Worst Things About the Indian People

Indian's digital online society are not fans of criticism but it's worth knowing what the global community thinks.

(Before you comment or add something to this list make sure it can be differentiated from racism towards brown and black people)

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1 Highly emotional people.

You know what, I'm an Indian & there's no need to make this list! Even though I don't hate you for making this list because that's the attitude of Indians! Let's get into a debate, shall we? You tell what's bad about India and I'll tell what's good! You don't know the background of this country, do you? There are many things you need to know about this country then you'll salute it! - Victoryboy


2 Ultra-patriotic even where they shouldn't be

Whatever you say, however you try to hide behind your "this list isn't racist" rubbish, you are targeting a specific race to vent your very blatant racist views. I'd be very surprised and disappointed if admin approves this list

I don't mean anything mean here, But it's a problem of this country, People don't even help even if one is dying..Jeez, What's the use of the this?...Hollow Ultranationalism. - Ananya

3 Blind engineering fanatics
4 They don't care about others' opinions

As another Indian on here, I actually feel humoured by this stereotype list - ProPanda

5 Resistance to change socially
6 Love for fair skin

I feel sad that they're biased like this...They ARE - jerk4life

7 Perverted desi men
8 Hates black and north Eastern people to the limit of killing and stoning them

I don't hate black people... - ProPanda

9 Lazy and full of excuses specifically at work

I know who's more lazy. Indians or... - Victoryboy

Indians only have two jobs to go to. Sabu's Spicehouse or computer telemarketing. - Puga

10 Mannerless
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1. Highly emotional people.
2. Ultra-patriotic even where they shouldn't be
3. Blind engineering fanatics


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