Top Ten Worst Things About the iPhone


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1 The Battery After 2 Years Gets Completely Broken and It Drains in Like 3-4 Hours

IPhone batteries are really not made well at all! Why would it lose its battery power when its not being used at all (meaning, no background processes are even RUNNING), and when it runs, it drains like half the battery in literally an hour! You have to keep the thing perpetually charged if you are ever gonna get some longtime usage out of it. - NuMetalManiak

Proprietary OS

I did not Made this list to offend anyone. Me, having iphones for almost 4 years, I can say that I adore IPhone. But, IT has its flaws too. - P-51IsDaBest

2 IPhone 4 are Small
3 No Creativity

I wish there was a "vote all" button, because everything about the iPhone is terrible.

4 Every New iPhone Has More Glass

Like, isn't glass supposed to be very fragile, why is Apple trying to make these iPhones fragile?

5 They Overheat Fast

Especially when they don't auto lock - SteelCity99

6 They're Very Expensive

Very true!
But that's not an exclusive problem of iPhone, I just don't agree with almost all flagships prices.
The only one brands that has kind of "fair" prices, is Xiaomi and OnePlus. The rest, it's a real shame. - Jukass

7 IPhone 6 Plus is Huge and Hard to Hold
8 Apps Crashes Often
9 Overpriced
10 Lack of customization

The Contenders

11 Annoying Volume indicator box
12 App Store purchases and Refund
13 No App Drawer
14 Tiny battery
15 No File Explorer and iTunes
16 Apps that are Free on Android Can Cost on Ios

It happens in both sides... - Jukass

17 Auto-Correct

I hate autocorrect so much.-Vestalis

18 Models go out of date

I'm stuck with a hand me down iphone 4. In JUNE/JULY 2017. It's literally a BRICK. It is laggy, slow, outdated. Ugh. - Lunala

19 Back button on top of the screen
20 No True Multi-tasking
21 No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

Shut up you can buy headphones but put in the charging socket

22 Siri not hearing the right words
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1. Overpriced
2. Lack of customization
3. Annoying Volume indicator box
1. The Battery After 2 Years Gets Completely Broken and It Drains in Like 3-4 Hours
2. IPhone 4 are Small
3. No Creativity


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