Top Ten Worst Things About Internet Haters

Internet Haters Suck. I really have nothing else to say since I made an entire post ranting about these losers. Here's why they suck:

The Top Ten

1 They can cause people to commit suicide

Before you bully anyone online, think of that girl who attempted suicide over Steven Universe fanart - TwilightKitsune

People have killed themselves because they've gotten excessive hate comments and dislikes. - DCfnaf

2 They disrespect opinions

Why? Why do you care about someone else's opinion? - DCfnaf

And they want us to respect theirs? Smh - ParkerFang

3 They are everywhere

The messages always putting death threats for hating their opinion, good things, etc. But what does the haters want? What do they want?

Everywhere on the Internet. - DCfnaf

Hard to avoid them - yunafreya648

I don't get it. Why do you and ParkerFang get harassed a lot? - yunafreya648

4 They have superiority complexes

They want to win their arguments so they try to boss you around. - DCfnaf

5 They like to start arguments
6 They make accusations

"Stop hating Wendy" - yunafreya648

They accuse you of being perverted if you like Rosalina, they say you draw furry porn if you like FNaF, etc. - DCfnaf

7 They're immature children

Just like you are DCfnaf. - MorlaTurtle8

8 They have nothing to do with their lives

That's why they're internet Haters. - DCfnaf

9 They're aggressive and rude

Anti Rosalina - ParkerFang

10 They're vulgar and profane

Scarlett Johansson haters are the worst!

Daisy haters do that all the time - yunafreya648

The Contenders

11 They're hypocrites

Sonic haters - yunafreya648

12 They won't shut up about the thing they hate

Its okay for people hate things other people like, whats not okay is shoving their opinions down people's throats. - egnomac

Rosalina haters for example - yunafreya648

13 They hate the internet but are on it anyways

Logic my friends. Just like Game Theory fans who believe Mario is Mental at least somewhat still like the super Mario franchise - Randomator

14 They probably haven't watched/played the TV show/game

Just like Cloud haters. They call him anime swordsman when he was created by Square - ParkerFang

15 They're stupid

The main trait - TwilightKitsune

16 They constantly tell you to hate the TV show/Game
17 They are often uneducated
18 They didn't even try to understand the thing they hate

Rosalina haters - yunafreya648

19 They are constantly found in the comment section of the thing they hate
20 They usually don't look at things differentiated

"Band XY sucks."
I am pretty sure not ALL of their songs are bad. Actually, I am pretty sure not even all aspects of the song you listened to is bad. The lyrics or the singing may be, but the instrumental is good. Or the other way around. You can still not like it, but please consider all aspects before judging.
Same goes for movies: Hardly any movie is entirely bad. Like, bad acting, bad cinematography, ridiculous plot, no good premise to start with, stupid dialogs, not exactly credible twists, a bad message,... even if it has all those it still can have entertainment value. Ed Wood's movies were bad on all technical levels, but they were amusing. Other movies may be boring or cheesy, but nevertheless, the special effects or the overall premise can be good. That won't make it a great movie... but it is reason enough not to hate.

The only reason to HATE an artist, a movie, or any other media is if they offend you on a personal level. And even then you should be able to ...more - Martin_Canine

21 They often make biased accounts/blogs that try to "expose" celebs
22 They refuse to admit when their fave is problematic, because they're so busy tearing down your fave
23 The say mean stuff about your fave, but are probably unaware of the flaws that their fave has
24 They give bad reasons
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