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21 Crime

Crime is on the rise. Again reliable numbers are hard to get.

22 Pollution

The pollution control machinery in India is totally non-existant or completely broke. It is highly doubtful, if India's pollution problems can ever be fixed. Because if anyone from abroad visits India they will be horrified to see and feel full blown pollution of all forms in the cities, towns and villages. One sometimes wonders how these people are still alive- may be the human body is capable of withstanding extreme environmental abuse.

23 Caste System
24 Hypocrisy

Additionally, they prove themselves to be idiots on the media. One can identify an Indian on media by his or her immature language and stupid beliefs. And literally it's damn stupid. Who's ever heard of worshiping cows? I've only seen them cause accidents on the street

The national motto is "Truth alone triumphs" but rarely do they demonstrate truth in anything they do.

25 No Value for Human Life

Hundreds of thousands of human beings die on the streets, mostly due to hunger, poverty and ill health and no one seems to care for them, not the government to say the least.

26 It Stinks

Indians (especially Malayalis) believe that they are made of fire so if they will touch water they'll die. Whenever your fate decides to screw you so it makes a come across any Indian in any shopping mall or elsewhere. Then there happens "Stink-bombing" Yes, Indian's stink because of once in a blue-moon bath literally makes a normal human to puke or it can turn into even worst condition if you'll little delay a stay close to Indian.

27 Regionalism
28 Public Urination

Leave alone public urination what about public defecation by millions of kids in day time and adults at night fall.

29 Low Self-Esteem
30 Religious Clashes
31 Child Labour
32 Not Respecting Strangers

They don't give respect to strangers especially, when he/she is a foreigner.

33 Colorism
34 Medical Support

They have little to nothing medical supply's and there is no hospitals.

35 Malayalam

They are super ugly and kala.

36 Road Conditions

Except highways, other local roads are in very bad condition because of corrupt politicians. Politicians shake hands with road builders to build very inferior quality roads...

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