Top 10 Worst Things About Jailbreak on Roblox

Jailbreak ROBLOX released on January 2017. It currently has over 800M visits, while Prison Life got over 666M visits due to Jailbreak being more creative.

The Top Ten

1 Campers AKA Cops That Guard The Most Common Robbed Places

They should ad a kick vote system.

In every server


I agreed if you are a prisoner, you hate camping cops.

i disagreed if you are a police, you keeping arresting criminals and commit to escape by prisoners, then it keeps you saying "campers" - AxelBelnasYT

2 People That Eject Your Car

They are annoying

3 If You Get Gunshots, You Slow Down

I think that's kinda realistic.

4 If Someone Sprints They Are Too Fast
5 Physics In This Game

The worst physics in this game is when you can get arrested like 10 studs away. Why didn't he just make it that you have to touch the prisoner to arrest them!?

6 "The police has entered the building" When You Rob The Bank
7 They Removed Breakout People From Handcuffs
8 Taser Glitch (Formerly)
9 When You Reset As A Criminal, You Will Automatically Turn Into A Prisoner

In criminal base prisoner "it is safe to reset" resets back in prison

Player 1: Brb I have to change my avatar
Player 2: ok
Player 1: *turns into prisoner while resetting avatar* - HelloWhyImHere

10 When You Get Out Of An Upside-Down Car, It Never Flips Until You Get In It

The Contenders

11 Train Glitch
12 Cops Arrest You in the Criminal's Own Base

Even though this isn't as common as it was when Jailbreak came out, cops just invade the criminal base and arrest them. They should have a future update where the criminals have a personal way of getting in their base

13 It Takes A Lot Of Time To Rob The Doughnut Shop
14 You Get Arrested Even If You Have $0 Bounty
15 Train Is Too Fast, Even Though Any Car Is Faster Than A Train
16 Cops that Follow You and Try to Handcuff You for No Reason
17 This Game Isn't Fun
18 Criminals that Rage When You Arrest Them
19 Noclip Glitch
20 Wall Glitch
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