealing money from those who have very less to lose which is a matter of shame - cybercyborg

This should be number 1

7 Racism

Yes! One thing I hate in India is the racism.. Government also supports the caste system! Everyone need to put their caste in their names. This is the worst thing in India.. Lower caste peoples are treated like an animal or even worse than that. - paasadani

Ya indians are. Racism mingle in to their blood and minds they never put forward to change some may adopt to change but never encouraged to such things by parents and relatives they should teach equality to their children starting from childhood

Yes people in India are very racist... When a white foreigner comes to India people look at them as if they're aliens,...
Plus students from north east India, when come to cities like delhi for higher education, they are beaten to death... Which is ridiculous...
They blame Australians for killing Indian students but do the same in their country - cybercyborg


8 Superstitious Mindset

People offer milk, sweets, fruits, money, gold, silver in temples but never think that those things can be given to the poor people sitting outside the temples...
They take sacred bath in rivers.. Though the rivers are highly contaminated, human corpses floating, dead remains of animals and many more things...
They sometimes sacrifice animals like goats, chicken to God which according to me is absolutely ridiculous...
They do many more ridiculous things in the name if superstition - cybercyborg

People in India are extremely idiot, they believe in every stupid thing.

Very right.

If u want to see w b at is actually superstitious in India watch movie like n pk

9 Population

They say in India, movies and sex are the top two entertainments. Most are so poor and or illiterate that "safe sex" is often not an option. And abortion is way too expensive or dangerous. All this and several other factors contribute to India's population.

Even half of Indians die overnight, India still be the second most populated country in the world.

Population is not the liability for the country. It can be the asset for the nation.

10 Stupid Superstition

Also they believe that it is bad luck if black cat crosses your way!

They hang lemon and chili in front of house for wealth. Are they okay?

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? Their Ridiculous Media and News Channels

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11 Malayalam

Actually, what is worse is the people who voted for this.

Worst language

You too are a racist then

They are super ugly and kala.

12 Traffic

In India some important places only respect to the traffic rules and signal but many more cities,downs and village are not respect for traffic rules so only accident will increase in our dialysis life.so please respect traffic rules,stop the traffic accident

13 Child Marriage

Just not right

to much

14 Languagism

Well I don't think it's bad to have different languages. India is a diverse country with many cultures you can't just tell anyone to stop talking in their mother tongue. I don't think it should be a problem if people speak in more than one language. If they can communicate well with a foreigner I don't think the should be a problem. If someone has a problem they have to live with that

Most Indians are taught at least 2 languages, depending where you live. Many of them are taught English but many Indians find English as a useless language. But a lot of Indians that find English as a useful language, want their kids to be only taught English rather than Hindi or their native language so it can make them more, "educated" There is no language that will make you more or less educated.

Indians speak a lot of languages, I live in a state where people speak a different language and its like living in a different country, similarly each state has its own language, which is too annoying... - cybercyborg

I don't agree people can have different languages u can't go 2 them n teach them all other language

15 Climate

You simply can't say india has a hot climate. As india is not just a country it's a sub continent and india has too many climatic zones and too much variations in temperature and flora and fauna. For instance in himalayan region temperatures fall as low as -17 where as in coastal and desert and plains it varies.

Well this is not under people's control, but I just hate Indian climate, its too hot and enervating...
Many homeless people die in summers... - cybercyborg

16 Hate towards Pakistani people

This is totally one of the worst things about India in history. They are the source of hatred and have always caused rifts. Why is India incredible when it supports what Israel does or teams up with USA and sends spies into Pakistan? India is so daft they release a film in 2018 about a spy girl going to Pakistan during 1971. Tell me who the terrorists are, no really, think about it.

The most pressing thing for Indians is poking their noses into Pakistan's affairs. If they built a toilet every time they did that they'd be the most toilet rich country in the world.

Very rudely disregard Pakistan and everything that is actually Pakistani saying that it was only India before (why then did both countries get independence? )

This should be at the top because it's not something to be taken lightly.

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17 Egoism

True to 100

No one in the world has a bigger ego than the elite Brahmin caste members. These people claim that they are derived from the God's head (highest position in the body) and therefore claim to have been conferred with supreme intelligence and thus a pre-eminent position in the society and government even though they are less than 1% of India's population. Sad part is some majority non-brahmins believe this to be true. Since India's Independence from the British (who favored Brahmins above all other caste members - due to the Brahmins' "extreme" flexible nature), most of the Indian Prime Ministers were Brahmins or persons deliberately selected by Brahmins including the present one. In essence, India's History and culture is the Brahmins' version that is predominant and anything else is conveniently shaded from the people.

