Top Ten Worst Things About the iPhone

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1 No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

It sucks that they removed the headphone jack for no good reason whatsoever.

I'm convinced that the only reason why they did this is to sell more dongles.

It sucks that there is no headphone jack after the iphone 7, and if I ever get an iphone then I couldn't use the headphones on my iphone

Shut up you can buy headphones but put in the charging socket

2 Overpriced

Trying to buy an iphone is like trying to buy a mini van with the price of a really good car you would be buying a crappy phone for hundreds when you could buy an android device that has a lot more compatibility and more storage for a lot less.

Why spend $1,000 for a phone when you can buy a much better one for only $100?

iPhones are way to overpriced and soon enough no ones gonna get them

True as they cost hundreds

3 The chargers break easily

Now I see why Apple is such a successful company. They sell crappy phone chargers and intentionally make them easily breakable so that you have to buy a new charger every few months.

Believe it or not, Walmart-brand chargers have way more durability than Apple's own chargers. How pathetic is this company with its chargers that Walmart's own brand beats them?

My charger for my iphone broke in 11 months before I had to replace it, and then my second charger was breaking when I got rid of my iphone, and the charger that came with my samsung s8 lasted 3 years before I had to replace it, seems like samsung chargers last longer

4 Lack of customization

This is 1 of the biggest flaws of the iPhone. Since 2007, the iPhone has been nowhere near as customizable as its competitors, and it limits you to only downloading Apple approved apps.

Well, iOs 16 exists now. You can add widgets to your home screen and change the font that's on it.

5 No Creativity

I wish there was a "vote all" button, because everything about the iPhone is terrible.

6 The Battery After 2 Years Gets Completely Broken and It Drains in Like 3-4 Hours

This is natural for all phone batteries no matter its operating system or model. The more a battery is used, the more its lifespan depletes as it ages. Use common sense before adding a reason like this next time.

The same thing happened to my Samsung phone. I've had it for over 2 and a half years and it dies in about 3 hours after a full charge.

IPhone batteries are really not made well at all! Why would it lose its battery power when its not being used at all (meaning, no background processes are even RUNNING), and when it runs, it drains like half the battery in literally an hour! You have to keep the thing perpetually charged if you are ever gonna get some longtime usage out of it.

And to make things worse, you can't replace the battery on newer models, which essentially turns it into a paperweight.

7 Models go out of date

I'm stuck with a hand me down iphone 4. In JUNE/JULY 2017. It's literally a BRICK. It is laggy, slow, outdated. Ugh.

8 Easy to get stolen

This is why my mom wouldn't allow me to take mine to school with me when I was in high school.

Funny is that my sister had one and she was allowed to take it to high school with her.

9 Every New iPhone Has More Glass

Remember when phones were durable and didn't break so easily when you dropped them? All I want to know is how we devolved from the days of durable Nokia 3310s to the days of very fragile iPhones.

I remember once I dropped my old samsung phone on a box very hard and it messed up the phone and I had to reset it and then after that there was no problems with the phone, it wasn't cracked either, if it was an iphone it probably would of broke

I dropped my iphone on the road and my phone shattered in pieces, it sucked, I don't know why apple thought it was a good idea to have glass on iphones

It is stupid to have glass on a phone when it can easily break yeah sure glass can protect phones but they're more expensive than more the glass

10 Back button on top of the screen
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11 IPhone 4 are Small
12 They Overheat Fast

Especially when they don't auto lock

13 They're Very Expensive

Very true!
But that's not an exclusive problem of iPhone, I just don't agree with almost all flagships prices.
The only one brands that has kind of "fair" prices, is Xiaomi and OnePlus. The rest, it's a real shame.

14 Not Many Good Apps
15 Need itunes to put music on phone

If you want music, if you have a computer you can use itunes to put music on, but if you don't have a computer, you have to buy the music on itunes store if you want musc, samsung, you could put music on easier you put the music file, on the phone, it is there, or could download music on the phone browser, or buy new music on google play if you want to get music the safer way and less illegal

It sucks that you need itunes to put music on your phone, on Samsung you can download music and you will have the song on your phone

This was always a problem when trying to put music on your phone

16 IPhone 6 Plus is Huge and Hard to Hold
17 Auto-Correct

Auto correct sucks, but I sometimes when I paste a text on my samsung phone or change my text after I miss spell something, it changes the word after I press space, and it drives me nuts when that happens

I hate auto correct it changes the words it ducks

I hate auto correct it drives me crazy

Booohooo blaming iPhone for autocorrect while every Android has this too

18 Apps Crashes Often

Which apps though? From Apple or from third party?

19 Siri not hearing the right words

Coming from an Android user, I can say that Google Assistant does the same thing on Android phones.

20 Annoying Volume indicator box
21 No File Explorer and iTunes

It sucks not having file explorer and using itunes to put music on the phone

22 Apps that are Free on Android Can Cost on Ios

It happens in both sides...

23 Tiny battery
24 You can't change the memory card

True I used to have an iphone, and I ran out of space, I had to back up my videos and pictures on google drive, on samsung, I can buy an micro sd card to move my videos to free up space, and it was hard, to delete videos on iphone, when I wanted to keep them

If all the pictures fill up my spaces and I want to take more, then I have to delete some pics and I don't want to do that!

25 Siri calls 911

This has happened more times than a fat guy buying a big mac AND ITS ANNOYING

I had siri call 911 I had to tell them that siri called them that it was a mistake

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