I m living in nagpur Maharashtra the people here are very proudy and have lot of ego no one help any other person their way of taking is worst

18 Unemployment

Unemployment is rampant and there are no real figures available from any reliable source.

19 ICC

Indian Make/Convert ICC = Indian Cheating Council.

20 Regionalism
21 Ethnic Diversity

People in India do not call themselves Indian but they call themselves as Punjabi, marvari, bihari, etc
India is divided into lots of castes...
Plus the religious diversity is the main cause of riots in India..
According to me Hindus and Muslims should not live in 1 country, Indian Muslims are very extremists, non secular, they do not consider them as Indians but as Muslims - cybercyborg

22 Shortage of Electricity

Frequent powercuts is not rare in India, especially in summer they cut power for hours... This is because they do not have underground electric wire which remain unaffected in rain, summer, etc - cybercyborg

There is a lot of electricity in India

India has a lot of electricity


23 Illiterate People

Yes there are many people who are uneducated but the problem is that 60% of the educated Indians leave India to move to countries like the States and make their country work. No offense but that's a fact

Like most democracies intellectual illiteracy is carefully propagated.

I was a recruiter 20 years ago..at that time and before, this was a fact. 1980s - 2000. The most brilliant minds of India got on a plane and came to the U.S. or Canada or somewhere/anywhere else. My belief was that India needed these minds...if they had stayed in India, my belief was New Delhi would be Silicon Valley...however, with age comes a new way of thinking..i don't believe India could have fixed the corruption, the population explosion, the infrastructure, the hygiene and a multitude of other 3rd world problems so it probably would not have ever become Silicon Valley. Fast forward to today, I have fears about the future of India. The population is not going to lessen, the government will not become less corrupt. The extreme poor are not even looked at by the middle class. They are not seen or heard. Life is cheap if you are a poor, uneducated Indian living in India...

24 Crime

Crime is on the rise. Again reliable numbers are hard to get.

nice one

25 Villagers

Brute they may be but they are India's last hope of humaneness.

"Villages are the BACKBONE of India" said by Mahathma Gandhi.
Don't forget that. 😡

26 Religious Clashes
27 It Stinks

Indians (especially Malayalis) believe that they are made of fire so if they will touch water they'll die. Whenever your fate decides to screw you so it makes a come across any Indian in any shopping mall or elsewhere. Then there happens "Stink-bombing" Yes, Indian's stink because of once in a blue-moon bath literally makes a normal human to puke or it can turn into even worst condition if you'll little delay a stay close to Indian.

28 The People There Are Idiots

And you said Pakistani people were idiots...

29 Pollution

The pollution control machinery in India is totally non-existant or completely broke. It is highly doubtful, if India's pollution problems can ever be fixed. Because if anyone from abroad visits India they will be horrified to see and feel full blown pollution of all forms in the cities, towns and villages. One sometimes wonders how these people are still alive- may be the human body is capable of withstanding extreme environmental abuse.

30 Hypocrisy

Additionally, they prove themselves to be idiots on the media. One can identify an Indian on media by his or her immature language and stupid beliefs. And literally it's damn stupid. Who's ever heard of worshiping cows? I've only seen them cause accidents on the street

The national motto is "Truth alone triumphs" but rarely do they demonstrate truth in anything they do.

31 No Value for Human Life

Hundreds of thousands of human beings die on the streets, mostly due to hunger, poverty and ill health and no one seems to care for them, not the government to say the least.

32 Colorism
33 Public Money Spent on Statues

Govt wastes peoples money on statues rather than public itself

34 Education System
35 Improper Government
36 Public Urination

Leave alone public urination what about public defecation by millions of kids in day time and adults at night fall.

37 Low Self-Esteem
38 Child Labour
39 Not Respecting Strangers

They don't give respect to strangers especially, when he/she is a foreigner.

40 Medical Support

They have little to nothing medical supply's and there is no hospitals.

41 Road Conditions

Except highways, other local roads are in very bad condition because of corrupt politicians. Politicians shake hands with road builders to build very inferior quality roads...

42 Illogical People

A more than 1000 of things can be added in this list but one thing I have observed that without using brain how simply people believe on everything which makes them ILLOGICAL PEOPLE.

43 Lack of privacy
44 Cow Worshipping

People in South India are at least more relaxed. I'm not sure God will want you to kill people as well for the sake of a cow. In rural areas, they don't have toilets in homes bcos they think it is dirty but don't mind having a cow. Also don't mind if a cow is blocking the road and dumping evrywhere. I thought we were a democratic country with rights but if we have rights, then why is beef banned in most places. smh

45 No Word Called Diversity
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